Novel Name : Anything For Her

Anything For Her Chapter 169

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&#lt;p&#gt;Chapter 169 Irresistible
&#lt;p&#gt;“In that case, I’ll go back and shower. Call me if there are any problems.” She, too, wanted to shower at
home. Regardless of how luxurious the VIP ward was, she didn’t like bathing there.“All right, go on
ahead,” Morgan replied respectfully.After Tristan returned to Wisteria Apartments with Sophie, he, too,
took a bath when Sophie went to take a shower.Despite spending the last few days in the hospital, he
only managed a single quick bath. After all, the conditions at the hospital were considered terrible for
someone like him.When he was done showering, he heated up a glass of milk for Sophie and
estimated the time she needed before knocking on her door.Upon hearing the knock, Sophie opened
the door, wrapped only in a towel with her hair still dripping wet.The wet look and perky bosoms that
greeted him felt like a siren song calling out to him.Tristan, unable to help himself, gulped before feeling
embarrassed by his own reaction.“Have a glass of milk before you sleep. We’ll be going to the hospital
again tomorrow.”When Sophie received the glass from him, she brushed against his warm fingers,
causing her to flinch in reflex.Under such circumstances, it was all too easy for both of them to feel
awkward.“After a grueling few days, you can finally get some proper rest.” Sophie’s gentle voice
continued to claw at his heart.Tristan nodded. “Mmm-hmm. I’ll be next door. Call me if you need
anything.”With that, he came out of her room reluctantly.Sophie’s gaze trailed his silhouette until he
returned to his room before drinking the warm milk he had prepared.After lying in bed, Sophie slept
especially well, probably due to the effects of the milk.By the time she awoke, it was already three in
the morning.Hunger was what had woken her up. With her stomach growling, she couldn’t help but feel
annoyed.In the end, she decided to get out of bed. The moment she opened the door, Tristan heard
her movements, causing him to come out too.“What is it? Where are you going in the middle of the
night?” he asked anxiously, worried that something might have happened to Josiah.Sophie’s heart was
warmed by the concerned look on his face.“It’s nothing. I’m just feeling hungry, as I had barely eaten
during the day.”However, she wasn’t sure if there were still any food delivery services available at
night.“I plan to order some food. Do you want anything?”I don’t remember him having eaten much too.
Given that he’s one point eight meters tall, shouldn’t he be hungrier than I am?“Oh, in that case, let’s&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;have supper together.”After going downstairs and taking their seats in the living room, Sophie opened a
food delivery app.Despite browsing through it for a long time, she couldn’t come to a decision.“Come
on. Let’s eat out instead.”Sophie looked in his direction.“Who goes out for supper at this ungodly
hour?” Isn’t it too late for that?“You and me!” Why not? As long as we fancy it, who’s to say that we
can’t?Sophie nodded.“You’re right.”“Wait for me. I’ll go get changed.” Regardless of how brazen she
was, there was no way she was going out in her pajamas.As Tristan waited in the living room for her, a
smile broke out on his face.Who knew that this is all it takes to be happy? Even though he was just
waiting for her to go out for supper, a sense of bliss had descended upon him.As long as they were
together, he would be easily contented regardless of what they did.Meanwhile, Sophie had put on a red
hoodie topped by a black down jacket.Due to how cold Jipsdale was, she didn’t tie her hair.Given how
juvenile she looked, Tristan felt guilty being together with her.He couldn’t help but question himself on
whether he was too old for her.“What’s wrong?” From the moment we entered the elevator, he hadn’t
peeled his eyes away from me.“Nothing, you just look very good in your outfit.”Sophie was rendered
speechless.How should I respond to that?“I think I look good all the time.”Not expecting such an
answer, Tristan was stunned.“I’m just kidding.” Sophie couldn’t resist laughing.It’s been a long time
since I’ve felt so at ease, and this feels wonderful!Tristan brought Sophie to a high-end barbecue
restaurant.Unlike those by the street, it had a wonderful ambiance and looked like a place Tristan
would frequent.Nonetheless, they didn’t expect to run into Felix and the others.At the sight of Tristan,
Ysabelle ran up to them.“Soph, how is Old Mr. Tanner? I want to visit him too.” Over the last few days,
her dad had grounded her at home. If it weren’t for Felix, she wouldn’t even have the opportunity to
come out.“He’s fine. What about you? Are you still grounded by your dad?”Ysabelle sighed at the
topic.How did I end up having him as my father? Being grounded sucks!“Let’s not go there, as I get a
headache just thinking of it. My dad is just too bullheaded. No one can change his mind.”“Mr. Tristan,
you should stay by Sophie’s side for the next few days. I’ll hold the fort for you at the office. In return,
this meal is on you,” Felix grumbled the moment he saw Tristan.“Fine, I’m buying. I’ll make sure you go
home drunk, or my name isn’t Tristan.”Felix was stumped. I was just making a casual remark. Getting
drunk is such a horrible feeling to have.“Mr. Tristan, I’m sorry. You win. Please let me off the&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;hook!”When Charles and Sean saw Felix’s cowardly reaction, they burst into laughter.“Mr. Tristan,
Sean and I will be taking our leave as we’re done. As for Felix, go ahead and torture him,” Charles
suggested with a grin.Felix was upset.“F*ck, after I invited you out for supper, is that how you repay
me? Charles, you had better not cross the line.” Felix rolled up his sleeves as if he was going to get
into a fight with them.Ignoring him, Sean gave Charles a tug before leaving, with Felix brandishing his
fists in the air behind them.“All of you should stop bullying Felix. Don’t you think he’s really pitiful?”Upon
hearing the remark, Felix snuck a glance at Ysabelle, for that was the first time she had ever stood up
for him.Even Tristan shot her a look.“Felix, you should send her home already. Given how strict her dad
has lately been, she might be grounded for life if she doesn’t get home soon.” Tristan knew his
brother’s character like the back of his hand.Upon hearing his comment, Ysabelle, who had wanted to
linger a little longer, felt her enthusiasm fizzle out and resigned herself to reality.“Soph, once Old Mr.
Tanner recovers, I’ll visit him again. As of now, I won’t bother him yet.”Sophie nodded in
acknowledgment.“Mm-hmm. Go on now.” Poor girl.After being reluctantly led away by Felix, Ysabelle
would turn around with a pitiful look on her face every few steps she took.&#lt;/p&#gt;
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