Novel Name : Anything For Her

Anything For Her Chapter 143

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&#lt;p&#gt;Chapter 143 Acting Skills Unworthy Of Awards
&#lt;p&#gt;Sophie took her time with her food. Looking at Tristan near her, she was in a good mood and felt
comfortable about spending time alone with the man.After Sophie was done with the steak, the two
walked out of the restaurant. While Tristan went to get the car, Sophie waited outside the restaurant,
where she never expected to meet Lorelei.Lorelei did not know Sophie. She only glanced at her a few
times because she thought the young woman was exceptionally stunning.Lorelei only risked going out
in public because she finally persuaded Clayton to take her to the fancy restaurant after much
effort.Since she was quite popular then, Lorelei wore a hat and a large pair of sunglasses to hide her
face.Seeing how Tristan had been gone for a while, Sophie decided to take her phone out to call the
man.However, before she could do that, the fashionably-dressed woman near her suddenly snatched
her phone and violently threw it onto the ground.“Why were you taking pictures of me? Did somebody
send you here to follow me?” questioned Lorelei rudely.After her terrible experience at the press
conference that day, Lorelei never thought she would bump into a paparazzo there.Sophie’s eyes
turned icy cold as she stared at her phone lying on the floor.“Pick it up,” ordered Sophie, who was
itching for a fight.Her voice was frightfully cold.“Are you serious? Do you know who I am?” asked
Lorelei arrogantly. “If you get out of my sight now, I’ll pretend none of this has happened. Otherwise, my
fans will give you hell.”The famous woman had fans who were quite crazy.In response to the threat,
Sophie knitted her eyebrows tightly.“Didn’t you hear me? Pick it up.” repeated the young woman in a
louder voice.Lorelei scoffed at Sophie before looking away. Why the heck would I listen to a
paparazzo? I’m the hottest artist there is right now, and I’m not afraid of anyone!Then, passersby
began to gather around them to see what was going on.Hence, Lorelei decided it was the perfect time
to let people see that she was with Clayton and have her popularity bumped up even further.“I only
requested that you delete the photos you took of me. There’s no reason to get upset,” stated Lorelei
calmly after removing her sunglasses on purpose.As expected, the crowd grew even bigger right after
Lorelei showed her face.“My goodness! What’s going on? Hey, look! It’s Lorelei Crawford!”“You’re right.
Wow, she looks stunning! It’s almost unbelievable how beautiful she is.”“That’s not the point! The point&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;is she’s at a restaurant where couples frequent. That must mean she’s here with Clayton Zales!”“I think
the woman beside Lorelei looks pretty too.”“I know, right? She’s probably even prettier than some
artists.”At first, Lorelei was happy with the praises she had received. However, after hearing about the
crowd’s admiration for Sophie, she got jealous.Lorelei could not deny that Sophie was good-looking,
which was why she worried that Clayton would see the young woman later.The man’s interest in her
was waning, and she knew it.Lorelei always had to put in much effort just to have a meal with Clayton.
She even tried to climb into the man’s bed to be in his good graces but to no avail.“I’m so sorry. I may
be a public figure, but I value my privacy. I only did it because you kept coming after me.” Lorelei then
picked up Sophie’s phone from the ground and handed it back to the woman. “I think it’s broken, so
why don’t you give me your number? I’ll have my manager compensate you for your loss.”After
listening to Lorelei, Sophie furrowed her eyebrows again.“With that level of acting skills, I doubt you’ll
ever win an award,” mocked Sophie, who found Lorelei’s acting hilarious.The actress’ face immediately
turned grim when she was humiliated, for she had always hated it when people commented on her
poor acting skills.No matter how hard she tried, she still failed to surpass Cecelia. “I can give you my
autograph if you ask nicely, little girl. Your hostility was completely uncalled for.”“Yeah! Artists are just
like us. Just because you’re a fan doesn’t give you the right to disturb her.”“That’s right! You’re the
worst kind of fan! You have nothing better to do than to harass them. It’s disgusting!”When some of the
people started sneering at Sophie, many followed suit. So what if she’s got good looks? She’s probably
wicked on the inside.Naturally, Lorelei was pleased with herself when the crowd reacted the way she
wanted. How’s that for acting skills? I bet she regrets undermining my acting skills now.“I think we’re
done here, don’t you? If I were you, I’d leave right now. It’s not like your phone’s worth much anyway.
Remember, it’s a crime to take someone’s photo without permission. Stop while you still can.”Lorelei
thought Sophie was afraid of her since the young woman stayed silent, so she proudly held her head
high. “I know you’re a fan, but you’ve got to stop doing this, okay?”Scoffing, Sophie could not believe
the words that came out of Lorelei’s mouth. Now I know why Cecelia didn’t seem to like her. ”I don’t
even know who you are, so why would I secretly take photos of you? What proof do you have?”“I just
told you we’re done here, so why do you insist on dragging this out? What’s the point? I don’t know&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;what you have in mind, but I have more important things to do.” Lorelei did not wish to continue with the
subject, so she turned around and was ready to leave.Immediately, Sophie grabbed Lorelei by the hair
and pulled the woman back.Nobody expected that Sophie would be so bold as to pull Lorelei’s hair.
The actress stumbled a few steps backward when Sophie did that and felt as if the young lady was
about to pull her scalp off her skull.“What do you think you’re doing? This is out of line!” Lorelei was
furious but dared not show it or retaliate, for she knew that would compromise her image in the
entertainment industry.“I didn’t take photos of you secretly, but you broke my phone. You even put on a
show for the crowd, and you think you can just walk away?”Sophie was not about to let Lorelei get
away scot-free after the actress had wrongly accused her. If this is how she wants to play it, so be it.
Nobody in Jipsdale can take advantage of me!“I’m just told you that I’m not pressing charges. What
more do you want?”Lorelei wanted nothing more than to get out of the situation because of how
embarrassing it was to get her hair pulled like that. At that moment, Clayton pulled up outside the
restaurant.When the man saw Lorelei arguing with a young lady, he got out of his car and went over.&#lt;/p&#gt;
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