Novel Name : Anything For Her

Anything For Her Chapter 152

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&#lt;p&#gt;Chapter 152 Good Luck
&#lt;p&#gt;Sophie gave Josiah’s orchid a few more glances and realized that it was indeed of a rare species.“If
you like it, I’ll get someone to send a few more pots of this orchid to you,” was all Sophie said to him in
response.She had come not to talk about orchids with Josiah but to convince the elderly man to
undergo surgery.“Soph, is there something you want to talk to me about?” Josiah rarely saw her so
hesitant to say anything.There was no point in hiding it anymore, so she said, “Grandpa, I hope you’ll
agree to the surgery.”Josiah turned silent.Why is she suddenly talking about this? Though, it isn’t
actually that abrupt. Didn’t she bring me to the hospital for a full-body checkup the other day?Josiah
was contemplating how he should reply to her. He was old and genuinely did not want to go through
the hassle anymore.“Soph, I don’t want to undergo the surgery. All I want for my final days is to see you
happy. That’s all I need.”If he did not agree to undergo surgery, he might have a little longer to live.
However, if he agreed to it, there was a high chance that he would not even survive the operation as
his body might not be able to handle the stress.Nevertheless, Josiah was moved.While Josiah was
keeping his condition a secret, Sophie, who did not live with him, knew what was going on. On the
other hand, Yale, Charmaine, and Willow, who all stayed under the same roof as Josiah, did not notice
anything amiss about him. Who said that she’s not caring?“Grandpa, trust me, okay? Please agree to
the surgery.” Sophie leaned against his leg. He was the last bit of warmth she had in the world, and she
did not wish for him to leave her so soon.“Soph, I don’t want to part with you, and that’s why I don’t
want to agree to this surgery.” No one was not afraid of death. Although elderly people were expected
to be more accepting of death, Josiah did not want to meet his demise yet.He still wanted to stay by
Sophie’s side.If he were to leave as well, she would be all alone in the world.“Grandpa, please trust
me. I’ve really sought help from the best doctor in the world, and I trust that he won’t let me down. I’ve
never asked for anything from you, but please, do this for me.” The only time Sophie would act so lowly
was when she was with Josiah.Josiah’s heart ached to hear her words. How could I let her be in so
much despair?Only then did Josiah begin mulling over his words.“Soph, I really can’t stop worrying
about you.” She isn’t even of age yet. If I leave, she’ll be all alone, and I can’t rest in peace.“Grandpa,&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;you said that you want to watch me get married. Are you going to go back on your words?” she asked.
It was an urgent matter, and this was the only way she could persuade him.“Soph…” What decision
should I make? A beat later, Josiah said, “Okay. In that case, I agree to the surgery. But Soph, you
have to remember that I’m the one who chose to do the surgery. Even if I don’t leave the operation
room alive, you’re not allowed to be sad about that.”Sophie blinked quietly.Even now, he still has my
best interests at heart.“Okay.”Josiah then gently patted Sophie’s back.“You always do things discreetly,
my child. Don’t you know that’s why you tend to suffer the most?”You should learn from Willow. Be
more of a sweet talker, and others will feel bad for you. Isn’t that better for you?As Josiah was going to
undergo the surgery, he had to be admitted to the hospital for prior observation.Josiah summoned the
butler and had the latter pack up for him.“Old Mr. Tanner, are you really going to undergo the surgery?”
The only one who knew about Josiah’s condition other than Sophie was the butler.“That’s enough. You
just need to know that I’ll be undergoing the surgery. Pack up. We’ll be going to the hospital with
Sophie.”“The rate of success for this surgery is too low.” The butler knew that he should not be saying
those things to Josiah, but he could not bring himself to feign ignorance after working for Josiah for so
many years.A minor mistake by the surgeon, and Josiah would die on the operating table. After all, he
was no longer as sturdy as when he was younger.“As long as Soph’s happy, I won’t have any regrets
even if I die.”The butler did not know how to respond to that. He knew that Josiah had always dotted on
Sophie, but he never thought that Josiah would still heed Sophie even when it came to matters of life
and death.After packing up, Josiah led the butler down the stairs while Sophie went into her room to
get some things before coming back out.When Charmaine saw the suitcase in Josiah’s hands, she
instantly stood up and asked, “Dad, where are you going? Didn’t the doctor ask you to stay at
home?”“I’ll be staying at one of my comrades’ place for a while.” Josiah did not want to reveal too much
about his surgery. He felt that it was better for them not to know about it.“Dad, where are you going?
No matter where you want to go, you should wait for Yale to come back and send you. If you go out by
yourself now, he’ll surely blame me once he comes home.”Charmaine could not wrap her mind around
what Sophie had said to Josiah to convince him to leave.“No need to. You just have to settle the
matters at home. You don’t need to intervene in my personal affairs.”If Yale finds out about this, he’ll&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;surely kick up a fuss.Josiah then went out with Sophie. When Tristan saw them, he quickly came out of
the car.“You haven’t left?”“No, I’ve been waiting for you here. Old Mr. Tanner, come on into the car.”
Frankly, Tristan did not even know where Sophie was taking Josiah, but he was going to help the
elderly man into the car anyway.Josiah was visibly happy when he saw Tristan.“Tanny, didn’t I ask you
to visit me at the Tanner residence? Why didn’t you come?” Josiah grumbled.Tristan did not excuse
himself. Instead, he only smiled and replied, “Sorry. I was too busy courting Sophie, so I didn’t have
time to come here and visit you. Old Mr. Tanner, please forgive me for that.”Then, he helped Josiah into
the car.Josiah was smiling the entire way as he thought, Tanny seems like a decent guy. Maybe he’ll be
a suitable candidate to take care of Sophie if I’m gone.“You’ve been courting Soph since forever. I wish
you all the best. I think you’re good for her,” Josiah encouraged.“Okay, Old Mr. Tanner. Don’t worry. I’ll
definitely do my best! I’ll win over your dear granddaughter and make sure she won’t ever feel
upset.”Tristan was a smart man; he knew what Josiah wanted to hear. That was why he said those
things to please the old man.“To the hospital.” Sophie climbed aboard and pretended not to have heard
their conversation.Tristan then took on the role of the driver and sent them to the hospital. He knew
about Josiah’s condition too. Thus, he wondered, They’re going to the hospital. Does that mean she
has already made arrangements for the surgery?Once they were at the hospital, the hospital director
made the arrangements for Josiah himself.Josiah could not help but turn to look at Tristan when the
director came out to greet them.&#lt;/p&#gt;
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