Novel Name : Anything For Her

Anything For Her Chapter 153

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&#lt;p&#gt;Chapter 153 Constance Insults Sophie“All the preparations are complete, Old Mr. Tanner. Don’t you
worry!” said the director as he personally escorted Josiah to the VIP ward.Josiah simply chuckled in
response as he knew he had nothing to worry about.Tristan helped him get seated after the director
left, and Sophie came over with Arius shortly after.“Hello, Old Mr. Tanner. I’m Sophie’s senior. My name
is Arius Gullifer,” Arius greeted him with a friendly and easy-going smile.“Her senior, huh? Sophie, why
didn’t you tell me about having a senior like him? What happened in Horington?”Sophie shot Arius a
glare. D*mn it! Why would he bring up the one thing I dread talking about the most? What happened in
Horington is in the past, so I don’t want Grandpa to know about it! Besides, him finding out now won’t
change a thing anyway. If anything, it’ll only make him worry even more!“Relax, Grandpa! I didn’t do
anything wrong!”Josiah fell silent. But… I didn’t say she did anything wrong…“Anyway, Arius is the
doctor I found for you.”Josiah started freaking out when he heard that the young doctor in front of him
was named Arius.Arius is a legend in the medical field! He’s the pride of Chanaea!“You can just call
him Ari, Grandpa.” Sophie wasn’t planning on introducing him at first, but she did so because she knew
what Josiah was worried about.Besides, Arius’ reputation could really come in handy.Arius Gullifer, the
only Chanaean in the international medical association. Young, famous, and possesses peerless
medical skills. How is someone like him Sophie’s senior? How many more secrets are Sophie keeping
from me? Also, she seems to be treating him a little differently. Are they really just senior and junior?
Tristan thought to himself as he glanced at Arius.After what seemed like forever, Josiah finally found
his voice and said, “Thank you very much, Dr. Gullifer!”Arius scratched his head awkwardly and replied
with a smile, “You can just call me ‘Ari,’ Old Mr. Tanner. Given my relationship with Soph, her grandpa
is as important as mine! You really don’t have to be so formal with me.”“That’s right, Grandpa! You can
just call him ‘Ari!’ He’ll be in charge of your surgery, and the director will give him his full cooperation. I’ll
keep you company in the hospital throughout the next few days, so you have nothing to worry about!”
Sophie added.Josiah frowned when he heard that.“Since the surgery hasn’t started, you should all go
do whatever it is you should be doing! What are you all standing here for? I have full faith in Ari’s
medical skills!” Earlier on, he was skeptical about the surgery’s chances of success but found a&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;glimmer of hope when he heard Arius would be performing the surgery. Maybe I will be able to see
Soph get married and have kids, after all!“Thank you for your trust in me, Old Mr. Tanner. I won’t let you
down!” Arius promised.“Of course I trust you! You’re the best medical practitioner in the world! Who
else would I trust if not you?”Sophie held Josiah’s hand with an anxious look in her eyes. Despite her
usually being as cool as a cucumber, she found herself feeling uneasy when her grandfather’s life was
at risk.“I’ll be here with him, Soph. You can go do your work and come back when you’re free.” Arius
didn’t want her to stick around as he knew she had a lot of work to do.“What’s wrong with me being
here? Why are you all trying to get rid of me?” Sophie asked with a frown. Does my presence really
make them that uncomfortable?“I can’t help but feel like I’m being supervised when you’re around,
which makes me feel really uncomfortable. Go on, run along now!” Arius replied.He was determined to
give his best in performing the surgery anyway, so he really didn’t need an extra pair of eyes monitoring
him all the time.“All right, then. I’ll go buy Grandpa some food and come back later,” Sophie said. I can’t
leave! Yale will surely be looking for Grandpa everywhere once he finds out that Grandpa isn’t home.
When that happens, I’ll have one more problem to take care of…“I don’t feel like eating anything, so
you three can go ahead. Help me treat Ari to a nice meal, okay? I’ll personally treat him to another
meal when I get better!” Josiah wasn’t sure how Sophie got him to help out, but he wanted to thank
Arius properly.Arius held Josiah’s hand and said with a chuckle, “Sure thing, Old Mr. Tanner. I’ll
certainly claim that meal when the time comes!”Josiah felt especially at ease after hearing that.The
butler waited until the three of them had left before commenting, “Ms. Sophie sure is something else,
isn’t she? The people she knows are all big shots!”However, Josiah wasn’t sure how to feel about
that.“The fact that she knows these people means she must be one of them as well. I remember how
Soph used to be such an innocent and adorable girl… Honestly, I would very much prefer for her to
remain that way. At the very least, she wouldn’t have so many things to worry about!”It pained him just
thinking about the hardships that Sophie must’ve gone through to achieve that status.“You’re
overthinking it, Old Mr. Tanner. Besides, Sophie wouldn’t have been able to handle all this on her own if
she had remained the way she was,” the butler replied.Only through growth can a person hope to gain
what he wants. I suppose we can’t have everything our way, huh…Constance had just stepped out of&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;Mason’s ward when she saw Sophie walking in between two men. To make matters worse, the men
both looked extremely handsome and were not the kind to be trifled with.Hmph… No wonder she
doesn’t like Mason at all!With that in mind, Constance said disdainfully, “Now I see why you wouldn’t
visit Mason, Sophie. You’ve found yourself another man! Or should I make that two? You sure are
something else for dating two guys at the same time!”Sophie decided to ignore Constance as she knew
there was no point in talking to someone that unreasonable.However, Arius wasn’t about to just let it
slide.“What, are you jealous? Well, I suppose it makes sense. Given your appearance, I doubt any guy
out there would even take an interest in you! You’d probably be alone for the rest of your life if you
weren’t rich!”Constance was so angry that her fingers were trembling as she pointed at Arius. “You…
Do you have any idea who I am? How dare you speak to me like that? I could have you disappear from
Jipsdale if I so much as feel like it!”Arius quickly wrapped his arms around Sophie’s and said
sarcastically, “Hey, Sophie! Did you hear that? She said she would make me disappear! I’m so scared!
What should I do?”Sophie burst out laughing when she saw Arius acting like a child. “Now, now…
That’s quite enough, Arius.”She deemed Constance an unimportant person, so she didn’t want to
waste any more of their time on her.Arius let out a defiant snort and pointed at Tristan as he added, “I
could put you through a fate worse than death before you even make me disappear! Do you even know
who he is?”Having recalled how powerful Tristan was, Arius decided to use his name instead.Sophie
quickly stopped him when she realized what he was about to say next. “We’re going out for lunch,
aren’t we? Come on, quit wasting your time arguing with her!”Tristan simply stood there glaring coldly
at them as Sophie dragged Arius away by the arm.“See that? Sophie is the kind of woman who forgets
her current boyfriend after finding someone new! She doesn’t deserve to be loved at all!”&#lt;/p&#gt;
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