Novel Name : Anything For Her

Anything For Her Chapter 138

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&#lt;p&#gt;Chapter 138 It Is Up To Fate
&#lt;p&#gt;“Consider it a show of respect on my behalf, Soph. Please?” Josiah was really worried that the Laird
family would hurt Sophie.Sophie felt annoyed. She didn’t want to go because she didn’t have any
relationship with Mason. I really don’t know why Mason insists on meeting me. Why is it necessary?
Ugh, fine. I suppose everyone thinks differently. Since he wants to meet me this badly, I’ll go and meet
him. It doesn’t affect anything, anyway.When he saw her nod, he let out a sigh of relief. It’s always
better to make one less enemy.What he didn’t know was that Sophie had gotten so powerful that even
the Laird family wouldn’t be able to go against her.Naturally, the happiest person to hear that response
was Charmaine.She still remembered vividly what Constance promised her. Now I just need to bring
Sophie to meet with Mason and Mrs. Laird will do the rest.Constance and Willow were still standing
outside of the ward. When Constance saw Sophie, her expression brightened a little, but she still
wasn’t happy, because she didn’t like Sophie. I really don’t understand what my son is doing. Even if
nothing happened five years ago, I still don’t like her!Sophie ignored the two of them and went into the
ward directly.“I don’t know why you insisted on meeting me, but I really don’t think it’s necessary at all. I
already made my stance clear, no?” she blurted as she stared right into Mason’s eyes.She really didn’t
have any feelings left for him.Even after he saw her acting and talking like that, he was still unwilling to
accept the reality.“I knew what I did was wrong, Soph.” He didn’t want to believe that, but there was no
way to get some people back after they had missed the opportunity.“Since we went to school together
before, I’ll leave you with a few words of advice, Mason. This is your life, and so are your legs. It
doesn’t matter to me if you want to accept treatment because that’s your decision. Don’t keep dragging
me into your affairs. You know what kind of person your mom is.” Sophie really felt that she had done
her best.“No matter what you say, I’ll never give up, Soph! Once my legs recover, I’ll make up for
everything I did wrong!” Mason suddenly felt confident. Yeah! How can I give her happiness when I’m
like this? I need to recover as soon as possible and return to how I was. Right now, I don’t even
deserve to stand beside her.“I told you already, whatever happens to you in the future has nothing to do
with me. Why do you insist on involving me in your affairs?” Sophie really didn’t understand why he&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;wouldn’t stop pestering her, despite everything she had said. If he turns out like this after spending a
few years overseas, then what was the point of him going overseas at all?Unwilling to speak any
further, she turned and left the room.Willow’s expression appeared twisted when she saw Sophie
walking out, but she didn’t dare to say anything.Constance entered the room swiftly.“Mom! Ask the
doctor to come here immediately. I want to stand up as soon as I can!” Mason looked like he was in a
hurry to stand back up again.“I’m glad you’ve finally thought things through, Mason. I always know
you’ll pick yourself up again.” Constance promptly asked people to call for the doctor in charge.The
doctor gave Mason a full-body check-up.“How’s the situation, doctor?” she asked worryingly.The doctor
turned to them with a troubled expression.“The operation was a success, but he just can’t stand up.
The situation is difficult to explain.” He had no idea what to do.Mason’s expression changed when he
heard that. “What do you mean?”“I really did my best, Mr. Laird, but I’ve never seen anything like your
condition before.” The doctor didn’t know what to do.Constance’s expression shifted as she spoke with
dissatisfaction. “You’re just finding an excuse for your incompetence!”The doctor couldn’t figure out a
way to treat Mason, but he couldn’t piss the Laird family off either, so he just kept quiet.“Is there really
no way to heal me?” Mason asked with despair. I can’t stay like this!“The only person in Chanaea I can
think of who can help you is the legendary doctor, Arius.” When the doctor mentioned Arius, there was
an expression of admiration on his face.Arius was a Chanaean legend. He was the first and youngest
person to enter the medical association.“The legendary doctor, Arius?” Constance heard that name
before.In fact, many people did. However, only a few had met him before.“You can try to contact him,
Mrs. Laird.” After the doctor gave his suggestion, he left.Constance immediately tried out different ways
to contact Arius, but none of it worked.Concurrently, Sophie was taking Josiah to get a full-body check-
up.She held on to his coat and cane as she waited outside.It would take over two hours for the check-
up to conclude. Since it was the weekend, Ysabelle invited her to hang out, but she rejected it.“What
are you busying about, Soph? Aren’t we good friends?” Ysabelle was feeling bored being alone.“I’m at
the hospital,” Sophie replied.“What? The hospital? Why are you there? Are you sick? Why didn’t you
tell me you’re sick?”“I’m not sick. I took my grandpa to the hospital for a check-up.”“I see. In that case,
I’ll come and see you after you’re done.” The final exam was approaching, so Ysabelle wanted to study&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;with her friend.“Mhm. I still have things to do, so I’ll hang up now.”When Tristan descended from
upstairs, he saw Ysabelle sighing and shaking her head.“What’s wrong? Why aren’t you looking for
Sophie?” He recalled she mentioned she wanted to meet with Sophie yesterday. It was why he was
slightly confused as to why she was still in the house.“I don’t know what Soph has been occupied with.
She doesn’t have time to see me at all! Do you know why she is so busy, Uncle Tristan?” Ysabelle
asked. She may be in the hospital today, but what about the past few days?“I also don’t know what is
up with her.”Both uncle and niece were feeling depressed because of the same person.Once the
check-up was over, Sophie helped Josiah exit the room.“My body really is fine, Soph. There’s no need
for me to do so many check-ups.” Josiah didn’t want her to worry.“It’s just a routine check-up, Grandpa.
You don’t need to worry about it. I’ll send you back now.” Sophie spoke.“The driver is downstairs. You
should leave if you have something you need to do. I can go back by myself.” He knew she had things
to do and didn’t want to trouble her.He was right. She wanted to meet Arius as soon as possible to
know the result.“I’ll let the driver send you back first, Grandpa. I really do have something else I need to
take care of, so I won’t be going home with you.”Seeing Sophie like that made Josiah sad. Life and
death are dictated by fate. There are many things that can’t be changed even if we wanted to. I just
hope she won’t fall into a dead end.He wanted to tell her what he was thinking, but seeing how much
effort she was putting into caring for him, he felt it would be inappropriate if he did. Thus, he just sighed
resignedly.After she watched the driver leave with her grandfather, Sophie turned back to the hospital.&#lt;/p&#gt;
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