Novel Name : Anything For Her

Anything For Her Chapter 161

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&#lt;p&#gt;When Sophie heard that, she took the chart from Arius and scanned through it, and her face fell.“Is it
because of Mom and Willow?” Sophie figured those two were the only ones who could upset
Josiah.“Who else could it be? They really went overboard. Do you know what they told Old Mr.
Tanner?” Morgan answered for Josiah. He could no longer keep it to himself after seeing how affected
Josiah was because of the two women.“Morgan,” Josiah interrupted. He did not want to burden Sophie
with what happened.“Grandpa, I know exactly why they came. Morgan doesn’t have to tell me
anything.” Sophie could read Charmaine and Willow like open books. The shares she had was the
thing they were after.“Don’t worry, Grandpa. I made you a promise and I will see to it that it happens.
As for Willow and Mom, you don’t have to worry about them. They can’t do anything to me.”It pained
Arius to see Sophie having to tank such a heavy burden on her own.“Soph, you should just go to
Anglandur with me. There’s nothing for you here.” Arius had an impulse to just take Sophie away with
him to a faraway place so he could shelter her from all the harm and threats she faced.When Josiah
heard Arius’ suggestion, he looked up at the young man and fell into deep thoughts.So he’s back
because he wants to bring Sophie to Anglandur?“Soph, you should just go if that’s what you want. You
don’t have to worry about me.” Deep in his heart, Josiah knew Sophie was no ordinary kid. She was
talented and she should chase after her dream.Sophie clenched her fists at his words.“Grandpa, this is
not up for consideration. I will be taking my university entrance exam here.” She wanted to spend more
time with Josiah because his days were numbered. As for her future, she still had a long way to
go.“Come over here,” Josiah said lovingly. He knew what was in her mind and he could not help but
feel sorry for the child.Sophie walked over and let the old man pat her on her head like an obedient
child.This side of her was new to Arius. She was the luminary in Horington, so it was difficult for Arius
to connect that image of her to what he saw at that moment.Over on the outside, Tristan had just
arrived at the door when Arius spoke about taking Sophie away. He did not mean to eavesdrop. It just
happened that he overheard the conversation. What is going on? So he’s here to take Sophie with
him?Tristan pulled his hand away from the door handle and went over to the staircase. He lighted a
cigarette and smoked on pensively.Who is Arius to her?Will she go to Anglandur with him?Back at the&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;ward, Sophie had received a call from Tristan earlier saying he would come to visit Josiah. Since she
had waited for some time, she decided to just go out to look for him, leaving Arius and Josiah in the
room on their own.“So, Ari, when are you taking Soph to Anglandur?” Josiah figured he should know
the details of the man’s plan.“Grandpa, I suppose you’ve heard of Dr. Smith? He met Sophie four years
ago at Anglandur and has since wanted her to be his mentee because he saw the potential in her. I
came back this time not just because I had to perform your surgery, but also because I want to take her
back with me.” Josiah saw the truth in what Arius said. The university entrance exam should not be just
an excuse for Sophie. She was so gifted she would ace the exam. In fact, Josiah believed she could
apply straight to any prestigious university in the world without even taking the exam.That thought
excited him.I knew she is different. She’s a bright girl.“See, Morgan. Isn’t Sophie amazing? She’s
different from everyone else. That’s why I like her so much.”Morgan was equally surprised to hear what
Arius said.Everyone had heard of the founder of the medical association, but none of them had actually
seen him in person before, so it went without saying that Josiah and Morgan were astonished when
they found out that a legendary figure like that man would want to keep Sophie under his wings.“Ms.
Sophie is a genius. I’m sure she will be a star in the future,” Morgan praised in admiration.The thought
of it put tears in Josiah’s eyes. All achievement comes with a price, and so will Sophie’s, but it’s okay.I
just want the best for her. It will be worth the sacrifice.“Ari, you don’t have to worry about me. I just want
Soph to get the best training.” She’s my granddaughter. She must be the best.Meanwhile, Sophie was
looking for Tristan when she saw him at the staircase, engulfed in a cloud of smoke.“What are you
doing here?” she asked gently, walking toward him. “Why don’t you just go in and see Grandpa?” Her
tone naturally softened when she saw Tristan.Hearing her voice, Tristan quickly snuffed out the
cigarette.“Don’t worry about me. I smoke sometimes too.”Despite what she said, Tristan still put out the
cigarette.“Smoking is not good for your health. I don’t want you to be a second-hand smoker. You
should get rid of that habit too.”All Tristan could think about was her.“I know,” she replied shortly.
Although she had said that she did not mind, she still felt touched when she knew Tristan was being
considerate of her. “Why didn’t you go in?”“Oh, well. I just wanted to take a smoke,” Tristan said
dismissively. He put his arm around her shoulder, pushing her toward the ward.“Hold on a second. You&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;reek of smoke. Grandpa wouldn’t like that.” When Tristan realized Sophie wanted Josiah to have a
good impression of him, he felt she actually cared about him, and he was heartened.They stood
outside for a while more until Sophie pushed the door open.“Tanny!” Josiah greeted him
enthusiastically when he saw Tristan. It was apparent that the old man was in a good mood.“Hi,
Grandpa. I came to see you right after I finished my work. I heard someone pissed you off
earlier?”“Nah. Don’t listen to Soph. I didn’t get angry. I’ve been feeling good this whole day.” The
possibility of Sophie having a bright future ahead of her lightens Josiah’s mood.“I’ll make a move first
then. I’ll see you in a bit, Grandpa.” After briefing Sophie on a few things, Arius left to attend to other
matters.After Arius went off, Tristan and Sophie sat down to talk to Josiah, but before they could even
talk much, a knock came from the door.Without waiting for anyone’s permission, the door was flung
open, and in came Constance with a mountain of gifts.The woman froze the moment she saw Tristan,
but she quickly collected herself. I’m here for Mason today. I have to focus on my goal.“Hi, Old Mr.
Tanner. I’m sorry it took me so long to pay you a visit. Mason’s not doing well, so I’ve been taking care
of him,” she said courteously. “Speaking of, I didn’t know Sophie knows Dr. Gullifer! She must be really
well-connected to have friends like him.”Josiah flashed her a polite smile as she walked in. He was not
a huge fan of Constance.What does she want?“Oh, you don’t have to come all the way here, actually.
You should just stay and take care of Mason.” Josiah was not even trying to conceal his dislike of the
woman.If it were usual times, Constance would have just left, but that time, she had to suck it up
because she needed a favor.“Come on, Old Mr. Tanner. The Lairds and the Tanners will soon be joint in
marriage. I should show my sincerity.”&#lt;/p&#gt;
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