Novel Name : Anything For Her

Anything For Her Chapter 176

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&#lt;p&#gt;Chapter 176 That Body And Face
&#lt;p&#gt;Willow’s eyes widened in disbelief.What are they trying to do?“Don’t go too far! We’re in school now.
Are you going to let your students pick on me like this, Mr. Hayes?” she reminded, turning to
Derrick.Yet, the teacher turned his head to the other side, pretending as though he hadn’t heard
anything. This girl is too much. She hasn’t stopped trying to hurt Sophie after all this while.Willow was
speechless.She didn’t think such a fair teacher like Derrick would ever treat her this way.“You guys…”
Willow hastily put on a teary face, acting as though she was the subject of everyone’s bullying.“Enough
with the act. We’re not Mason.”“Apologize to Sophie now. We still have class to attend!” Despite having
spent over four months with Sophie, her classmates had still fallen for Willow’s pathetic little act—until
realization finally dawned on them.Willow turned to Sophie.Then, she remained quiet as though the
whole situation had nothing to do with her, even though she was the one who caused it in the first
place.“Sophie, there has to be some sort of misunderstanding.”After remaining silent for a long while,
Willow finally spoke while clenching her fists.“Misunderstanding? What is there to misunderstand?
That’s not what you said when Ms. Calkins was still here.”“Exactly! Weren’t you being so obnoxious
just a while ago? How was all that a misunderstanding?”“You couldn’t even tell whether or not your
wrist was broken?”“But my hand still hurts till now! What if that doctor…” Willow still felt the pain on her
wrist, but as she saw the contemptuous looks on everyone’s faces, she found herself unable to justify
herself. “Sophie!”You must be thrilled to see me like this, huh?“You should all go now. Class is starting,”
Sophie declared, getting everyone to leave.Willow certainly hadn’t expected Sophie’s classmates to
back her up today.Wasn’t everyone supposed to hate her? Didn’t they look down on her because of her
past?“You should come too, Sophie. Finals are just around the corner. You’ve missed so many days of
class, so it’s best you catch up.”Derrick had high hopes for her.“I will.” The only teacher Sophie still
respected would have to be him.Now, only she and Willow were left.Sophie took one step closer toward
the latter.Willow immediately stepped back in caution. She didn’t know what Sophie could have done
that the doctor found nothing wrong with her wrist, but she was now terrified of her own sister.Sophie
merely sneered at how scared the other young woman looked.“What are you smiling about? What are&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;you trying to pull? What the hell did you do back there? Are you trying to get back at me now?” Willow
questioned, her voice trembling.She didn’t know what to do now.“If you’re that afraid of me, why do you
keep getting on my nerves? Do you care so little about yourself?”You know you can’t afford to mess
with me, but you keep doing it anyway. Doesn’t that show how little regard you have for your own well-
being?“You!”She dare talk to me like that?“I never gave you my time of day because I felt no need to.
Have you forgotten about the photo incident? How’s Angie doing now? I bet things aren’t going too well
for her.”Sophie was naturally aware of Angie’s current situation.At the mention of the latter, Willow’s
heart began to race.“What’s the point of saying all this, Sophie? Do you have any proof?”“Proof? Do I
look like I need any? I can make that hand of yours unable to draw for the rest of your life if I want
to.”Sophie’s smile widened as she saw all the color drain from Willow’s face.“So, get on with your life,
and don’t try to mess with people you can’t afford to.” With that, Sophie left imposingly.Willow gritted
her teeth in rage.“D*mmit!”She swung her leg at a nearby tree. However, the large tree remained
motionless while she bent over to clutch her foot in agony.Tears spilled down the sides of her eyes as
she boiled with resentment.Why? Why do I keep losing to her these days?Meanwhile, Sophie grew
bored after two revision classes. Given how she could remember all these things with one glance, there
was really no need for any revision. Thus, she put on her earphones as usual and sprawled on her
desk.A while later, the young woman felt a knock on her desk, and she looked up to see Bailey.This
was their first time meeting again after the events that had transpired.Bailey seemed to have grown
taller again, but this time, his eyes looked much bleaker.“Can I help you?”I clearly told him back then
that I’m not interested in him. What is he here for this time?“I heard your grandpa had an operation, but
I haven’t had the chance to visit him. Is he doing okay? And… Are you doing okay?” In truth, he just
wanted to know how she was doing. That was why he had come looking for her right after learning she
had returned to school.“I’m okay. Thanks for your concern.”“I’m really sorry for what happened that
time, Sophie. Can we still be friends? Just friends. I want to stay by your side,” Bailey continued. He
really wanted to be around her.Sophie fell into a brief silence.She wouldn’t have minded remaining in
contact with him if she didn’t know he liked her. But now that she knew about his feelings for her, there
was no way she could be friends with him.“I don’t need another friend, Bailey.”Bailey’s eyes had just lit&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;up with the slightest bit of hope a moment ago, but now, all of the light vanished as the young man
heard Sophie’s response.“Okay…”Sophie wasn’t sure if she was doing the right thing, but she didn’t
want to give him any false hope.“We’re not meant to be.”Since she wasn’t interested in him, it was
better for her to be honest, lest she end up leading him on and hurting him.“I know.”She wasn’t going to
give him a single chance.“Here.”Bailey took a pack of chewing gum out of his pocket. It was her
favorite flavor.He then left after handing it to her.The students of Senior Class 8 didn’t think Bailey
would come to see Sophie. He looked so humble standing in front of her like that. He must really like
her!“Hey, what’s so good about Sophie? Aren’t her body and face the only good things she has going
for her? But it’s not like she’s out of Bailey’s league! Why did he look so modest standing in front of
her?”“Well, like you said, she has that body and face. What kind of guy wouldn’t want that?”“You guys
aren’t exactly right either. Sophie’s more than that. She ranks second in our grade and is joining the
physics competition. That makes her on par with Bailey in terms of intelligence. Honestly, I think they’d
make a good couple!”Nothing was impossible.It didn’t take Whitlea long to find out who her son had
gone to see.The vice principal, Franky, approached her at once. “Sophie’s got too much of an influence
on Bailey, Mdm. Dixon. If this keeps up…”&#lt;/p&#gt;
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