Novel Name : Anything For Her

Anything For Her Chapter 154

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&#lt;p&#gt;Chapter 154 You Belong To Me“Mrs. Laird, was it? I’m Tristan Lombard. Please keep in mind that there
are some people you should never insult, and my woman is one of them.” There was no way he could
tolerate someone insulting Sophie, let alone doing so multiple times in a row.The look on Constance’s
face changed the moment she heard him mention his name.How is this possible? Even the Laird family
finds Sophie unworthy, so how could someone like Tristan be dating her? There’s no way the great
Lombard family would approve of her! On top of that, Tristan would never allow his woman to get so
friendly with other guys!With that in mind, Constance protested, “Are you kidding me? You can’t
possibly be Mr. Tristan! A man like him would never take an interest in a girl like Sophie!”Tristan simply
snorted at her without saying anything, but that was more than enough to terrify her to the core.With
Mason’s fate still uncertain as he lay on the hospital bed, the Laird family would be doomed if she
offended Tristan.“Are you really Mr. Tristan?” Constance asked with an uncertain look in her eyes. She
was clinging to the last shred of hope that the man standing in front of her wasn’t actually Tristan.“What
kind of woman did you say Sophie was?” Tristan asked with a sneer.Constance didn’t dare say
anything further after that.All it takes is an order from Mr. Tristan to destroy the Laird family
completely!Noticing that Tristan was still standing there, Sophie had no choice but to come back for
him.“Why are you still wasting your time on her?” she asked with a frown as she grabbed his hand and
dragged him away.A smile formed on Tristan’s face when he saw her holding his hand, and he kept his
gaze fixated on their interlocked fingers the whole time.Sophie shook her head when she noticed what
he was doing.“Oh, come on, Mr. Tristan! Are you serious right now?” Since when did he become so
childish? Why must he compete with Arius over everything?“Yes, I am. I want everything that Arius
gets. You belong to me, Sophie. Make sure you remember that, okay?”He could put up with everything
else she did, but this was something he had to stand firm on.Sophie felt her heart race when she heard
his confession-like statement. She tried pulling her hand back, but Tristan grabbed hold of it and
refused to let go.“You’ve chosen to hold my hand, so you mustn’t let go for the rest of your life.” Despite
being a man of few words, Tristan found himself saying a lot when he was with Sophie. He feared
someone else would beat him to it if he didn’t make a move sooner.The look on Arius’ face turned&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;gloomy when he saw the two of them holding hands.“That’s unfair, Sophie! You need to treat us both
equally!” he protested. She grabbed me by the wrist but went straight for his palm! There’s a huge
difference between the two!“Are you two quite done? If you don’t want to have lunch, we can just go
our separate ways right now!” Sophie’s patience had run out at that point.Arius could only rub his nose
and keep his feelings of indignation to himself.The three of them soon arrived at a nice restaurant,
attracting a lot of attention due to their remarkable appearances.After all, a goddess-like beauty
hanging out with two ridiculously handsome men wasn’t exactly a common sight for most people.Even
so, the three of them paid no heed to the strange looks they were getting as they sat down at a table.A
waiter soon came over and handed them some menus so they could place their order.Tristan was fine
with having anything that Sophie was having, so he just set the menu aside without even looking.Arius,
on the other hand, was determined to order the best dishes available since it would be their treat.After
bombarding the waiter with a barrage of orders, he placed the menu down and said, “Hey, Sophie! I bet
you must be really proud of yourself for being able to treat me to a meal, huh?”Due to his status in
society, there were countless people in Jipsdale who would kill to treat him to a meal.Sophie simply
ignored him and ordered a few additional dishes according to Tristan’s preferences before handing the
menu over.Naturally, Tristan’s mood improved significantly after she placed her order.When the food
was served up, Tristan helped top up Sophie’s plate with all sorts of food. Not wanting to lose to him,
Arius poured her a bowl of soup as well.Sophie glared at them and shouted impatiently, “Can’t you two
just have lunch normally?”She was already stressed out due to Josiah’s upcoming surgery, and their
childish behavior only worsened her mood even further.“It’s all his fault, Sophie! I wouldn’t have done
something so childish if it weren’t for him asserting his dominance! Fine! I’m sorry, okay? I’ll drink this
soup myself!” Arius whined like a wimp.“You should eat more, Sophie. Don’t worry. I’m sure your
grandpa will be all right,” Tristan reassured her as he knew she was concerned about him.“Sophie,
didn’t you say you’d trust me to get the job done? Do you not have faith in me?” Arius grumbled in
displeasure.“This has nothing to do with you. I’d still worry about him regardless of who performs the
surgery.”There was no such thing as a surgery without risks, so she couldn’t help but feel uneasy no
matter what.In order to offer her emotional support without overwhelming her, Tristan simply held&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;Sophie’s hand in silence.I bet Tristan would beat me to a pulp if I were to hold her hand right now… Oh,
woe is me… Arius thought to himself with a wry smile when he saw the intimate interaction between
them.After lunch, the three of them returned to the hospital together with nutritious food for Josiah.
Surely enough, Sophie heard Yale’s voice from outside the ward.“What’s wrong with you, Dad? Given
your age, you probably don’t have that many years left! Why would you put yourself through all this?”
Yale had just found out about his condition. Despite his harsh words, he actually didn’t want to see
Josiah take such a huge risk.“I’ve already made up my mind on this, Yale. There’s no point in trying to
talk me out of it!” Josiah replied stubbornly.“You’ve been brainwashed by Sophie is more like it! I’m your
son, Dad! All I want is the best for you! Have you ever considered the risks of undergoing surgery at
your age? What if it isn’t successful?” Yale absolutely refused to accept his decision.Josiah simply
stared at him in silence.Frustrated, Yale went off at Sophie the moment he saw her come in through the
door.“I know you hate us for leaving you all by yourself in Horington five years ago, but that’s all on me!
If you want to get revenge, then it’s me you should come after! Your grandpa is really old now, so he
can’t possibly handle such a surgery! Will you please spare him from such torment?”Sophie ignored
him completely and made her way toward the table with the lunchbox in hand. She was planning on
feeding Josiah first before dealing with Yale. However, her actions angered him so much that he
smacked the lunchbox out of her hand, spilling the food all over the floor.“Hey! I’m talking to you! Are
you deaf or what? I am your father, Sophie! Watch your d*mned attitude!”Sophie’s expression turned
incredibly gloomy as she looked up at him. “Get the f*ck out of here right now if you value your life, Yale
Tanner! Don’t say I didn’t warn you!”Yale had truly angered her to the core at that point.&#lt;/p&#gt;
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