Novel Name : Anything For Her

Anything For Her Chapter 142

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&#lt;p&#gt;Chapter 142 You Are Now MineAfter watching Cecelia leave, Sophie turned to look at Tristan, who
seemed glad. Is it because Cecelia was taken away?Tristan immediately held Sophie’s hand and
pulled her toward him.“What are you doing?” questioned Sophie, still looking at the man who had just
locked her in his arms.Tristan had grown to enjoy holding Sophie like that.On the other hand, the young
woman turned bright red because of how close they were.“Let go of me, Mr. Tristan.” Even some as
cold as Sophie could not help but blush when Tristan flirted with her like that.He then tightened his
arms around Sophie. “Since they’re all busy, you are all mine now.”Sophie immediately chuckled upon
hearing that, for she never expected Tristan to say anything like that.“Let’s go. I still owe you a meal,
don’t I?” Since there was not much else to do, Sophie decided to treat him to a meal.“That’s more like
it,” Tristan was easily satisfied.Even though Sophie had promised to buy the young man a meal, she
had no idea where to go.“Is there anything you’d like?” inquired Sophie, tilting her head.Tristan was
stunned for a moment as he stared at the young woman’s soft pink lips. “Yes.”“What is it?” Sophie was
glad she did not have to waste time figuring out where to go since Tristan already had something in
mind.“You!”Sophie was dumbfounded once again when she heard Tristan’s answer. What’s wrong with
this guy? Is he going to keep this up all day?Seeing the woman like that, Tristan immediately held her
head to give her a wet kiss.Only after breathing a sigh of satisfaction did Tristan take Sophie to a fancy
restaurant.The young woman could still taste Tristan on her lips when they reached the expensive-
looking and exquisitely decorated restaurant.Most of the customers there were couples, so it was not
surprising to see many of them kissing.Since the atmosphere at the restaurant was incredibly romantic,
the couples were more passionate than usual.However, the scene was nothing but an eyesore to
Sophie since she did not think the public display of affection was appropriate.When she unconsciously
glanced at Tristan, the young man simply shrugged.“Just so you know, I didn’t plan for you to see this.
It was Felix who recommended the place.”Sophie pretended to be calm, but a gentleman beside her
had already reached into his date’s skirt.She had no choice but to calmly look away.“Are you sure you
don’t want to go somewhere else?” Sophie had lost her appetite already. This is just too much!“It’s fine.
I got us a room.” Tristan led Sophie to a private room, which the woman thought was much better than&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;the rest of the place.Since it was warm inside, Tristan helped Sophie take her jacket off so he could
hang it up. He then pulled the chair out before beckoning Sophie over to sit.By then, a waitress had
already arrived to show them the menu.“What can I get you, Mr. Tristan?” inquired the beautiful
waitress after handing a tablet to Tristan.“What would you like?” The young man remained standing
behind Sophie so they could share the tablet.Sophie was a little uneasy when Tristan leaned on
her.“So?” The man had a deep and magnetic voice that sounded alluring, which made Sophie’s heart
race.At that point, she was convinced that Tristan enjoyed teasing her very much.After going through
the menu, Sophie ordered steak and salad.When she turned around to ask what Tristan wanted, the
man’s lips brushed over her cheek.Sophie immediately froze like a statue.“I’ll have whatever you’re
having,” Tristan whispered into Sophie’s ear before taking the tablet from her.The young woman almost
jumped to her feet when Tristan breathed into her ear because that was the most sensitive part of her
body.After that, Tristan sat down beside Sophie so that it would be easier for him to take care of her.“So
why isn’t Ysabelle coming?” Sophie was a little worried about Ysabelle because they had already
agreed to meet, and her friend would never stand her up for no reason.In response, Tristan unlocked
his phone to play a video before handing the device to Sophie.After watching the video, the young
woman looked a little displeased.The video was shot from Ysabelle’s front. Even though Sophie was
also in it, she could only be seen from the side. On top of that, the dim lighting at the karaoke bar made
it difficult for anyone unfamiliar with her to recognize her.“Your family don’t want her to be a singer,
right?” Sophie heard about it from Ysabelle, but she did not think the situation was that serious.“Yes.
My brother has a deep-seated prejudice against the entertainment industry.”What will Ysabelle do
now? Sophie then quickly took her phone out to call her friend.Meanwhile, Ysabelle was in a bad
mood. When she received Sophie’s call, she hurried into her room before answering.“I’m sorry, Soph!
Something came up. It was never my intention to bail on you.” Ysabelle hated being stood up and
believed that her friend felt the same way.“It’s fine. Are you okay?”Hearing how concerned Sophie was
about her, Ysabelle immediately lightened up. “I am. Don’t worry,” assured Ysabelle with a smile.“Good.
Do you need me to pick you up?” Sophie could figure something out if her friend still wanted to meet
her.“No, Soph. I think I should stay home for the next two days. Even though I have no plan to become&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;an artist just yet, I’m more determined to do so after seeing that video. I will become a singer no matter
what my father thinks!” Ysabelle had made up her mind, so nobody could convince her otherwise.“You
have my support.” Sophie agreed that Ysabelle should not give up. It’s her dream to be a singer, and
she has every right to pursue it!“Talk to you later. My grandfather’s coming.” Ysabelle knew her
grandfather would be worried about her since she did not have dinner.Even after calling Ysabelle,
Sophie was still worried about her friend.“Mr. Tristan, will you help Ysabelle?” The young woman was
confident that the other Lombards would listen to Tristan because of his position in the family.The steak
had already been served, and Tristan had thoughtfully cut it up for Sophie.“Soph, this is Ysabelle’s
fight. If she wants to be in the entertainment industry, the first thing she has to learn is how to stand up
for herself. Unlike those in the industry, our family would never do anything to hurt her. I don’t think
she’s fit to be an artist if she can’t even handle our family.”Naturally, Sophie knew he had a point, but as
Ysabelle’s friend, she still wished that she could make her friend’s path to pursue her dream
easier.“That’s enough chat about someone else. We don’t always get to spend time together like this,
you know?” Tristan hoped that Sophie would focus on him for the moment.“Ysabelle isn’t ‘someone
else.’ She’s your niece!”“So am I the reason you’re so nice to Ysabelle?” Tristan would consider talking
to his brother if Sophie nodded.However, Sophie was never really good at sucking up to others. Instead
of responding to Tristan the way he wanted, the woman started eating her steak.To that, Tristan let out
a long sigh. I can tell that chasing after Sophie is not going to be easy. Hmm… far from it!&#lt;/p&#gt;
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