Novel Name : Anything For Her

Anything For Her Chapter 162

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&#lt;p&#gt;Chapter 162 I Will Take Responsibility For Any Damages Incurred
&#lt;p&#gt;Constance seemed to be very proud of herself when she mentioned the engagement.She thought
there was no way Josiah would turn her down now that she brought the engagement up, but the old
man’s face fell sunken the moment he heard that.Mason and Willow were indeed engaged.“Old Mr.
Tanner, Mason is part of your family too. Why don’t you just help him out a little? You know how Willow
is crazy about him, right? She must be heartbroken now that Mason is in this state.”Josiah still did not
understand what was she trying to get at. Well, what happened to Mason is not our fault. Besides, it’s
not like we’re able to do anything for him.“Mrs. Laird, I really don’t understand what you are trying to
say, but no matter what it is you would like to convey, I don’t have the solutions you’re looking for, so
please leave.”“You can’t help me, but your granddaughter can. She’s good friends with Dr. Gullifer. He
will definitely help Mason if she asks him to.”Constance looked at her in anticipation, hoping Sophie
would crack under the pressure of Josiah’s presence.The old man finally understood why Constance
came to visit.“Grandpa, you should get some rest already.” Sophie finally broke the silence. “You’ve
heard enough nonsense.”“All right.” Josiah played along readily. Constance had always been rude to
Sophie, and Josiah took it to heart, so it was obvious to the old man that Sophie would not grant
Constance the favor. She must really think we owe her.“I’m sorry, Mrs. Laird. As you can see, I’m not
feeling very good myself. I really need to be well-rested for the surgery tomorrow. Please make a move
if you have nothing else to say.”“Hey—” Constance finally lost it. “Do you not understand what I said?
The Tanners used to suck up to us to get all kinds of benefits. Don’t tell me you’re turning your back on
us now that things are not looking good for us. You should know better.” Constance lashed out at
Josiah without holding back, forgetting that she was there to plead her case.Josiah smirked at her
remarks.“You know what, I don’t care what went on between you and Yale. I couldn’t care less. As for
you, I hope you know your place. You’re not the boss here, so stop acting like one.” Josiah decided it
was time he toughened up against the woman.“What did you just say?” Constance shook in fury when
Josiah showed her his true color, but she still tried to compose herself.I would’ve let you have a taste of
your own medicine if I weren’t here to ask for a favor.“Old Mr. Tanner, you were around since Mason&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;was still a child. Don’t tell me you feel nothing for him now that he is in this state. Do you really want to
see him ruined?” Constance questioned.“As for Sophie…” Constance stopped and softened her tone. “I
was wrong for trying to split you and Mason up. I promise I will not stand in the way anymore if he
recovers.” This was the first time Constance swallowed her pride in front of Sophie.Tristan was
angered when he heard her proposal.What is she even thinking? Sophie and Mason? Over my dead
body! He’s already out of the game a long, long time ago.“Mrs. Laird,” Sophie snapped. “Do you really
think I like Mason all this while?”Constance suddenly felt the tables were not turning for good.“Sophie, I
mean it when I say I’m sorry. Please, help me. Even if you no longer feel anything for him, you should
still help him for old time’s sake.”“Are you serious?” Sophie scoffed in disbelief. “I never once liked
him.”Sophie really did not admire him. It was true that she once thought Mason was a nice guy, but that
perception was shattered when Mason betrayed her.“He’s not even worthy to be called my friend.”
Sophie was not planning on being cruel, but Constance had really exasperated her, and she did not
want to waste any more time on the matter.“Sophie Tanner! How dare you!” That was the last straw for
Constance.“Mrs. Laird, you might think your son is a good man, but to me, he’s just a spineless boy
who can’t even stand up against his own mother. He would be nothing but a useless piece of sh*t if he
were not born in the Laird family.” Sophie did not sugarcoat anything.“Also, You’re right in saying that
Arius is my good friend. Indeed. He will help Mason if I ask him to, but why should I? Do you think I’m
the kind of person who returns good for evil?”Constance thought Sophie would budge if she
apologized, but she got it all wrong. She was taken aback that Sophie had the heart to refuse her
outright.“Sophie Tanner, how could you? You’re so petty!”“A loose tongue causes trouble. Have you
heard of that?” Tristan finally spoke. “Grandpa, I brought two bodyguards with me actually. Let me
know if you need their help. I knew there would be pesty people here today.”“Well, I don’t mind using
their help.” Josiah was glad to hear the suggestion. He had already had enough of a nuisance for the
day and he needed some quiet.“You will not do that! You can’t do this—”“Madam.” Before Constance
could retort further, two men came toward her and gestured at her to leave.She glared at the men and
dared not move an inch.Seeing Sophie had no intention of interceding, Constance yelled at her.“Sophie
Tanner! You can’t do this to me. You can’t do this to Mason!” The woman was distressed. She was&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;unwilling to give up since she had done so much to find a cure for Mason, but the guards were equally
adamant.Each of them grabbed one side of her shoulder and dragged her outside of the ward.Tristan
followed after them to the door. “I don’t want anyone else to disturb us for the rest of the day. If anyone
insists on coming in, make sure they learn a good lesson. I will take responsibility for any damages
incurred.”“Yes, Mr. Tristan!”When Constance heard his warning, she was so frightened she held her
breath.“By the way, Mrs. Laird, I forgot to tell you that Sophie’s my girlfriend, so don’t even dream about
shipping her with your crippled son.”“You bast—” Constance was incensed when she heard the insult,
but when she saw Tristan’s deterrent eyes, she sewed her lips immediately.“You’d better not entertain
any silly ideas in that head of yours. Who knows I might make Mason Laird vanish out of thin air?” he
warned, glowering at her. “I doubt you’ll be able to have another child given your age.”Constance felt
she was engulfed by fear.Another child? Y-yes. I’m too old to have another baby.Constance did not
doubt what Tristan said. She knew full well that he was completely capable of getting rid of Mason if he
wanted to.“P-please, Mr. Tristan. I beg you. You have to save Mason. I promise you I’ll never see
Sophie again if you help me!” Constance begged with her dear life.&#lt;/p&#gt;
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