Novel Name : Anything For Her

Anything For Her Chapter 163

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&#lt;p&#gt;Chapter 163 A Hug“Who gave you the guts to threaten me? Why? If I refuse to fulfill your request, does
that mean you can appear in front of Sophie?”Tristan was a man of few words, but he couldn’t stop
himself from speaking more than usual as the matter concerned Sophie.“Remember. The Laird family
has no right to speak before me,” he concluded in a cold tone. Constance loved using her family’s
influence to force others into submission, so he was merely giving her a taste of her own medicine.The
thought of how she used to bully Sophie merely served to increase Tristan’s displeasure. They were
about to suffer from his wrath.“Mr. Tristan—”Before Constance could say anything, Tristan spun on his
heels impatiently and shut the door.The security guard grabbed her shoulders when she took a step
forward.“Don’t you know Mr. Tristan’s temper? If you insist on angering him, I shall break your arms,”
he warned.“Hey!” Constance was furious. “Who do you think you are? You’re just a dog guarding his
door. Do you think you’re that good?”“Ha! A guard dog is better than someone like you,” the bodyguard
mocked. As she was being rude, he gave her a push that sent her toppling.“The Lombard family can
afford to take someone’s life,” the bodyguard warned when Constance tried to enter the ward.There
were a few medical staff watching the debacle at the side. Constance was usually rude to them, so
none of them came to help her up.“Did you send her away?” Peace was finally restored in the ward, so
Josiah was pleased to see Tristan and Sophie together.“Yes. Old Mr. Tanner, you won’t mind what I did,
right?” Tristan asked. He did that so Josiah could have some peace before the surgery tomorrow.“Of
course not. I’m satisfied with your arrangements,” Josiah replied cheerfully. “You should head out on a
date. I need to take a nap.”Tristan is a good boy. He’s the perfect partner for Sophie.Sophie was
speechless. Why did he ask us to go on a date that calmly?“We shall leave now, Old Mr. Tanner.”
Tristan took Sophie’s hand and dragged her out of the ward.Sophie said nothing and allowed him to
take her out.“Mr. Tristan, where will we go on a date?” Sophie joked. She was obviously in a jovial
mood.“As long as I’m with you, it doesn’t matter where we go.” Sophie was joking, but Tristan was
serious. Everything that concerned Sophie was his top priority.As his gaze was too serious, Sophie
didn’t know how to respond.Right then, she noticed it was snowing outside.After she left for Horington,
she hadn’t seen any snow for five years.Tristan realized she was staring at the snow and led her&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;out.Outside the hospital, Sophie flashed a grin at the sight of the falling snow.It had been ages since
she last seen a snowy scene.Stretching her hand out, she watched as a snowflake landed on her palm
and melted.It was snowing heavily. A while later, her head and shoulders were full of
snowflakes.Tristan helped her put on the hood on her head.Looking up, Sophie met his adoring gaze
that threatened to drown her.“Is it cold?” Tristan asked.“Not really.” Sophie rubbed her hands. She had
the urge to build a snowman, but the snow wasn’t thick enough.“I’m cold,” Tristan told her. Before she
could react, he hugged her.Opening his coat, he pulled her into his embrace.That was the first time
someone had ever hugged Sophie. Her cheeks burned, and she couldn’t stop her heart from
racing.The snow kept falling, and the scenery was gorgeous, but Sophie was no longer enjoying the
scenery. She only had eyes for Tristan.“Let’s head in. My feet are freezing.” No matter how pretty the
snow was, one would freeze after standing in the cold for too long.“Mm.” They both turned to leave.
Sophie wanted to walk alone, but Tristan refused to let go of her hand. He gripped her hand tightly.“Mr.
Tristan, let me walk alone.”“The road is too slippery, and I’m afraid I’ll fall. Thanks for supporting me,”
Tristan lied through his teeth calmly.Sophie rolled her eyes in exasperation. Forget it. He can say
whatever he likes as he’s handsome. I shall stay quiet.They soon arrived at the ward that was heated.
Sophie could finally warm herself up.She stood in front of the window and enjoyed the gorgeous
scenery outside. The scene outside was very much to her liking.Tristan helped her to take off her down
jacket. He shook off the snow and hung it up.Josiah’s surgery was tomorrow, so Sophie was overcome
by uneasiness. She couldn’t help but grow annoyed by the feeling.However, she couldn’t disturb
Josiah, for he was most probably asleep then.“What’s wrong? You look worried. Is it about your
grandpa?” Tristan asked gently.She needs to calm down. Alas, she’s too involved to realize it. Old Mr.
Tanner matters a lot to her, so she can’t calm down now.“Yes.” If it was someone else were to ask this
question, Sophie wouldn’t have poured her thoughts out. Since it was Tristan who posed the question,
there was no need for her to hide her feelings. “I’m very worried about him.”Hearing that, Tristan took
her hand and brought her into his embrace.“It’s fine. I’ll be by your side, so we’ll keep him company
together,” he promised.He dared not tell her that the surgery would be a success, for that was out of his
control.No matter what the result would be, they would face it together. That was one thing he could&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;promise her.“Hm.” Sophie leaned onto his chest quietly and fiddled with the corner of his shirt.Right
then, someone knocked at the door. Tristan released Sophie and went over to answer the door.Arius
was standing outside. He let out an icy snort after seeing Tristan there.“Aren’t you busy, Mr. Tristan?
Why are you spending your days in the hospital? Do you want to be a doctor?” he mocked. Tristan was
feared by many, but he was an exception. He was annoyed that Tristan remained by Sophie’s
side.“That’s none of your business,” Tristan responded. His tone was harsh, but he still looked as
elegant as ever.“Sophie, he sucks. Don’t give him any chance, all right?” Arius didn’t bother hiding his
dislike for Tristan. “How are you doing? The surgery is going to commence tomorrow.”He came to see
her hoping to stop her from thinking too much.“I’ll be operating on him, so you don’t have to worry. He’ll
be fine,” Arius assured her. He was actually afraid that something would crop up, but Josiah would be
in grave danger if no one were to operate on him.“Mm. You should get some rest and do well in the
surgery tomorrow. I’m fine.” It seemed ridiculous that the primary attending surgeon was there to offer
her some comforting words.&#lt;/p&#gt;
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