Novel Name : Anything For Her

Anything For Her Chapter 137

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&#lt;p&#gt;Chapter 137 Does Not Matter To Me
&#lt;p&#gt;“Fine. I’m willing to do anything if it’s for Mason’s good.” Seeing how sensible Willow was, Constance
became even more satisfied.“That’s right. I like it when you’re sensible.” Constance was very satisfied
with Willow, especially for the past few days. That was because Willow had been taking care of the
injured Mason so much that she had lost weight.Willow called Charmaine in front of both of them and
relayed Mason’s request.After Charmaine answered the call, her eyebrows furrowed. Why hasn’t
Mason been moved by Willa’s effort to take care of him yet? And why does he want to meet Sophie?
However, when she thought about how they still needed the Laird family’s help, she called Sophie’s
number. After dialing the number a couple of times, Sophie still hadn’t answered the call.Charmaine
was worried Constance would blame her, so she quickly asked her driver to send her to the
hospital.Constance frowned when she saw Charmaine arrived without Sophie.“What’s going on? Didn’t
I make it clear that Mason wants to meet Sophie? It’s just going to be a brief meeting. Why is it so hard
for you to do that? Doesn’t your family want our family’s help? You lot have some nerve to ask for more
help from us when you can’t even do such a simple thing.” Constance had been very annoyed for the
past few days due to what had happened to Mason. So, when she found out Charmaine had failed to
carry out such a simple task, she immediately expressed her disappointment.Of course, Charmaine
didn’t feel good when she heard that. Since her family still required the Laird family’s help, she had no
choice but to swallow her pride and assured, “Don’t say that, Mrs. Laird. I’ve been calling Sophie, but
she hadn’t answered any of my calls. There’s nothing I can do about that. Don’t worry, once I get in
touch with her, I’ll bring her here. Even if she doesn’t come, I’ll tie her up and bring her to you.”“I hope
you’ll keep your word. She’s the reason Mason got hurt.” Constance still felt sullen.It was then the
doctor in charge came.He wanted to give Mason a check-up, but before he could go into the ward,
Mason was already chasing him out.“It’s not that I’m not willing to help, Mrs. Laird. It’s just that there’s
nothing I can do. Even if I have better medical skills, I can’t do anything to help him, as long as Mr.
Laird refuses to cooperate,” the doctor said resignedly. In Jipsdale Hospital, he was considered a
famous doctor. However, even after lowering himself to treat Mason, he was still kicked out of the ward.&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;He was upset, of course, but he knew he couldn’t afford to piss off the Laird family. So, he had no
choice but to endure it.Charmaine furrowed her eyebrows. “What’s going on with Mason? How can he
recover if he refuses to let the doctor treat him? He’s going to be the future head of the Laird family. If
he can’t walk in the future, then—”“What do you mean ‘if he can’t walk in the future,’ Charmaine? You
better watch your mouth! I’m telling you, my son will walk again like before!” Constance exclaimed. It
was an understandable reaction as no mother would remain calm after listening to other people talking
about their son in such a manner.“That’s right. How can you say that, Mom? Mason will walk again.
Medical technology has gotten really advanced nowadays, so he definitely won’t have a problem
standing up again.” Willow wasn’t sure if she was saying that to comfort herself or others.I can’t
imagine what I’ll do if he can’t stand again. If he really can’t walk like he used to, what should I do? I
have spent all my youth on this man. If he becomes a cripple, what will happen to my future?“I know
Mason will recover, but the treatment requires his cooperation, too. If he isn’t willing to work with the
doctor, how can the doctor treat him? I really don’t mean anything else, Mrs. Laird. You know how
much Willow likes Mason, and I also hope that he’ll be fine. I want to see the two of them together, too.
Why would I hope for the worst for Mason!” Charmaine explained.When Constance heard that, her
scowl became less intense. “I know what kind of situation the Tanner family is in right now. If you can
bring Sophie here, I’ll give you what your family wants.”She knew Yale wanted to become Tanner
Group’s CEO. There’s no way Sophie can win against my family if we decide to help Yale out!“Don’t
worry, Mrs. Laird. I’ll give Sophie another call right away. No matter what happens, I’ll bring her here
today.” Charmaine was definitely going to do her best after hearing what Constance said. I have to do
whatever it takes to bring Sophie here!When she turned around, she saw Sophie in front of her.Her
expression immediately lit up with joy. What perfect timing!She promptly went to Sophie’s side and
spoke emotionally. “You must be here to meet Mason, right, Sophie? I know where he is. I’ll take you to
him!”Five years ago, Charmaine already knew Sophie harbored feelings for Mason.She didn’t believe
Sophie, who once liked him, would forget about him that quickly; especially when he was all injured and
lying in bed asking for her.Sophie furrowed her eyebrows. I just brought Grandpa here. I don’t have
time to waste talking nonsense with her.It was then Charmaine saw Josiah.“Did you also hear what&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;happened to Mason, Dad? Is that why you’re here with Sophie? To visit him? Mrs. Laird will be very
happy to see the two of you!” She smiled.“It doesn’t matter to me if she’s happy or not. We have other
matters to attend to, so please step away.” Sophie was already feeling unhappy about wasting a few
minutes of time talking to her mother.“Dad, Mason is lying in bed right now. You also watched him grow
up since he was a kid. Are you really not going to visit him?” Charmaine could only place her hope on
Josiah since she knew he liked Mason a lot five years ago.He remained silent and turned to Sophie. I’ll
do what she wants. If she doesn’t want to go, no one is allowed to force her.“I know Sophie listens to
what you say, Dad. No matter what happens, she’s the reason Mason was injured. You know the Laird
family’s status and influence in Jipsdale. If this matter isn’t properly dealt with, Sophie will be hurt. You
don’t want to see her get hurt, do you?” When Charmaine saw Josiah remained unmoved, she decided
to shift her strategy a little.It wasn’t like she made that up. The Laird family did have a huge influence in
the city, and she knew what kind of tricks Charmaine would pull.“How about you take a look at him,
Soph? You grew up with Mason, after all. Now that he’s injured, it’s only fair that you pay him a visit,”
Josiah persuaded.When Charmaine heard him say that, she calmed down. Everyone knows Sophie
listens to her grandfather the most. Since he has said that, she’ll obey him, right?&#lt;/p&#gt;
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