Novel Name : Anything For Her

Anything For Her Chapter 141

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&#lt;p&#gt;Chapter 141 GratefulSuddenly, everyone shifted their attention back to Cecelia.They were wondering
who was the rich person who booked ten thousand showings.“Who is this big shot, Ms. Lance?”“That’s
right! Do you have a new lover, Ms. Lance?”“Who are they? Can you give us a little info about
them?”“Everyone, please calm down. Actually, I don’t really want anyone to book showings for my
movies. I just hope that those who come to watch my movie at the cinema are the people who like it.
My friend cares for me and treats me very well, which is why she did something like this. For that, I’m
very thankful for her,” Cecelia answered.“A friend? Are you two really just friends? What kind of friend
would single-handedly book ten thousand showings for your movie? This is unprecedented!”“The best
kind of friends, the type who stays with me forever.”Cecelia smiled. I really like Sophie, but I don’t want
her to spend so much money. I just want her to attend the movie premiere. The current me no longer
needs her protection as I’m capable of taking care of things now. In fact, I want it to be my turn to
protect her and help her. Still, I’m very touched that she’s still looking out for me even now. I’m very
fortunate to have a friend like her.“Is your friend present in this hall right now, Ms. Lance? Can you
invite her up the stage so she can share a few words with us?” the host asked.“I don’t think that’s a
good idea. She’s someone who prefers to keep a low profile. So, please, I’m asking everyone here to
not bother her or try to dig out any information about her. However, I believe even if all the hackers in
the world were to come out and try to find information about her, it’s no guarantee that they’ll succeed.”
Cecelia was absolutely confident in Sophie’s ability.“Come on, Ms. Lance. We won’t disturb her. We
just want to ask her a few questions.”“I appreciate your care for me, but today’s focus should be on the
movie, no? I hope everyone will pay attention to the film because a lot of people worked hard on it, and
I don’t want their efforts to go unnoticed. Everyone knows the people who work the hardest on a movie
are the crew, so please don’t overlook the hard work they had poured into this project.”Tristan
personally witnessed Sophie booking ten thousand showings for Cecelia and posting her message on
Twitter. Seems like she cares a lot about Cecelia since she’s doing her best to help her.What followed
in the press conference were questions about Cecelia. Finally, it was time for everyone to watch the
movie on the big screen. Sophie paid great attention to it.The story in the movie was really similar to&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;their youth.When the movie ended, Sophie was in tears. Tristan pulled out a tissue paper from his
pocket and gave it to her.“This movie is pretty good. Cecelia sure can act,” he commented.The ending
theme was already playing. It was a very pleasant Chanaean song sung by a diva. Before it finished,
Sophie stood and left the hall.When Sophie returned to the lounge, Cecelia threw herself into her
embrace.She was basically hanging on Sophie’s body.Her manager couldn’t bear to look at that. Ms.
Tanner appears to be a few kilos lighter than Cecelia. Doesn’t she feel bad for hanging herself like a
bear on Ms. Tanner?“Since you’re so rich now, how about I stop acting and become your sugar baby
instead? We’ll go on a trip around the world!” Cecelia said emotionally.Aside from Sophie, no one
would be willing to book ten thousand showings for her.When she finished speaking, she kissed Sophie
on the cheek.Tristan’s expression was just like a violent storm when he saw that.Upon seeing his
expression, Sophie thought it was amusing. This man sure is possessive.In order to avoid pissing him
off further, she gently pushed Cecelia away. “That was a very good movie.”“Well, of course! My title
isn’t for show, you know.” Cecelia was very confident in her acting skills.Some actors worked hard, but
because they didn’t have the talent, they couldn’t make a name.On the contrary, some actors had the
talent, and if they worked hard just a little bit, they would be able to back various international awards
home.Cecelia clearly belonged to the second type.She wanted to hug Sophie again. “I really like acting,
but it takes up so much of my time that I can’t spend time with you, Soph.”When Sophie was at her
lowest point in life back then, Cecelia went to Horington to visit her. However, before she could meet
her, she was dragged away by her manager.She carried a pang of guilt toward Sophie because of
that.Sophie held her delicate chin and said, “You don’t need to feel guilty, Cecelia. I’m doing fine right
now, and you’re perfect, too. This is the best achievement any of us can hope for.”Cecelia hugged
Sophie tightly. “Yeah! I always believe that you’ll return. Jipsdale is your territory and Willow isn’t your
opponent at all. That’s why I believe we’ll meet again in Jipsdale.”At that moment, Tristan felt like he
should just let them be. I guess I’ll forgive Cecelia’s extreme behavior earlier, considering how close
she is to Sophie.Sophie then went to the restroom, leaving Tristan and Cecelia in the room.“I’m
warning you for the last time, Cecelia. If you kiss Sophie like that again, don’t blame me for what
vicious things I’ll do,” he warned.He never thought there would come a day when he needed to&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;threaten a woman.“Hmph!” Cecelia ignored him. I’m not afraid of him when I have Sophie supporting
me!“Cecelia Lance!” he exclaimed.“I know Sophie longer than you, so of course, our relationship with
each other is stronger than yours.” She stared at him fearlessly. “The people in Jipsdale may be afraid
of you, Mr. Tristan, but I’m not. I’m warning you, if you hurt Sophie even a tiny bit, I won’t let you off
even after I die!”She knew Sophie treated Tristan differently.After all, there was never a man by her
side for many years—Tristan was the first one.From the looks of it, Sophie didn’t seem to hate Tristan
either.Cecelia felt sad to notice that because she believed Sophie deserved only the best the world can
offer.However, Tristan was probably the best person anyone would think of in Jipsdale.Naturally, she
would be happy if Sophie could find happiness.“Don’t worry! I won’t hurt her. Even if the person who
hurts her ends up being me, I won’t let myself off either!” Tristan promised.“I didn’t expect the legendary
Mr. Tristan from Jipsdale to be this loyal and dedicated,” Cecelia couldn’t help but mock.As she still had
a celebration party she needed to attend, she couldn’t leave with Sophie.However, she personally saw
Sophie out.There were a lot of reporters waiting outside, so Sophie stopped Cecelia. “It’s fine.
Everyone is waiting for you!”She wanted to send Cecelia back first.“How about I just run away with you
two?” That idea suddenly popped into Cecelia’s mind.“Oh, my god! I am begging you now, Cecelia. The
director is waiting for you!” Her manager immediately dragged her back the moment she heard that.&#lt;/p&#gt;
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