Novel Name : Anything For Her

Anything For Her Chapter 164

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&#lt;p&#gt;Chapter 164 Take Him Away
&#lt;p&#gt;“Stop being delusional. I was bored and came to visit you. I’m not here to comfort you!” Arius scratched
his head shyly.Without warning, a commotion sounded outside. Sophie furrowed her brows. Josiah was
asleep, so she couldn’t help but wonder who had created a ruckus outside.“Let me find out who it is,”
Tristan offered.I’ve stationed my bodyguards outside. I can’t believe someone dares to cause a
commotion! Tristan went out to see Yale insisting on entering the ward.“Who the hell are you? Who
hired you? My father is inside. Why can’t I go in? If you refuse to let me enter, I shall call the police!”
Yale snarled.He had no idea who the bodyguards were. They might seem menacing, but he had to
enter the ward for the sake of Tanner Group.“You’re not welcomed here. Please leave right away.”
Tristan scowled when he saw Yale outside.Yale’s expression was twisted in fury.“It’s you again. You
plot to stay with Sophie so you can get Tanner Group for yourself, right?” he barked furiously.Tristan
never knew someone would accuse him of going after Tanner Group. Seriously? Do I even need to go
to this extent just to get Tanner Group?Arius and Sophie emerged from the ward and immediately
spotted Yale.“Do you need anything? If the answer is no, please leave. You’re not welcome here,”
Sophie snapped.Her father was obviously here with an ulterior motive.“Sophie? What do you want?
Why won’t you let me see your grandpa? You want to keep all the Tanner family’s assets for yourself,
right? My god, our family is unlucky enough to have someone like you!” he complained.Sophie was
speechless. Indeed, no one but Yale wanted Tanner Group, for it wasn’t even worth that much.“You
may leave now.” There was no need for Yale to come here if all he wanted was the company, for
Sophie didn’t want to waste time with him.“What do you mean by I may leave now? I demand an
answer! Why would I leave? I will allow Dad to go for surgery, but first, he has to decide the heir of
Tanner Group. If anything happens to Dad during the surgery—”“Shut up!” Sophie’s voice was so
vicious that she sounded like Hades in person. “Ever since Grandpa decided on the surgery, have you
ever said anything nice? Yale, you are nothing but a beast!”If Yale hadn’t gone overboard today, Sophie
would not have flown into a fit of rage.Each and every word he uttered proved he wanted nothing more
than Josiah to die on the operating table.Yale’s expression was grim after getting yelled at by his&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;daughter in public. However, he refused to leave.“I’m not cursing Dad. Someone is greedy enough to
help outsiders get our money. I have to put my guard up,” he argued and shot Tristan a pointed
look.Arius let out an angry snort. Never in his life had he seen someone like Sophie’s father. Is he even
her biological father? How could he be this ridiculous?“Do you know who he is? Your family’s wealth is
nothing to him. Stop humiliating yourself, Yale!”Yale remained stubborn. “I don’t know who he is, and I
don’t wish to know. All I want is to guard Dad’s wealth.”“Mr. Tristan, tell him to leave.” Sophie didn’t
think it was necessary for them to continue the conversation, for no one would share her father’s
sentiments.“Wait!” Yale refused to give up just yet. “Sophie, Tanner Group is mine. No one can get it
from me!” he announced.Tristan made a phone call. Soon, Felix arrived with a bunch of men.Yale
gaped in disbelief when he saw Felix.Tristan was a stranger to him, but he had met Felix once
previously. He couldn’t hide his shock when Felix showed up.“Mr. Northley? Why are you here?” he
blurted out.Felix shot him a look.“Mr. Tristan, the men are here.” Ignoring Yale, Felix strode over to
Tristan.“Mr. Tristan?” Comprehension dawned on Yale. So this young man who Dad calls “Tanny” is the
infamous Mr. Tristan?“Soph, is he really Mr. Tristan?” Yale still refused to believe his ears and
eyes.“Take him away. Release him only after Old Mr. Tanner recovers from his surgery,” Tristan
ordered.“Got it, Mr. Tristan,” Felix replied politely.Yale panicked at once.“Mr. Tristan, I was wrong. I
didn’t know it was you. I wouldn’t have said those words if I do. Please forgive me!” he pleaded.His legs
were trembling in fear.Everyone knew that Tristan was a formidable presence in Jipsdale that no one
should cross, for he was capable of deciding anyone’s fate.Alas, Felix’s man didn’t give him a chance
to even speak.“Mr. Tanner, please don’t make things difficult for us as you’re Ms. Tanner’s father.” If
they were to take action without sparing his reputation, Sophie would be affected as well.“Just take him
away,” Sophie ordered. She wouldn’t let anyone affect Josiah’s mood before his surgery.He should be
grateful that they were only locking him up elsewhere without harming him.“Soph, I’m your dad! How
could you do this to me? Where are they taking me? You can’t do this to me!” Yale yelled.His voice was
so loud that Sophie’s expression turned dark.“Grandpa is asleep. He said he didn’t want to see you. If
he wishes to see you after his surgery, I’ll bring you to him,” came Sophie’s icy reply.“Soph—”“Take him
away!” Sophie no longer wanted to hear his voice. Sometimes, she couldn’t help but wonder if Yale&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;was truly her father, for he was nothing but a coward.After Yale was taken away, the hallway was silent
once more.“Mr. Tristan, I’ll take my leave now,” Felix said.Tristan nodded, and Felix left with his
men.Arius let out a sigh.“Soph, I don’t think there’s anything in Jipsdale that’s worth your time. After the
surgery ends, follow me back to Anglandur!” he suggested.Tristan shot him a frosty look but said
nothing else.“Let’s talk about that after the surgery.” Sophie didn’t want to think about that for now.“Why
don’t you sleep in my room? The director renovated it previously, so it is much more comfortable than
being in the wards.” Arius didn’t want her to spend a night together with Tristan in the same room. Just
the mere thought of it made him upset. Why does she treat Tristan differently?“No, thanks. I’m doing
fine here.” Sophie rejected his offer.Tristan had the urge to kill Arius on the spot, but he quickly calmed
down after hearing Sophie’s reply.No matter how much Arius sacrificed, he wouldn’t mind as long as
Sophie’s heart belonged to him.Tristan put his arm around Sophie’s shoulder and led her into the ward.
He didn’t even bother talking to Arius and slammed the door in his face.&#lt;/p&#gt;
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