Novel Name : Anything For Her

Anything For Her Chapter 178

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&#lt;p&#gt;Chapter 178 Scooting AwayThe few burly men stared at Sophie in horror.We’re now bruised and
battered, yet she wants to go again? Who exactly is she? She’s just too terrifying!“Shall we have
another go?” Sophie inquired once more. She had been too tired these days, so she was a tad drowsy
then. Yawning nonchalantly, she swept a gaze over the few men.“We’re sorry for intruding on you, Ms.
Tanner! Please have mercy on us!” Oh my God, she’s really frightening!They had a reputation in the
underworld, but when it came to her, they weren’t even enough for her to work up a sweat.“Why are
you still here, then? Scoot! Do you know how to do that?”“What?”This is too much! Is she really asking
us to scoot?Some were still hesitating when they saw that Scarface had already started scooting
away.“Scarface!” What? He’s actually doing as she said? ”Where are your principles? Is this really
appropriate?”Scarface glanced over his shoulder at the man.“You’ve got principles, yes? Then, you
stay there! Why are you butting into my business?”Hah! I know I can never defeat Ms. Tanner!He was
really scooting by dragging himself along the ground.After all, one had to be quick-witted and adapt to
the situation. Since Scarface wasn’t Sophie’s match, he decided to admit defeat. Besides, her blows
hurt like hell!“I—” The fierce-looking man who spoke promptly went silent.Okay, then. I used to feel that
I was pretty incredible in the past, but things are different now. The Dixon family isn’t the same
anymore either. Fine, I’ll scoot!Gratification finally flooded Sophie as she watched the few burly men
scooting away on the curb.Meanwhile, Bailey was wholly stunned at the side. He had never seen that
side of her.Yet, such a side of her rendered her all the more alluring.Turning back, Sophie instinctively
touched her face when she saw him looking at her so intently.Is there something on my face that he’s
staring at me fixedly?“Is there something on my face?” she asked when he was still staring after a long
time had passed. There should be nothing on my face, yes?“No, there’s nothing. I merely feel that
you’re seemingly shining brightly right now.” At long last, Bailey understood why so many people liked
her. Verily, she was too mesmerizing.Sophie went silent.She really didn’t know what to say in response
to that comment.The moment she turned around, she was greeted by the sight of Tristan.It was
uncertain how long he had been standing there. Without uttering a word, Sophie went over to him and
queried, “Why didn’t you tell me that you were coming over?”“I missed you, so I came over.”At once,&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;words eluded Sophie.When it came to the man, she still couldn’t be as calm and unruffled as she was
with others.Hence, she inexorably flushed bright red upon hearing that.“Mr. Tristan…” Gah! Can he not
say something like that? And why must he look so seductive in everything he does?“What’s wrong? I
just missed you.”“Okay, I got it.”Sophie’s face flamed.She whirled around and said to Bailey, “If there’s
nothing else, I’ll be leaving.”“Sophie.” Bailey wasn’t willing to admit defeat, but he noticed that the look
in her eyes when she gazed at Tristan was different.Sophie arched an eyebrow.“Is something else the
matter?”In the end, Bailey shook his head.“I won’t allow them to disrupt your life again.” No matter
what, this matter shall end here.“It doesn’t matter to me.”After saying that, Sophie left with
Tristan.Bailey stared at their backs. The man was tall and handsome, giving off a sense of intense
dependability. The girl, on the other hand, was cold in nature, but she exuded a sense of warmth before
the man.So, she… likes him? Nothing I say or do will make any difference.“Whitlea came to bother you
again.” It looks like she’s been too free recently. I can keep her occupied.“Yeah. You know the kind of
person she is. Once something doesn’t progress according to her plan, she’ll definitely make trouble.”
Frankly speaking, Sophie really didn’t have anything good to say about Whitlea.“Well, be careful about
Clayton these days. Whitlea isn’t much of a threat, but Clayton is truly irritating.”“Okay, I got it. You
don’t need to worry about me.”Sophie knew that Clayton wasn’t a good man, and she might be the
reason he was hooking up with Willow.Alas, Willow was exceedingly confident, so she wouldn’t believe
whatever Sophie said.The two of them went back to Wisteria Apartments together. Sophie went for a
bath while Tristan took out his laptop and settled Lombard Group’s business matters.When Sophie
came out after her bath, she saw the man answering his emails while reclining against the couch. He
was incredibly focused, so much so that she couldn’t take her eyes off him. He’s too perfect!“It’s very
late. Are you going home?” She really didn’t mean anything else when she said that. She was merely
asking an innocent question.From the look in his eyes, however, she knew that he had obviously
misunderstood her.“I didn’t mean anything else. Just carry on.”Forget it. He’s a man overflowing with
testosterone in the first place, so he’ll give others such an illusion even if he does nothing at all.Taking
her hand, Tristan pulled her into his arms.“What’s wrong? Is it very tricky?” It was the first time Sophie
had ever seen him toiling at something.“It’s still manageable.” But it’s just rather troublesome. Truth be&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;told, it wasn’t that easy to eliminate Clayton, as the foundations of the organizations in Jipsdale were
deep-rooted and their networks were intricate. In fact, it was extremely challenging.Seeing that he was
seemingly exhausted, Sophie reached out and gently massaged his temples.“This feels good!” Tristan
couldn’t help sighing. He lay down and rested his head on her long and slender legs, allowing her to
massage him.Closing his eyes, he luxuriated in her tenderness at that moment.Without realizing it, he
drifted off to sleep.As Sophie gazed at the man who had fallen asleep on her lap, a sense of
unprecedented peace suffused her. Such a feeling made her feel reluctant to lose it.She was aware
that it was very late then, so she should wake him up and have him go home. Then, she could also go
to bed.However, she couldn’t bring herself to do so at the sight of his peaceful expression. Instead, she
wanted to wallow in such warmth and never wake up.When Tristan woke up after sleeping for a little
over half an hour, he saw Sophie dozing with her back against the couch. Her hands were still resting
against his temples.At that particular moment, he could no longer hold back. He propped up his upper
body and captured the rosy lips he had been pining after.As soon as Sophie opened her eyes, she was
greeted by the man’s enthralling countenance. His kiss was addictive, so she reflexively responded to
him.Sensing her response, Tristan kissed her even more feverishly. Flipping over, he pinned her
beneath him and kissed her passionately.His kiss was so intense that Sophie couldn’t quite withstand
it. Despite that, she had no intention of stopping him and allowed him to kiss her as he pleased.&#lt;/p&#gt;
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