Novel Name : Anything For Her

Anything For Her Chapter 179

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&#lt;p&#gt;Chapter 179 Hugging And KissingFinally, when things were about to get out of hand, Tristan flipped
over and rolled to the side. He lay on the couch and panted heavily.Such a feeling is truly
tormenting!Sophie’s face and ears were flaming.Indeed, she had sensed the change within him earlier.
It was her first time being so intimate with a man, so she didn’t quite know what to do then.After
calming himself down for several minutes, Tristan pulled her into his arms.“I’m sorry. Did I scare you
just now?” I must have been frightening earlier, huh? No matter how capable she is, she’s still an
eighteen-year-old girl in the face of romantic relationships.Sophie said nothing, so he continued, “I
apologize for almost losing control. But I can’t help it either. In front of you, the self-restraint I’ve always
prided myself on hasn’t the slightest effect.”“Mr. Tristan.” The instant Sophie spoke, she was startled by
her hoarse voice. So, it turns out that he affects me this much.Satisfaction inundated Tristan when he
heard her raspy voice. From the look of things, I do have an effect on her to a certain degree.
Otherwise, she wouldn’t sound like this.Glimpsing his grin, Sophie grew utterly chagrined. She pinched
him hard at the waist.“Don’t laugh.”“Okay, I won’t laugh. I’m really happy, Sophie. I’m glad I do have an
effect on you and you’re not entirely indifferent toward me.”Sophie broke free from his embrace.“I’m
tired. I’m going to bed.”In other words, he merely wanted to conquer me? Because I’m aloof, I attract
the attention of men?Upon seeing that she was seemingly angry, Tristan immediately went after her,
pulled her into his arms, and hugged her tightly.“I’ve always been serious about you. You should know
this, right?” He found it necessary to clarify that, for he felt that he might have gotten a little carried
away earlier.“Yeah.”In truth, she was cognizant of everything he had done for her lately. It was just that
she was slow to open up to others.However, she would always remember those who were good to
her.And he was clearly different from others.Nevertheless, she didn’t want to make a decision about
their relationship so early. In many things, she felt that it was more important to prioritize the present.
As for the ending, she could accept whatever might come.“I’m not mad. All right, go home.”“I don’t want
to go home. Can I stay? Don’t worry. The most I’ll do is hug and kiss you. I won’t do anything else.”No
matter what, I’ll wait until she’s twenty years old before going any further. She’s still too young. I won’t
be so imprudent.“What else do you want, then?” Is hugging and kissing not enough?“I want another&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;kiss.”Taking a mile when he was given an inch, Tristan pecked her on the lips.“Okay, go and sleep!
Remember to lock your door. I’m not confident in myself,” he joked.A lock can only constrain a
gentleman. If it’s a rogue, the best lock in the world won’t be able to keep him out, no?“You should rest
earlier, too. Don’t sleep too late.”It was almost bedtime then, so he should also be going to sleep.“Okay,
I’ll sleep in a while. Don’t worry! For your sake, I’ll definitely take good care of myself.” Tristan was
much older than her, so he was worried that he wouldn’t be able to keep her company until she was old
if he didn’t take good care of himself.Because he loved her too much, he wanted to walk with her until
the end of the road.After returning to her room, Sophie plopped down on the bed. Alas, she didn’t feel
drowsy at all. It was a strange feeling. For the very first time, she was losing sleep over a man.I wonder
if he’s still working at this hour.All of a sudden, she clutched at her hair.“D*mn it! I’ve forgotten to have
him bring Ysabelle out tomorrow to attend the concert!” Annoyance swamped her.Ugh! Beauty really
turns one’s head around! But since he’s staying over tonight, I can just tell him about it tomorrow.Since
she couldn’t sleep, she picked her phone up and took a look at her WhatsApp.Mark had sent her a few
messages.Mark: You must attend the concert tomorrow!Mark: If you don’t come, I’ll sever my friendship
with you.Mark: Never mind. Even if you don’t show up, I can forgive you. Let’s not sever our
friendship.Mark: You’re a heartless woman. So you won’t be affected even if I sever our friendship!In
the end, he even attached a crying emoticon.Good Lord! He spammed me!Sophie replied: I’ll definitely
attend the concert tomorrow. But don’t ask me to go on stage. Otherwise, I’ll really get mad.Having
replied to the messages, she was just planning to sleep when she received a call from Mark.“Are you
really coming tomorrow, Sophie? For real?”“Yeah, I’ll be coming tomorrow. All right, go and get some
rest. It’ll be exhausting for you during the concert, so don’t waste your time with this.” They were a rock
band, so having a concert would be exceedingly enervating.“Sophie, are you really not planning to
come back? If you return, I’ll give you the main vocalist position. What do you say?” Mark sounded
rather meek.Sophie went silent.She really had no interest in joining the entertainment industry.
Otherwise, she wouldn’t have left back then.“When are you guys releasing your next album? If the time
permits, I’ll write a song for you guys.” That was the only thing she could do.“Really? Okay, then!”Well,
this is acceptable, too.After exchanging a few more words with her, Mark hung up the phone&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;reluctantly. Despite being the main vocalist, he was pitifully servile.He really hoped that Sophie would
return.After all, she was the soul of The Wheelers in truth.“Mark, I’ll be frank with you. I’ll never join the
entertainment industry. If I’ve got the time, I can write a few songs for you guys. But if I don’t, I can’t do
anything about it either.”“Oh well, no matter what, you’ll undoubtedly be The Wheelers’ main vocalist as
long as you’re willing to come back!”Neither of them betrayed the other. But since she didn’t want to
return, he wouldn’t coerce her either.There was no rule that a group of like-minded friends would
certainly walk with each other until the very end.But then, she was really a very talented main
vocalist.In fact, she had taught him a lot.She had written songs for The Wheelers, but they didn’t
release those songs without her permission after she left. He believed that if they were released, they
would definitely top the charts since she could grasp the real essence of a rock band.“Besides, you
guys can also use the songs I wrote previously.”I’ve always forgotten to apologize to them.“I’m really
sorry for leaving without a single word. But I’m also happy for you all that you’re so renowned
now.”Without a doubt, The Wheelers’ fame will persist because they have the best main vocalist, and
their band has the soul of a real rock band.“Don’t apologize. You didn’t wrong anyone. You merely
followed your heart, so we can all accept that. In the future, don’t avoid us anymore. We’re still friends,
aren’t we?” In the beginning, Mark couldn’t let it go, as they had traversed the most difficult times
together. But by then, it had all passed.&#lt;/p&#gt;
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