Novel Name : Anything For Her

Anything For Her Chapter 165

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&#lt;p&#gt;Chapter 165 Extraordinary Talent“F*ck it!” Arius cursed under his breath. Tristan is savage! He’s
declaring war, huh? ”Tristan, do you seriously think I’m afraid of you? Let me tell you. I…”Hearing his
yells, Tristan opened the door and stared at him without a word.Arius rubbed his nose awkwardly and
pretended to glance at someone else in the corridor before leaving silently.Fine. I’m not as strong as
Tristan. I didn’t forget how Tristan beat me up back then. Why am I this unlucky to run into someone as
savage as Tristan? I, Arius Gullifer, am the most capable doctor in the medical association!Huh, what is
it with my ass luck?After he left, Tristan shut the door and turned to see Sophie staring at him
wordlessly.He shrugged. “I didn’t say anything. He was too noisy.”“Mm, you’re right. He’s quite
talkative,” Sophie admitted.“Do you like men who are talkative?” Tristan asked suddenly. If she nods, I’ll
have to figure out a way to make Arius disappear.However, Sophie shook her head. “No.”Tristan was
satisfied with her response.The surgery was going to be held at nine in the morning. After snowing the
whole night, the sky was clear. Sophie woke up really early morning to chat with Josiah.She didn’t talk
much, for Josiah did most of the talking. However, she wanted to spend more time with him.Suddenly,
Josiah fell silent.Sophie glanced at him curiously. The surgery is about to begin soon. Is he
worried?“Soph, come here!” Josiah said solemnly. Sophie had never seen him that serious before.She
went to him obediently and took his hand.“Grandpa, you’ll be fine,” Sophie said firmly. She had to be
strong. “I’ll keep you company during the surgery,” she promised.Arius was there, so she had the
privilege to do so.Josiah told her, “Soph, don’t go in later. I don’t want you to take part in the
surgery.”Arius said she was talented. If she were to participate in his surgery but failed to succeed, it
might affect her future. He didn’t want that to happen.”“Grandpa!” Sophie shot him a disapproving look.
“I promised to stay with you!”No matter what, I’ll keep him company throughout the surgery.Josiah let
out a sigh.“Soph, don’t you know you’ll get hurt easily with your personality? I’m delighted to learn that
you’re talented in medicine, but I want you to be happy, all right?”“I know. Don’t worry, for I’ll be happy,”
Sophie promised despite not knowing what happiness was.If that was what Josiah wanted, she would
fulfill his wish.“I know you’re capable, and you’ve done everything you promised me you would. On the
other hand, I promised to protect you when you were young but ended up breaking my promise.” He&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;wasn’t there when Sophie needed him the most, and he would never forget that.Seeing how worried he
was, Sophie reached out to stroke his furrowed brows.“Grandpa, you didn’t break your promise. The
incident that happened five years ago wasn’t that bad. If it hadn’t happened, I wouldn’t be who I am
today. I’m quite satisfied with myself. Stop blaming yourself, all right?”She knew Josiah had been
blaming himself for his absence for not being there for her, so she wanted him to know that she was
doing great.“Soph. Oh, my dear Soph. You’re so kind,” Josiah lamented. She never wanted anything,
but the others in the family don’t understand her at all. Soph never wanted the Tanner family’s
wealth!“Don’t say that, Grandpa,” Sophie implored. She didn’t want to see him acting as though he
wouldn’t survive the surgery.Josiah squeezed her hand.“I’m really useless, huh?” he remarked softly.
Despite being in his old age, he was still a coward.No one in the Tanner family was Sophie’s
match.Sophie shook her head.“Grandpa, everyone is afraid of dying.” She had been on the verge of
death previously and could understand his feelings.Her eyes seemed as though they could see through
his heart, so Josiah promptly looked away.“Promise me. If I can’t survive the surgery, take care of the
Tanner family.”He knew she was capable enough and wasn’t interested in the family, but he had
worked hard to build Tanner Group.Thus, he didn’t want to see Tanner Group go downhill.“Grandpa,
that won’t happen. It’s almost time and Arius should be ready.” Sophie changed the topic.Everything
was ready, so all Josiah had to do was play along.To her surprise, he refused to leave his bed.“Promise
me. I don’t want to die with any regrets,” he insisted. Yale was his only son, so there was no way he
could ignore his son’s plight.“Okay. I promise you,” came Sophie’s answer.She would do her best to
fulfill Josiah’s requests no matter how hard things would be. Besides, this request was pretty easy to
complete.“Mm. Your dad caused a ruckus yesterday, right? Tell Tanny to release him.” Josiah wanted
Yale to stay by his side at that moment.“Sure.” Sophie agreed right away.When Josiah was pushed out
of the ward, Yale and Charmaine were already waiting outside the operating room. Willow was also
there.For the first time in his life, Yale felt a wave of agony wash over him. He strode over to take
Josiah’s hand.“Dad, you must survive this,” he said.He didn’t even feel the pinch previously and only
changed his mind after seeing his father being pushed to the operating room.Yale belatedly realized
that his seemingly invincible father was really getting old.Josiah gazed at his son.“Yale, you’re my only&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;son. I used to have high hopes on you, but you’re too ordinary. When I’m no longer here, let Soph run
Tanner Group. You should just take your dividends instead of creating a ruckus,” he said
solemnly.“Dad, what are you talking about?” Yale’s voice was trembling.“Your daughters are all grown
up. Why are you crying? Stop it. Don’t embarrass me,” Josiah chided.“Dad, you’ll be fine,” was the only
thing Yale could say.Josiah was pushed into the operating room. As Sophie was nowhere to be seen,
Willow told Charmaine, “Mom, Sophie didn’t even show up for Grandpa’s surgery. She doesn’t even
care about Grandpa! Grandpa adored her so much. What an ingrate.”&#lt;/p&#gt;
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