Novel Name : Anything For Her

Anything For Her Chapter 173

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&#lt;p&#gt;Chapter 173 Tristan Has Not Tasted The Holy Grail
&#lt;p&#gt;“Tell Tanny that if he’s bogged down by work, he doesn’t have to come, as I’m almost fully
recovered.” There’s no need for him to be at two places at the same time.“I will. You should focus on
resting and not worry about such matters.” No sooner had Sophie finished than the door opened with
Morgan and Tristan walking in.One could tell from the tailor-made suit he was wearing that he had
come from the office.Tristan looked so dashing in his outfit that it was hard for anyone to peel their eyes
away.“Mr. Tristan, please have a seat. I’ll take care of these.” Morgan took over the dinner that Tristan
had brought with him.“Why did you come? Aren’t you supposed to be busy?”“I have to be here
regardless of how busy I am. Besides, it’s not anything that’s particularly important. So, Old Mr. Tanner,
how do you feel today?” Tristan asked with concern.“Tanny, I’m almost fully recovered and will be
discharged in a few days. There’s no need to trouble yourself traveling back and forth.” Both of them
were exhausted, fussing over Josiah’s affairs. “You too, Soph. It’s about time you go back to school.
Your exams kick off on Monday.”At the end of the day, she was still a student who should be prioritizing
her studies.Furthermore, the one-month deadline was almost upon her. Can I really take on the role of
acting CEO of Tanner Group? Those were the issues that were constantly on her mind.“Mm-hmm. I
know. I’ll be punctual for my exams on Monday.” No matter what, she resolved to participate in the
physics competition that was going to be held after the holidays.“My point is for you to go to school
tomorrow. Even though you have a good grasp of your lessons, the revisions for the term exam are still
very important. As my granddaughter, you always have to take everything you do seriously. Do you
understand?”To him, the result was secondary. What mattered was that she would always do her
best.Sophie fell silent.“What’s wrong? Aren’t you going to listen to me? Have dinner with me now, and
get Tanny to send you back home to rest so that you can attend school tomorrow.”“All right. In that
case, promise me that you’ll obey whatever Arius says in the hospital.”Sophie’s mind was put at ease
after placing him under Arius’ care. Coincidentally, he had yet to return to Anglandur.“Fine. I
promise.”Once they were done with dinner, Tristan drove Sophie back to Wisteria Apartments.“Rest
early.” Tristan had to leave as he had other engagements.“Mr. Tristan, about Clayton, do you need me&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;—”“It’s fine. I can handle him.” Tristan reassured her, “Everything is under control.”Clayton is no more
than an insect who doesn’t even deserve my attention.“Anyway, I’m heading back out.”“Mm-hmm. Go
ahead.” When Sophie walked to the door to see him out, she gave him a curious look when he
hesitated to leave.What is he waiting for?“Mr. Tristan, is there anything else?”Reaching out his hand,
Tristan pulled her into his arms before giving her a kiss on her forehead.“What am I to do? At the sight
of you, I no longer want to leave. Instead, I feel the urge to stay by your side.”Sophie was rendered
speechless.How is this my fault? I didn’t even do anything!“Mr. Tristan!” Sophie gently pushed him
away before staggering back. “Go!”“In that case, just give me a kiss. Once you kiss me, I’ll be
motivated to leave.” Tristan decided to adopt a different approach.Nonetheless, the sudden change in
his demeanor gave Sophie a shock.“Mr. Tristan!” Even though she had developed feelings for him, it
was still not in her character to wear her heart on her sleeve.Tristan sighed in resignation.“It’s all right.
I’ll wait for the day when you’ll take the initiative.” Tristan planted the gentlest of pecks on her lips
before leaving quickly.If he didn’t leave soon, he was worried that he would be overwhelmed by his
growing desire to stay.By the time Tristan arrived at Blossom Garden, the other three were already
waiting. Felix quickly pulled out a bench to welcome him.“Didn’t we agree to meet in twenty minutes?
What took you so long? Were you doing something unspeakable with Sophie?”“Felix, what are you
thinking? If both of them were really doing it, it would be impossible for Mr. Tristan to get here in twenty
minutes. At the very least, he would need two hours. My guess is that Mr. Tristan hasn’t yet tasted the
Holy Grail,” Charles teased.Without any hesitation, Sean nodded while adding, “That’s true. With Mr.
Tristan’s stamina, two hours would be the minimum.”Felix, too, nodded in agreement.“Mr. Tristan, I’m
sorry to have underestimated your capabilities. Given how enamored you are with Sophie, I’m sure
Sophie will not be able to escape your clutches for three days and nights during your first escapade
together.Felix had barely finished when the other three burst into laughter.“The three of you look like
you’re enjoying yourselves. Now that my enemy is at my gates, all of you don’t seem to be bothered, is
that it?” Despite Tristan’s calm tone, it was enough to send a chill down everyone’s spine.“Mr. Tristan,
Clayton is desperate to make his presence felt. Since he has a death wish, why don’t you help him
along his journey?”Despite the Zales family’s influence, they were still insignificant insects compared to&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;them.Sean nodded.“Exactly! The Zales family is no match for us at all.” Even though Clayton might
prove troublesome, he didn’t pose a threat to their combined strength.“Mm-hmm. Since he wants to
play, let’s oblige him. Besides, my hand is itching to get back into the game after so long.” A devious
look descended upon Charles’ face.Since he had his dinner with Sophie, all Tristan did was pour
himself a glass of wine.“Mr. Tristan, when you busied yourself with Old Mr. Tanner’s affairs over the last
few days. I must say that I have never seen you care so much about anyone.” At that moment, Sean
felt that Tristan was serious.“Love makes people blind,” Felix joked.“Felix, look who’s talking? You had
better mind your own affairs. Despite watching Ysabelle grow up, you have yet to achieve any
success,” Charles ridiculed him mercilessly.Stumped, Felix felt disheartened over the comment.
Nonetheless, there was little he could do, as Charles had spoken the truth!Subsequently, the group
discussed the massive investment committed by Lombard Group.“This time, Clayton must be coveting
that same investment.” Despite his lackadaisical attitude toward his affairs with Ysabelle, Felix was
extremely competent at work.“He already has his eyes on it. Since he intends to come in, we should let
him do so. This time, I’ll make sure he throws up whatever he manages to chew off.” Clayton had
struck a nerve of his.“Mr. Tristan, you seemed to be particularly concerned this time.” This wasn’t the
first time Clayton targeted Lombard Group. It was just that Tristan wasn’t bothered by his previous
attempts.“He is now trying to get close to Willow, but she isn’t his true objective.”Just as expected, it’s
all about Sophie. Only she can elicit such a response from him.The next day, when Sophie came out of
Wisteria Apartments, she saw Clayton sending Willow to school.At the sight of Sophie, he stopped his
car on purpose.“Isn’t that your sister? Ask her to get in the car,” Clayton ordered Willow.&#lt;/p&#gt;
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