Novel Name : Anything For Her

Anything For Her Chapter 181

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&#lt;p&#gt;Chapter 181 Romantic RivalsTristan and Felix alighted from their cars and walked toward Sophie and
Ysabelle respectively.“Oh my God, who exactly are these two men? Look at their cars!”“That’s nothing.
Didn’t Mason also drive such luxury cars in the past? The Laird family is pretty affluent. Regretfully,
Mason can no longer walk right now. It’s really a pity.”“Yeah! What’s there to envy? Sophie is obviously
a jinx! If Mason hadn’t gotten together with her, he wouldn’t have ended up in such a state!” The girl
wore a distinctly envious expression on her face, but she repeatedly emphasized that it was nothing
significant.“Ah, I’m so jealous! Why are there always so many handsome men around her? They’re all
more handsome than the last!”“Oh well, forget it! Let’s not talk about her anymore. Irritation swamps
me whenever I think of her. I’ve got a few tickets for The Wheelers’ concert tonight. Do you all want to
go together?”The girl who was speaking brandished the tickets in her hand, looking all smug.At the
mention of The Wheelers, the rest of the girls started shrieking.“Of course! The Wheelers is the most
popular rock band now. I love their main vocalist! Can you give me a ticket? I’ll buy it from you.”“Hear,
hear! I don’t mind even if I have to pay you. Sell a ticket to me, please. I want to go, too! I’m a big fan of
The Wheelers!”Tristan opened the car door for Sophie. This time, he opened the door to the passenger
seat.He carefully shielded her head with his hand, afraid that she would bump her head on the frame.“I
can manage, Mr. Tristan.” It’s just getting into a car. Can he not treat me like a kid?“I know you can
manage, but I always can’t help doing such things when I’m with you. Do you mind it very much?”That
had Sophie at a loss for words.All right, then. It doesn’t seem to be something worth minding
anyway.Likewise, Felix opened the car door to the passenger seat for Ysabelle.“Thank you.”At once,
Felix went silent.When he heard those two words from her, words eluded him, and he didn’t know what
to say.The Wheelers’ concert this time was held at the biggest stadium in Jipsdale.By the time they
arrived, tens of thousands of fans had already begun queuing up.Despite the chilly weather, their
enthusiasm remained strong.They even had the logo and name of the band on their faces.Mark and
the others have really succeeded! Even after experiencing all that darkness, they still walked toward
the light.Although Sophie was no longer part of the band, a sense of pride inundated her.“What’s
wrong?” Tristan inquired as he took her hand upon noticing the change in her mood.“I stood together&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;with them at one time.” That was the darkest period in my entire life. If it weren’t for them, I might not
have been able to walk out of it.“Mm.”Tristan didn’t know everything about her past yet.However, as
long as she was willing to talk, he was ready to listen anytime.Yet, Sophie didn’t continue speaking
about that. There were too many fans that they couldn’t even find a parking space.While Tristan was
looking for a parking space, Sophie’s phone rang.“Have you arrived yet, Sophie?” Afraid that she
wouldn’t come, Mark rang her up directly.“Yeah. I’m looking for a parking space right now.” There were
truly too many people, and many cars were parked haphazardly.“In that case, just drive in. There are
still a few parking spaces in the stadium. I’ll come out and meet you.”Mark was also aware that it wasn’t
easy to find a parking space.“No, it’s okay. Just notify the staff about it. The concert is starting soon, so
focus on your preparation.”They held each concert in high regard, and Sophie didn’t want to trouble
him.“All right, then. Come and look for me backstage after you get in. They all wish to see you.” It had
been two years since they had last seen her, and everyone missed her.“Okay.”After hanging up the
phone, Sophie had Tristan drive into the stadium through a side entrance.Mark’s manager was already
waiting there.All she knew was that Mark’s friend was coming.The man had always been aloof, and she
had never seen him so enthusiastic toward anyone.Therefore, she was very curious.When she saw
four luxury cars driving in together, a tumult of emotions brewed within her.Being in the entertainment
industry, she had witnessed all sorts of scenes. But the instant she spotted the four luxury cars
appearing at the same time, her eyes still went wide.“Hello, I’m Mark’s manager, Chloe Meyer. Are you
Ms. Tanner?” Her voice shook slightly.Sophie glanced at the woman in front of her, reckoning that she
was in her thirties and appeared pretty amicable.“Nice to meet you. I’m Sophie Tanner. I’m sorry for
troubling you.”Indeed, she was a touch embarrassed that Chloe had to come out personally at such a
time.“Ms. Tanner, I always hear the band members talk about you, especially Mark! He really likes you
a lot!” Chloe promptly remarked smilingly.Mark is indifferent to everyone. Only when he mentions her
will the tender side of him show.“I see.” Sophie didn’t comment on that.Chloe couldn’t help stealing a
peek at Tristan. This man looks as if he’s not to be trifled with.“Please follow me, Ms. Tanner,” she
murmured to Sophie.She then led the four cars into the parking lot in the stadium.Subsequently, she
brought the other five people to their seats.“Ms. Tanner, this seat is specially reserved for you by Mark.&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;The band members had been reserving the best place for you though you never attended their past
concerts.”In fact, that had become a tradition in The Wheelers’ concerts.Ysabelle peered at her uncle
cautiously.I wonder how Uncle Tristan feels when there’s a man who’s so attentive to Sophie. Mark
seems to like Sophie a lot!“You have too many romantic rivals, Mr. Tristan!” It’s practically impossible
for him to guard against them, especially when they span industries!Tristan said nothing, his hand
draped across the back of Sophie’s chair.Romantic rivals? Are they even worthy of being called that?
Felix couldn’t help chuckling.At once, Tristan swung his gaze at him.“Why are you laughing? What’s so
funny?” he questioned airily.Immediately, Felix put away the smile on his face.“Nothing. I wasn’t
laughing either. Please ignore me, Mr. Tristan. Just regard me as thin air.” Still, he couldn’t conceal his
smile.Ysabelle nudged him with her wrist, signaling him to keep a low profile.“Mark and the others are
waiting for you backstage, Ms. Tanner. Would you like to go over with me now?” As Chloe said that,
she reflexively glanced at Tristan.“I’ll be back in a jiffy.” Sophie got up from her seat, planning to go
backstage for a while.The audience seating was almost full, and the concert was starting soon.The
moment her words fell, the temperature around them seemed to have plummeted over ten degrees in
the blink of an eye.“Oh God, I suddenly feel chilly! Is the air-conditioning in the stadium not working?”
Charles couldn’t help rubbing his arms.“I don’t think you’re chilly. You’re sick of living,” Sean
drawled.“Okay. Go ahead.”Despite feeling chagrined that Sophie was going to meet some other men,
Tristan still agreed magnanimously.&#lt;/p&#gt;
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