Novel Name : Anything For Her

Anything For Her Chapter 134

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&#lt;p&#gt;Chapter 134 Going To A Hotel With Another Man
&#lt;p&#gt;Arius and Sophie went to the most popular barbecue restaurant in Jipsdale.Arius had missed
everything about Jipsdale since he had been away for quite a long period of time.The barbecue shop
was extremely famous. It was frequently visited by the rich and famous.If it was not for a contact of
Arius, he would not be able to get a private room to dine in.While he was reading the menu, Sophie
was playing games on her phone nonchalantly.“We haven’t seen each other for ages. Is that the right
attitude for welcoming me home? By ignoring me completely?” he grumbled. Even when we were far
apart, I have always been missing her in Anglandur. Look at her! I bet she has totally forgotten about
my existence. How heartless!“What do you mean? Am I not having a meal with you the moment I know
that you’re back? Do you know how many people in Jipsdale could only dream about having this
honor?” Sophie disagreed.Instinctively, Arius twitched the corner of his lip and snapped, “Don’t you
think that I don’t know the only reason you’re being nice to me is because Old Mr. Tanner is unwell.” He
came back from abroad several times and went all the way to Horington to see her, but she gave him
the cold shoulder.“Is everything okay with you, Sophie?” No matter what happened between them, he
was most worried about her health.“Absolutely! I couldn’t be any better. Can’t you tell? The world still
needs to tolerate a troublemaker like me for at least a thousand years,” she replied casually.“Sophie, I
disliked the way you described yourself. How could you say that you’re a troublemaker? You’re the rare
gem of Chanaea, do you know that? There’s hardly a handful of people like you in this world!”A few
foreign universities had been inquiring about her and contacted her multiple times, but Sophie
remained unfazed.Moments later, the waiter served the dishes. Sophie had only a few mouthfuls before
focusing on her phone again. Ysabelle sent her a couple of voice messages, and she switched them all
to texts for convenience’s sake.“I see that you don’t have a good appetite. Why don’t you come over to
the hospital tomorrow and get yourself a thorough check-up?” Arius stared at her with concern.During
those years she spent in Horington, she had acquired many skills and attained a lot of things. At the
same time, her health was also compromised.“I’m fine, so I don’t need a check-up. I know my condition
very well.” The priority now is Grandpa. Everything else doesn’t really matter.Arius looked at her&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;disapprovingly.“Why don’t you listen to me, Sophie? I know you’re in the pink of health, but your
appetite is bad. Isn’t this a recurring issue?” He did not come back often. This time, he was not
planning on giving up persuading her.Sophie furrowed her brows and repeated, “I said I’m fine.”I can
single-handedly defeat more than ten mercenaries at any one time. What problem can my body
have?“Listen to me, won’t you? Or else, don’t blame me for taking you home forcefully.” Arius regretted
his decision to bring her to the training camp back then.“Dream on! Do you think that I will follow you
home so easily? No one can make me do anything I refuse to do,” she declared confidently.Well, well,
well… What should I do with you, Sophie?“I know there’s no way I can change your mind. Anyhow,
that’s your body. You ought to love yourself more.” I can’t imagine what would happen to her next if she
continues to live like this.“All right, I got it. I know that you care. Come on, dig in! Didn’t you say that
you’ve missed this barbecue terribly?”Arius knew that she would turn a deaf ear to him. As such, he
could only let her be.Is there no one else on earth who could control this young lady?He truly hoped
that there was someone else whom she feared, even if it involved another man.After the meal, Sophie
walked Arius back to Cloud Nine Hotel where she ran into Winter.Seeing that Sophie was entering the
hotel with another man, Winter smiled scornfully.She is going into the hotel with a man when the sun is
still out? What a slut!The two ladies’ met each other’s eyes. Sophie chuckled when she saw the
expression on Winter’s face.Why does this woman keep showing up everywhere?Arius saw Winter
too. Why does she keep staring at Sophie like that?“Who’s that?” Arius was dying to find out about the
woman’s identity because she kept scrutinizing them.“A nobody.” Sophie could not be
bothered.“Really? From the way she looks at you, I don’t think she’s someone irrelevant. Perhaps…
your love enemy?”Darn it, Arius! ”Love enemy? Are you kidding me? She doesn’t stand a chance to be
one.” Although Winter kept showing up in front of her, Sophie had never taken her seriously.“Let’s go.
Aren’t you tired after a long plane ride? Why are you so interested in that lady? Are you infatuated with
her? Shall I introduce her to you then?” Sophie seldom showed her cheeky and chatty side, unless she
was with a close friend.“What makes you think that she’s up to my standards?” Arius withdrew his gaze
from Winter.When the latter saw Sophie walking into the elevator with a man, she smiled
delightfully.Why would Mr. Tristan fall for such a promiscuous girl? This is going to be&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;interesting.“Who’s that, Ms. Quigley?” the girl standing next to Winter asked, upon noticing her eyes
were fixated on Sophie. “She’s not as pretty as you.”Hearing that, Winter’s smile grew wider.“Who is
she to be my match?” The arrogant Winter always thought that she was a class above the rest,
especially when it concerned Sophie.“Exactly! Is there anyone in Jipsdale who can be mentioned on
equal terms with you? Only Mr. Tristan is worthy of you.”Then, Winter quickly gave Charles a
call.“Charles, where are you guys now? I need to see you urgently.” Winter could not wait for another
second to reveal the juicy news to Tristan.Coincidentally, Charles was with Tristan when his sister
called.There were three of them accompanying Tristan that night. However, none of them knew why
the latter remained silent throughout.“If it’s not something important, let’s talk about it tomorrow.” With
Mr. Tristan being in a terrible mood, the night isn’t going to end well if someone accidentally steps on
his toe. What if Winter raised a ruckus and offended him unknowingly? I’d definitely not know how to
pick up the mess, especially when she likes him so much.“Charles, I swear it’s something super
important!” Winter insisted.“Fine. We’re at Nocturnal. You can come over now.”Charles’ plan was to
meet Winter outside of the bar, to be safe.Unfortunately, things turned out the opposite of what he had
anticipated. When Winter arrived at Nocturnal, she headed directly to the private room.Charles nearly
jumped out of his skin when he saw her sister.“You’re here for me, right? Let’s talk outside.” He
grabbed her hand and started dragging her outside with trepidation.“What’s the matter with you,
Charles?” Winter refused to leave the room. She strode forward and took a seat on the couch. Why is
Mr. Tristan acting weird? Has he already found out about it?&#lt;/p&#gt;
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