Novel Name : Anything For Her

Anything For Her Chapter 144

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&#lt;p&#gt;Chapter 144 He Is Not Worth My TimeLorelei began to panic when she saw Clayton walking toward
them, for she knew he disliked how she always caused a scene in public. The fact that Lorelei got so
much attention did not help with the situation she was in either.“What’s going on? Didn’t I ask you to
wait for me here? How did it end up like this?” With so many people surrounding them, Clayton realized
that keeping a low profile was no longer an option.“Clayton, I didn’t do it on purpose. We’re only
arguing because she secretly took photos of me. Now she’s pulling my hair and refusing to let me go,”
explained Lorelei pitifully.“Are you guys seeing this? It’s really Clayton! I knew he and Lorelei had a
thing going on. Do you believe me now?”“It is him! I didn’t trust the media before because they didn’t
have solid proof. Gosh, I can’t believe what I’m seeing now! Clayton is a tycoon in the entertainment
industry, and being with the man probably means a bright future awaiting Lorelei.”“You’re right. If you
ask me, the two are a match made in heaven!”Lorelei was more than glad when she heard the
discussion. I knew it! Clayton and I are meant for each other, and everybody seems to think so too.At
that moment, Clayton could not help noticing how Sophie had raised her eyebrow when she looked at
others. Even though the young woman did not do it deliberately, it was hard for anyone to ignore
it.When Lorelei caught Clayton looking at Sophie, she quickly grabbed the man’s hand.“What are you
looking at?” questioned Lorelei jealously.“Missy, did you really take pictures of Lorelei? If so, delete
them, and we’ll call it even.” Although Clayton thought Sophie was outstandingly good-looking, he had
better things to do and would rather not waste more of his time.“What makes you think I want to call it
even? Ms. Crawford here not only slandered me but also broke my phone, so I believe you two owe me
an explanation.”“How would you like to be compensated then? With a new phone?” inquired Clayton
nonchalantly.“Not just that. I want an apology from Ms. Crawford. Everybody here heard how she
accused me of secretly taking photos of her. Then, I must still have the pictures on my phone. If that’s
not the case, it’s only right that she apologizes to me, no?”After listening to Sophie, Clayton
immediately became more interested in the young lady. It looks like she’s not the kind who’d go down
without a fight.“What are you going on about? You’re just trying to hook up with Clayton because he’s
rich and handsome. Trust me. You’re not the first to try.” Lorelei despised Sophie because she thought&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;she had the young woman all figured out.Sophie instinctively frowned at Lorelei after hearing that. Are
all female artists this insufferable these days? Does she seriously think every woman in the world is out
to steal her boyfriend? It’s not like he’s the most attractive man on earth.“I think Lorelei is right. This
young woman is obviously trying to hook up with Clayton because of how rich and handsome he
is.”“Are all young women this desperate these days?”“If that’s the case, I’d say this young woman is a
pretty crafty one. She knew she’d be able to find Clayton by stalking Lorelei. That’s really
scary!”“Women these days are all the same. They’ll gladly spread their legs in bed as long as the other
party is rich enough.”The crowd’s discussion only served to boost Lorelei’s confidence. It seems I’m not
the only one who thinks that way. Everybody here agrees with me.“I’m tired, Clayton. Let’s leave,”
pleaded Lorelei with puppy-dog eyes because she would rather not give anyone a chance to get close
to Clayton.“How can we leave when we haven’t resolved this matter yet?” questioned Clayton
rhetorically with his eyes still fixed on Sophie.“Come on, Clayton.” Lorelei started to get nervous
again. Why is he even listening to a stranger? Has he fallen for her?Clayton went over to pick up the
phone from the ground and intended to check if photos of Lorelei were on it. However, he could not turn
on the device since it was already broken.Clayton shrugged helplessly before saying, “I’m not sure how
we’re going to prove your innocence since there’s no way to turn on the phone. What do you say we
call it even?”Then, Sophie approached the man to take her phone, and as he said, the device was no
longer working.Seeing how things had come to that, Lorelei was relieved. She has no choice but to
accept her fate now. ”As I said, I’m not pressing charges, so we’re done here. Let’s go, Clayton. It’s
freezing out here.”“That’s why Lorelei’s so popular. What a forgiving person she is!”“That’s true. The
young woman is obviously at fault here, yet she had the audacity to raise her voice.”“Do you guys think
she’s trying to gain attention by causing a scene just because she knows she’s pretty? After all, Lorelei
is a celebrity who has the attention of countless people. She probably knew she was bound to be
noticed if she got Lorelei involved.”“That has to be it. Who does this young woman think she is to bully
Lorelei!”“Forget about it, Clayton. She’s just a young woman, after all. Let’s put this behind us.” Lorelei
thought she did a pretty good job portraying herself as a forgiving person.“What a hypocrite!” cursed
Sophie, which was not something she would do lightly.“How dare you…” Lorelei did not expect Sophie&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;to call her that. She wanted to retaliate, but since the crowd was still around, she decided to swallow
her words. Lorelei then gave Clayton a pitiful look before turning back to Sophie. “I know you think
Clayton’s incredibly attractive, but you can’t keep harassing us like this. I’m the one he loves, so I’m
afraid you’ll have to find someone else.”When Lorelei finished speaking, she turned to look at Clayton.
She was delighted that the man did not disagree with her. Even though he doesn’t say it, I’m sure he
loves me. Otherwise, he would’ve corrected me.“What makes you think I have any interest in him? He’s
not even worthy of my time.”“You can’t be serious. Don’t you know who he is? Just ask anybody here,
and I bet they’ll have no trouble telling you his name.” Lorelei was confident that everyone in Jipsdale
knew who Clayton was.Immediately, the crowd began discussing among themselves again. They
thought Sophie was shameless and could not believe that she did not know Clayton. The man is
mentioned in the newspaper more frequently than any artist!At that moment, Tristan finally drove over
and saw the crowd surrounding Sophie. After parking his car by the roadside, he approached the
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