Novel Name : Anything For Her

Anything For Her Chapter 148

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&#lt;p&#gt;Chapter 148 CompromiseAngie was holding onto Willow’s hand so tight that it was as if she was
holding onto her last hope.Willow wasn’t pleased. What is she doing? Does she need to do this? Why
should I clean up the mess she has made in another school?“Angie, I believe I’ve done my part. Back
then, you were the one who uploaded the photos on the forum, so it has nothing to do with me. I’ve
already helped you, no? Why are you taking advantage of my kindness?” Willow pulled her hand away
from Angie and warned, “I’m warning you. Don’t ever show up in front of me again. Otherwise, I’m
going to teach you a lesson. Also, watch your mouth. I’m sure you know what not to say.”Angie stared
at her in disbelief. If she didn’t send those photos to me, how would everything happen?“Willow, if I’m
going down, I’ll be sure to drag you down with me. You’d better find another school for me. Otherwise,
I’m going to come after you. Mason doesn’t know about your misdeeds, right? Do you think you would
still have a chance with him if he finds out about this?” With that, Angie turned around and left.So, this
is Willow’s true self. She’s such a disgusting woman.After Angie left, Willow leaned against the wall and
took a deep breath. Now, Mason is already treating me with such a bad attitude. If he finds out I was
involved in those incidents, he’ll never forgive me.Jipsdale is a huge place. I’m sure the Tanner family
has the ability to make a small fry like her vanish into thin air!A chilling glare flashed across Willow’s
eyes when she murmured to herself, “Angie, you’d better watch what you do. If not, I won’t show you
mercy.”Willow couldn’t help but feel troubled when she thought about Mason’s attitude toward her. That
man’s heart must be made of stone. How has he not softened up after all the time I’ve spent with him?
When Willow got out of the alley, she bumped into her followers.“Willa, what were you doing in the
alley?” one of them asked. Apparently, that alley was the place where most of the bullies in the school
would settle their disagreements privately. What was she doing there alone?“It’s nothing. Stop asking
me about it,” Willow answered.“Willa, I saw Angie just now. What is she doing back here?”“How would I
know? Do you think I have the time for that?” Willow didn’t want the conversation to continue, and she
just wanted to get out of there.When she arrived at the school’s entrance, she saw Angie there, staring
back at her.Willow’s heart skipped a beat. F*ck! Why is she still here?Right then, Sophie and Ysabelle
appeared at the entrance. Seeing that Angie was about to approach Sophie, Willow immediately ran&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;toward Angie and grabbed her hand before dragging her out of there.“Willa?” Her followers were
stumped. What just happened? Where did she go?After that, they started talking among
themselves.“What’s going on? Why did Angie look for Willow?”“I heard Angie was having a tough time
at her new school. Not only was she constantly bullied by the other girls, but they had also stripped her
naked in public.” In fact, Angie’s life in her new school was far different from when she was in Jipsdale
Premier High. There, the students would fight very often. Obviously, that wasn’t an environment that
a goody two shoes like Angie could survive.“Is it really that bad?”“Oh, yes. It’s that bad. However, how
does any of it have to do with Willa? Although Willa is a kind person, what can she do to help?”“Could it
be that Angie is bullying Willa?”The conversation went on.Unsurprisingly, Sophie and Ysabelle had
spotted Angie earlier on. Besides, they also heard the conversation Willow’s followers were
having.“Serves her right! That’s what she gets for talking sh*t about you.” Ysabelle had no sympathy for
Angie at all. Since she dared to hurt Soph, she deserves every bit of hardship she gets.Sophie, on the
other hand, didn’t have anything to say.That was because Angie was not anyone important to her. If
she didn’t show up in front of Sophie that day, Sophie would have already forgotten about her
existence.“Angie transferred to Jipsdale High. That’s the worst school in Jipsdale because most of the
students there are gangsters,” Ysabelle added.“I’m not interested.” Indeed, none of those so-called
gangsters could compare to Sophie.“All right. Let’s just forget about her. Whatever it is, she deserves it.
That’s what she gets for getting into bed with Willow.” Ysabelle then went into the school with
Sophie.“Ysabelle, are you all right?” Ysabelle didn’t seem like her usual self that day, and she didn’t eat
much for dinner.“I’m fine. Why wouldn’t I be? Don’t worry, okay?” Ysabelle didn’t want Sophie to worry
about her. Well, it’s not like anyone can help me with what I’m going through.Sophie walked up beside
Ysabelle and put her arm over her shoulders.Suddenly, Ysabelle felt aggrieved. “Soph, do you know
that if I could choose my own destiny, I would rather be born into an ordinary family? In that case, I can
do what I like.”Her father was livid because of the video taken in the karaoke bar. He thought she had
done it on purpose.Sophie patted her shoulder and said, “Even if you are a Lombard, you can still do
what you like. You have my support.” No matter what the others had to say, she would still support
Ysabelle.“Okay.” Ysabelle was touched.After the self-study session, Sophie received a call from Arius,&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;and she wanted to look for him right away. However, she saw Tristan waiting for her outside the school
when she was leaving.“Why are you here?” Since she was busy, she wouldn’t leave with him even if he
was there to fetch her.Upon hearing that, Tristan furrowed his brows. She doesn’t seem like she wants
me here. Otherwise, why would she have that expression on her face?“What’s wrong? Are you busy?”
Judging by the look on her face, Tristan could tell that she wasn’t planning on going back to Wisteria
Apartments.“Yes. I need to pay someone a visit. Hence, whatever you came here for, could we leave it
for tomorrow?” Sophie thought she had made herself clear.Felix didn’t dare to utter a word after he saw
the look in Tristan’s eyes. Felix was there to apologize to Ysabelle because he was the reason the
video went viral.However, he got a feeling that it was a mistake to go there.“Can I leave now?” Sophie
glanced at Tristan.Tristan nodded. What else can I say? She’s always so busy, and she has a lot of
people to meet. I bet I don’t even matter much to her.Sophie felt bad when she saw the look on his
face.That being said, she was dealing with something that concerned Josiah. Hence, it was very
important.“How about this? Go over to Wisteria Apartments to wait for me, okay?” Sophie had done
something she had never done in her life. She had compromised because of how sad Tristan
looked.“Okay. No matter what you’re going to do, take care of yourself.” Tristan was happy with her
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