Novel Name : Anything For Her

Anything For Her Chapter 183

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&#lt;p&#gt;Chapter 183 Dazzling Like A DiamondThe other band members were overcome with excitement when
they heard that. It had been a long time since they played together with Sophie.They genuinely liked
Sophie and had always enjoyed making music with her.Since Sophie and Ysabelle had been
backstage for some time, the latter said, “Soph, in that case, I’ll head outside first and let Uncle Tristan
know what happened. Otherwise, he’ll get worried.”“Okay. Let him know what happened, and tell him
not to worry.”Sophie had not performed onstage in a long time, and she realized she actually missed
the thrill of it.The manager asked a makeup artist to go over and do Sophie’s makeup. While getting
her makeup applied, Sophie pored over the music score.What a relief! Even though I wasn’t in the
band for the past two years, I’ve listened to their songs. On top of that, The Wheelers are very popular,
so their music gets played everywhere.Seeing that they were actually going to let a girl still in her teens
go onstage, the manager’s assistant could not refrain from saying, “Are you sure she’ll be all right? She
doesn’t look like she can do it.”This isn’t like one of those arts and culture performances in school. It’s a
concert in front of a hundred thousand people! Many rookies would still find such a situation
intimidating even after debuting for some time, let alone a young lady like her.“Zip it! I told you to keep
an eye on them, and what did you do? Where were you just now? If you’d listened to me, we wouldn’t
be in such a pickle!” the manager snapped, utterly furious. I’ve been closely involved in the planning of
this concert from the preparation stages until now. I only stepped away for a few minutes, and look at
what happened! What on earth was this assistant of mine doing?“I did listen to you! But Sunny wanted
to use the washroom. Don’t tell me I should’ve gone in with him!” the assistant protested
indignantly.What’s the big deal anyway? I just wasn’t given a chance. Otherwise, I’d be way better at
singing than Mark! All Mark sings is that godawful music!The manager watched as the makeup artist
did Sophie’s makeup, put a wig on her, and helped her change into Sunny’s stage clothes. At the end
of it all, the manager was dumbfounded to see a stunningly handsome young man standing before
her.“Ms. Tanner, you look amazing! That outfit really suits you!”Dressed in men’s clothes, Sophie
exuded an irresistible allure that was enough to make one’s face flush and heart race.Sophie was
rather pleased when she saw her reflection in the mirror. I look really good dressed up in men’s&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;clothes!Meanwhile, Ysabelle had returned to where Tristan was. Seeing that she came back alone, the
latter raised his eyebrows and asked, “Where’s Sophie? Wasn’t she with you?”“Soph said she had
something to do and told me to come back first. Don’t worry, Uncle Tristan. Maybe Soph wants to give
you a surprise!” Previously, Sophie had already surprised everyone at Nocturnal. This time at a concert
with a hundred thousand-strong audience, Ysabelle was certain that Sophie would give them an even
bigger surprise.Felix also moved closer when he saw Ysabelle acting all mysterious.“Ysabelle, what’s
Sophie up to? The members of The Wheelers are all guys, and every one of them is even more alluring
than the other. In fact, that lead singer of theirs is as handsome as Mr. Tristan. Aren’t you at all worried
about leaving her alone with them?”Having always seen Tristan calm and collected, Felix had a sudden
wish to see Tristan jealous.Ysabelle gave a cold snort. “Felix, do you really think the lead singer of The
Wheelers is comparable to my uncle? How could Sophie ever fall for Mark Wheeler? With such an
outstanding man like Uncle Tristan around, Mark is nothing,” she quickly said gushingly. “All right. The
concert is about to start. Pipe down and watch the concert.”A countdown timer had appeared on the big
screen.Holding their breaths in anticipation, the audience began to count down along to the timer.Some
of them even erupted into loud shrieks of excitement. Finally! We’re here at the venue for The
Wheelers’ concert! We’re finally going to meet our idols!A platform lift slowly rose in the center of the
stage, and the five members of The Wheelers appeared onstage together. They were decked out in
gorgeous costumes, and they were all slender and tall with long legs.After the platform lift stopped,
Mark walked over to the microphone. At the same time, Sophie, who had a mask on, shot a glance at
Tristan, who was sitting among the crowd, before going over to sit behind the drums.“Oh my goodness!
What happened? Did Sunny get an injury on his face? Why is he wearing a mask?” someone
exclaimed.Another person said, “Wait a minute… That’s not Sunny! Sunny is a little taller than that guy.
What on earth is going on? However, that mysterious hottie appears to be very handsome too!”“You’re
right! He’s so handsome! The mask adds to his charm, doesn’t it? What am I going to do? I think I’m
falling for another guy!”Although Ysabelle had already known Sophie would go onstage, a wave of
excitement still washed over her as she saw the latter standing there in a mask.“Is there something
wrong with my eyes? Why does it seem like that’s Sophie on the stage?” Felix could not help but rub&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;his eyes. My eyes aren’t playing tricks on me, are they? Just like that, Sophie was about to perform at a
concert in front of a hundred thousand people.Since her appearance onstage, Tristan had not uttered a
single word. Even with a mask on, he could tell it was her with just one glance. There were just some
people who possessed such a strong presence.He continued fixing his gaze on Sophie.That’s what my
Sophie deserves. She deserves to shine brightly. Anywhere she goes, she’s bound to be the center of
attention, dazzling like a brilliant diamond.Meanwhile, Sean mused, “That really is Mr. Tristan’s
girlfriend. I never paid much attention to the entertainment industry before this. What’s her relationship
with The Wheelers?” Sean was a man of few words, but Sophie had too many identities, and he could
not resist the urge to find out more about her.Charles shrugged, also looking puzzled. “I know as much
as you do. Everything that I know, you do too.”There are too many intriguing things about Sophie
Tanner.While they were talking, the concert had begun. The first song was a rock tune, and Sophie
playing the drums was an incredibly captivating sight.“That’s so cool! What should I do? I’ve fallen in
love with Sophie again!” Ysabelle exclaimed, her sentiments echoing those of all the other female fans
present.Felix was very upset when he heard that.I always thought my love rival would be a man among
men. But lo and behold, it turns out to be Sophie!Ysabelle grasped Tristan’s hand in excitement. “Uncle
Tristan, do you see that? That’s our amazing Sophie! She’s truly incredible! You have to make her
yours, got it?”“Of course.”Sophie is like the brightest star in the galaxy. No matter where she goes, my
eyes will always go straight to her at first glance. That must be what they call “attraction.” That’s right.
I’m fatally attracted to her. Even if I have to scale mountains or dive into deep seas, I’ll definitely find
her and stay by her side to protect her.&#lt;/p&#gt;
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