Novel Name : Anything For Her

Anything For Her Chapter 170

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&#lt;p&#gt;Chapter 170 I Like You This WayWhen she saw Ysabelle’s miserable expression, Sophie couldn’t help
but ask, “Mr. Tristan, as Ysabelle’s uncle, can’t you put in a good word for her?”There’s nothing wrong
with joining the entertainment industry as long as that’s where her passion lies. Considering the
Lombard family’s position in Jipsdale, no one in the industry would dare take advantage of her in the
event she does.“Mm-hmm, I’ll talk to my brother about it in a few days.” As he was occupied with
Josiah’s matter, he had no time to spare for Ysabelle’s affairs.Nonetheless, since Sophie had made a
request, he would definitely get to it.After leading Sophie to a private room, both of them sat and waited
after ordering.The moment Sophie went online, Butterfly’s messages came in.Butterfly: Phantom,
you’re finally here. Have you been busy? Why haven’t you come online recently?Phantom: I’ve been
busy taking care of things at home. Did something happen? How are things at Wings of Light?
Butterfly: What’s wrong? Do you need our help? If you do, just press 1.Sophie couldn’t help but smile at
Butterfly’s joke.Phantom: I’m fine. My grandpa has just gone for an operation. There’s nothing you can
do even if you’re here.Butterfly: I see. In that case, I’ll visit him tomorrow. Just give me the
address.Phantom: That’s not necessary. He’s still recovering and needs a lot of rest.Butterfly: All right
then. I’ll visit him when he’s better, as I’ve been planning to see him for some time. Please keep me
updated.Phantom: Is everything all right with Wings of Light?Butterfly: It’s fine. Their influence has
been expanding under my leadership, so there’s nothing for you to worry about.Phantom: Okay, I’m
logging off now. You should rest early too.I know Butterfly is a night owl, but why isn’t she sleeping yet?
It’s almost dawn now.Butterfly: I can’t sleep as I just broke up. From the look of things, I’m really not
suited to be in a relationship.Sophie was at a loss for words.She goes through a breakup once a
month. I really have no idea what to say.Butterfly: Ah, I just keep meeting lousy men. It’s not my
problem, but the men I keep seeing are terrible.Phantom: I have to go, as I’m about to eat.Tristan’s
gaze was fixed on her as she was chatting with Butterfly from the moment she sat down.After logging
out of her phone, Sophie put it aside.“Who was it?” How can there be someone who has a greater hold
on her than me? To the extent that she just can’t put down her phone?“A friend.” As Tristan still didn’t
know that she was Phantom, it wasn’t the right time to tell him about Butterfly yet.“Fine.” Sensing her&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;reluctance, Tristan didn’t press on.When the food was served, Sophie grabbed a skewer of grilled meat
and took a bite.Even though it was delicious, she didn’t feel that it tasted much better than one from a
street stall.Since spices were the most important ingredient in a barbecue, she enjoyed the particular
restaurant’s spice rub.Sophie, who noticed Tristan wasn’t eating, handed a skewer to him.“Aren’t you
hungry too? Dig in!”Instead of receiving it, Tristan grabbed her hand and took a bite from her
skewer.Sophie was rendered speechless.Does he want me to feed him? She let out a sigh.This is such
a pain. Must I also feed him during meals whenever we’re together?Even though she was famished a
while ago, she became full after just a few skewers. In spite of that, Tristan ordered a serving of
mashed potatoes for her.After taking a few mouthfuls, she could no longer move a muscle.As for
Tristan, he finished her leftover mashed potatoes instead of the untouched barbecue skewers.After
both of them exited the restaurant and got into the car, they saw Willow and Clayton appear in front of
it.When Sophie was certain the lady beside Clayton was Willow, she couldn’t resist snorting in
laughter.Isn’t she in love with Mason? What changed? Does she not fancy him anymore after what
happened to his leg? That aside, why is Clayton with her?The fact that Clayton was behind the
assassination attempts on Tristan wasn’t lost upon her.At the same time, Tristan’s expression
darkened.There’s no reason for Clayton and Willow to be in the same social setting. Now that he has
her by his side, what is he planning? Who is he targeting?Tristan didn’t forget the incident outside
Blossom Garden, where Clayton discovered how special Sophie was to him.Therefore, he suspected
that Sophie was the reason why Clayton had Willow by his side.As Sophie watched Willow, the latter, in
turn, saw her and noticed the way Sophie was looking at her. As a result, Willow cracked a smug
smile.Is Sophie already jealous when I haven’t even done anything? All I’m doing is show up by
Clayton’s side. In that case, wouldn’t she rage in jealous envy if Clayton and I really got together?
Taking her attention off Willow, Sophie wound up the window to screen the latter out from her mind.I
don’t care what happens to Willow, but now that I control the Tanner family, there’s no way I’m going to
let her harm the family’s interest.It went without saying that Clayton, too, saw Tristan and Sophie.
Consistent with what everyone’s thoughts were, Sophie was the reason why he had Willow by his
side.Given how important Sophie was to Tristan, hurting the former was the equivalent of doing the&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;same to the latter.After all, his only goal in life is to crush Tristan like an insect.“Clayton, it’s getting late.
Let’s…” Willow offered herself to him. Since he kept her by his side, she was certain of his desire for
her.After all, it wouldn’t make sense for a man to do that and not lust after the lady, especially one that
was of the nubile age of nineteen.For someone like Clayton, it would be impossible for him to
resist.When Clayton checked the time, he realized that it really was getting late.In truth, even though
Willow’s beauty was undeniable, Sophie’s presence made her look ordinary, smoldering any lust that
he initially harbored for the former.“It’s getting late. Your parents must be worried. I’ll get the driver to
send you home.”“Clayton, I don’t feel like going home. Where are you going? Let me come with you.
My parents are busy these few days, so they don’t have time to bother about me.”Since the opportunity
for her to stay by his side didn’t come by easily, she was reluctant to leave just like that.“Clayton, I
—”Willow swallowed her words.She was willing to sacrifice anything as long as she could stay by
Clayton’s side, even if it meant giving herself to him.Suddenly, Clayton grabbed her chin.“I heard that
you and your sister fancied Mr. Mason, and now, you’ve already changed your mind? How long has it
just been since he was hospitalized? Willow, are your feelings for me really sincere? How are you
going to prove it?”Despite the pain from his brutish grip, Willow had no choice but to maintain her
longing stare at him.“Clayton, before I met you, I always assumed that I liked Mason’s type. But after
getting to know you, I realized I’m actually attracted to ambitious men like you. As for Mason, he’s
nothing but a mommy’s boy.”&#lt;/p&#gt;
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