Novel Name : Anything For Her

Anything For Her Chapter 171

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&#lt;p&#gt;Chapter 171 Every Move Of Hers Is SensuousClayton couldn’t help but laugh at Willow’s words. Does
she really think I’m someone like Mason, whom she can manipulate with ease?“Clayton, why are you
looking at me like that? Don’t you believe me? Every word I say is true. I really like you a lot. In fact, I’m
willing to sacrifice everything for you.” Confident in her beauty, Willow was sure her pitiful look would be
able to melt any man’s heart.Instead, Clayton tightened his grip on her.“Is that so? Are you really sure
that you like me and truly understand what kind of person I am?”Clayton’s reaction wasn’t what she
had expected, causing her to feel at a loss.“Clayton, how can I prove myself to you?”“The man with
your sister. Do you know him? He’s someone that I detest.” Clayton released her chin and gently
stroked her beautiful face.“Do you mean Tanny? I hate his guts too. However, what are you expecting
me to do? He’s Sophie’s boyfriend, and I’m powerless against him.” When the image of Tristan
emerged in her mind, it was still enough to cause her heart to race.So what if that’s the case? She’s
still Sophie’s man and will never be mine. Furthermore, what’s the use of him being better looking than
Clayton? As long as I can become Clayton’s girl, my rise to success will be assured.“I’m not expecting
you to do anything. Do I look like someone like that? You know how much I treasure the woman I love.
It’s just that he’s an eyesore to me. Since you claim that your feelings for me are true, let’s see how you
prove it.” No sooner had Clayton spoken than he ordered the driver to send Willow home.Despite her
unwillingness to leave, Willow was cognizant that her refusal would only end up infuriating
him.“Clayton, remember to call me.” Willow then got into the car.Right after she did, Clayton took out a
wet napkin and methodically wiped his hands with it.Since daybreak was upon them, Sophie didn’t
return to Wisteria Apartments. Instead, Tristan went with her to the hospital.By the time they arrived,
Josiah was already awake, but he was still breathing through the ventilator and unable to speak.After
Sophie sat by his side for a while, she had to leave the room when the nurse came in to give Josiah’s
body a wipe.Nonetheless, Tristan remained inside. After taking the towel from the nurse’s hand, he
personally rubbed down Josiah and did so attentively.Meanwhile, Morgan was moved by Tristan’s
gesture.It’s rare for young men nowadays to be willing to do the dirty work. Most of the time, they are
just preoccupied with making money. Unlike them, Mr. Tristan is willing to go the extra mile for Ms.&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;Tanner in spite of his distinguished position in society. Therefore, he must truly be enamored with
her.Josiah, too, could feel how caring Tristan was. Even his own son wasn’t bothered to wipe his body
for him.Tristan is really sincere.“Old Mr. Tanner, don’t worry. Soph managed to catch a few hours of
sleep after going back.”Well aware of Josiah’s concern for Sophie, Tristan updated him on what they
did over the last few hours while wiping the former down.“Mr. Tristan, let me do it.” When Tristan was
about to pour off the water, Morgan stopped him at once.With no intention of insisting, Tristan rolled-
down his sleeves.“Ms. Sophie, you can go back in now, as Mr. Tristan is done cleaning Old Mr. Tanner.
He really is a good catch. For him to be willing to do something like that for you, he must really like you
a lot!” Morgan exclaimed.Stumped for a response, Sophie walked by him and entered.Inside, she saw
Tristan and Josiah getting along very well with each other. At the same time, sweat was beading off
Tristan’s forehead after wiping Josiah earlier.Taking out a few pieces of tissues, she instinctively wiped
his sweat away for him, and that was the first time she had ever done something like that.Since he was
taller than her by an entire head, she had to tiptoe just to reach him.Evidently, the height difference
between them was simply perfect.Watching how caring they were to each other, Josiah’s eyes
glistened in approval.This is such a perfect scene that I just wish I could freeze it for eternity.“That’s
enough.” Tristan grabbed her hand and helped her to the chair beside Josiah’s bed. “Ignore me. Just
stay with Old Mr. Tanner.”All of a sudden, Tristan’s phone rang.“I’ll take the call outside. Call me if you
need anything.”With that, Tristan exited the ward.Watching the door close behind him, Sophie noticed
the warmth he brought into her life every time he was by her side.“Soph,” Josiah called out to her,
causing her to turn back around.“Grandpa, what is it? Do you need anything?”“Oh, Soph. I really think
that Tristan is a wonderful man. Even though he is much older than you are, the age difference doesn’t
matter as long as he treats you well. The only thing I wish for is for you to be happy.” Having not said a
word for more than ten hours, Josiah sounded hoarse when he spoke.Sophie nodded in
response.“Grandpa, I know that. Don’t worry. I’ll definitely not let happiness slip through my hands.”
Even though she was young, she wasn’t blind to who was good to her.When it was past nine in the
morning, Willow arrived at the hospital. The moment Charmaine saw her, she pulled the former
aside.“What took you so long? Your grandpa has already woken up a long time ago.”“So what? I’m not&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;a doctor. What’s the use of me being here? Grandpa has never been bothered with me. In his eyes, the
only granddaughter he has is Sophie,” Willow grumbled in indignance, for Josiah’s bias had always
been a thorn in her heart.“Why are you complaining so loudly? Don’t you want any of the Tanner family
assets?” Charmaine pulled her aside.“Mom, I’m busting my butt trying to get Clayton to like me. As long
as I marry him, the Tanner family’s meager assets mean nothing to me.” Just the thought of the
prestige that came with being Clayton’s wife caused Willow to feel like she was on cloud nine.“Does Mr.
Zales really like you?” Charmaine, too, was delighted to hear the news.“Mm-hmm, I’ll definitely make
him fall for me,” Willow declared resolutely.As long as he falls head over heels for me, he will be eating
out of my hand.“Willa, make sure you give it your all. As long as you are accepted by the Zales family,
you will be a cut above the rest.” Charmaine’s only goal in life was to climb the social ladder.“Mom,
don’t worry. I’ll definitely not disappoint you.”“Let’s go and see your grandpa.” Charmaine then led
Willow to the ward. When they ran into Sophie, Willow snorted in response.What’s the use of you
having so many men by your side? As long as I’m able to reel Clayton in, all those men are nothing
compared to him.Fantasizing about the future put Willow in a buoyant mood, causing her to ram into
Sophie’s shoulder on purpose.Sophie’s brows knitted by reflex. “Are you blind?”Willow sneered as she
racked her brains for a response that would inflict misery upon Sophie.&#lt;/p&#gt;
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