Novel Name : Anything For Her

Anything For Her Chapter 127

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&#lt;p&#gt;Chapter 127 It Is Time You Give Up
&#lt;p&#gt;Ysabelle was so shocked that her jaw almost hit the ground. Uncle Tristan actually promised to sing for
Sophie!Casting her mind back, she seemingly couldn’t remember ever hearing Tristan sing.“Don’t force
yourself, Uncle Tristan.” She felt utterly petrified.Hearing that, Tristan swept a gaze over her. What
does she mean by that? Am I not allowed to sing?“All right, in that case, I’ll book a private room for us!”
Felix volunteered himself for that task.He knew that Ysabelle had always loved to sing.Honestly, he
was exceedingly supportive of that. No matter what she did, he would support her. Alas, her parents
didn’t think the same.“Winter, go home first if you don’t want to go. Else, I can drive you home first
before making a trip back,” Charles murmured thoughtfully. Why must she do this to herself? She’s
downright asking for it!“No, I’ll go with you all! I don’t want to be alone, Charles!” Winter was willing to
go anywhere as long as she could stay a while longer with Tristan. Hence, she couldn’t possibly bear to
leave first.“In that case, let’s go!”When they went out to foot the bill, Tristan handed his black card to
Sophie.Sophie was stunned for a moment as she stared at the card in her hand. What is he
doing?“What’s the meaning of this? I don’t quite get it.” Could it be because my IQ had dropped
recently?“Didn’t you say that it’s your treat tonight?” The meal today must have cost quite a huge sum,
no?At once, Sophie’s eyes went wide. Don’t tell me I can’t even afford to treat them to a meal in his
eyes? It turns out that I’m so pitiful to him, huh?Naturally, Winter noticed Tristan’s action and couldn’t
help snickering.Hah! If she doesn’t have the money, she shouldn’t have boasted! All of us here can
afford to pay for this meal!“How about I foot the bill instead?” She went over to the counter and
whipped out her card.Immediately, Tristan frowned. What’s the meaning of her doing this?Sophie
walked over as well, taking out her card and handing it to the cashier directly.Seeing that, Winter grew
impatient.“I’m aware of the Tanner family’s current situation, Ms. Tanner.” In other words, she was
saying that Sophie couldn’t afford to pay for that meal.“Winter!” Ysabelle couldn’t bring herself to listen
any further. Indeed, the Quigley family is one of the four prominent families. But still, she can’t look
down on others like this!However, Winter merely shrugged.“I don’t mean anything. I merely hope that
Ms. Tanner doesn’t need to lower her standard of living because of us. That wouldn’t be good. Am I not&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;right?”“How could you say that?” Ysabelle saw red. How could she say that about Sophie?“A person’s
value is created by herself. I don’t want to rely on the Tanner family. I can obtain everything I want
through my own efforts. I’m different from you, Ms. Quigley.”Actually, she really didn’t want to say that,
but Winter forced her hand.“That’s enough! I think you should go home first, Winter!” Charles
interjected swiftly. She has really gone too far this time, so I can’t help her either.“Charles, I didn’t say
anything, did I? I’m just doing this for her good. Verily, there’s no need for her to satisfy her vanity by
passing off as something she’s not.” Simply put, Winter looked down on the Tanner family.Displeasure
deluged Tristan. No matter the reason, he didn’t want to hear anyone putting Sophie down in that
manner.“In your eyes, Winter, is the Lombard family not worthy of dining with you? And are you saying
that my girlfriend can’t even afford to treat you to a meal?”Never had Winter expected him to tear into
her like that because of Sophie.“I didn’t mean anything, Mr. Tristan.” Despite feeling aggrieved, she still
apologized since she wanted to join them instead of going back alone.By then, the cashier was done
collecting the payment and handed Sophie’s card back to her.“Drive Winter home first, Charles. Since
she doesn’t like to be with us, she doesn’t need to join us anymore in the future.” Ultimately, Tristan still
sentenced Winter for her misdeed.“I’m sorry, Mr. Tristan.” Winter instantly apologized. No matter how
dissatisfied she was, she didn’t dare to challenge the man.“Send her back, Charles!” Tristan didn’t want
to waste any more time on her.In a trice, Winter’s eyes turned red-rimmed. She was a strong career
woman in the outside world, but before him, she was merely a weak woman who adored him.All
her perseverance and facade were only for the sake of being with him.Helplessness swamped
Charles. I have already told her not to provoke Sophie, but she just wouldn’t listen!At the sight of Winter
on the verge of tears, Ysabelle’s heart softened. After all, they always hung out together in the past.“Let
Winter tag along with us, Uncle Tristan! It’ll be more fun with more people!” she implored on Winter’s
behalf.“Let’s bring her along!” Sean seconded.Even with so many of them speaking up for Winter,
Tristan still looked at Sophie. If she doesn’t agree, no amount of pleading will work!Upon seeing that
everyone was looking at her, Sophie shrugged nonchalantly.“I don’t mind.” It didn’t matter to her
whether Winter went with them, for she was inconsequential in her eyes.“This is your only chance.”
Tristan didn’t even bother to spare Winter a single glance.“Let’s go!” Meanwhile, Charles was wholly&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;speechless. Once a woman falls in love, she becomes foolish no matter how intelligent and capable
she is!Winter trailed behind the man quietly.“Charles, I—”“Don’t say anything. Remember my words—
do not provoke Sophie.” That is enough. As for the rest, I can’t be bothered anymore.Winter’s hands
balled into fists.In the past, they only brought me along when they came out. I’d always thought I was
special to Tristan, but I never expected myself to be no one of significance to him. That little slut is
really adept at bewitching others!Felix and Sean went ahead with Ysabelle, leaving only Tristan with
Sophie in the end.“Mr. Tristan, you didn’t have to do that because of me.”“It was necessary. No matter
who it is, no one can pick on you.”Furthermore, it was just Winter. I’m never bothered about her.When
they went out, they saw Mason and Willow, who had been waiting outside.Sophie’s brows knitted
together. Truly, she didn’t believe that it was a coincidence.So, what’s her motive in doing everything
possible to get him here?The instant Willow spotted Sophie coming out with the man, glee filled
her.With things having come to this point, Mason will likely give up, yes? Witnessing Sophie with
another man, Mason couldn’t help eyeing Willow.Did she call me over just to have me watch this
scene?At the look in his eyes, Willow inexorably defended herself. “Mason, I had no idea that Sophie is
here as well. How would I have such great capability to know that she’s also here?”Tristan swept his
gaze over the man across from them, but he said nothing.“Let’s go!”Ysabelle and the others had all left.
Is there any need for us to tarry here because of two insignificant people?“Okay.”He was relatively
satisfied with her response.This is precisely what we should do! In the face of an inconsequential
person, we should just ignore them.Watching as Sophie walked right past him, Mason felt utterly
wretched.It wasn’t until she had gotten into the car that he gathered his wits about him.Noticing that he
wanted to leave, Willow promptly grabbed his hand.“It’s time you give up, Mason! There’s no longer a
place for you by her side.”&#lt;/p&#gt;
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