Novel Name : Anything For Her

Anything For Her Chapter 184

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&#lt;p&#gt;Chapter 184 Trying To Be Cheeky
&#lt;p&#gt;After Mark finished singing the first song, he removed the microphone from the stand.“Everyone, thank
you for coming to our concert! Let me introduce the first-generation member of our band, Tanner!”The
moment he said that, Sophie stared at him. What the hell is he doing? Doesn’t he know that I have no
intention of appearing in front of the crowd?“I would say The Wheelers will not be here if not for Tanner.
Because Sunny has gotten injured, Tanner is here today to replace him. Tanner, we are very happy to
perform with you once again.”Mark looked at Sophie with deep affection.Just as he finished talking, the
fans started screaming wildly.They were completely impressed by Tanner’s performance earlier
on.Even if all she did was sit there in silence, every move of hers seemed to drive the fans into
ecstasy.Before they realized it, they were totally bowled over by her.“Coming up next will be a solo
performance by Tanner.” That segment was meant for Sunny. Now that he could not make it, Mark had
deliberately given that opportunity to Sophie.Sophie could not help but sigh.However, she still nodded
and agreed.Since he had already said it out loud, there was no way she could turn him down.
Otherwise, news of discord within The Wheelers would definitely become a trending topic the next
day!After being with them for nearly a year, she knew how much they loved to perform for their
fans.“F*ck! Have they rehearsed this before? I doubt that. There was simply no time. Soph has been
called on to the stage at the last minute!” Ysabelle could not believe Mark would pull such a stunt. Is he
not worried?“There’s no need for any rehearsal. I’m certain that she will pull it off wonderfully.” Tristan
was very confident about Sophie’s performance.As far as he was concerned, Sophie had always
surprised him and excelled in whatever she did.The drumsticks seemed to have become alive when
they were in Sophie’s hands.That was Sophie’s solo performance, and she had to finish it on her
own.Sophie had written that song herself, and it took her quite some time to complete it.Yet, it fitted
right in.“Have all of you ever heard this song before?”“No! That’s so cool!”“That’s right! There are no
lyrics in this song. Yet, it manages to make my blood boil with excitement.”“Yea! This song will definitely
become popular!”“I can’t believe I have never heard of this song before.”“This must be The Wheelers’
new song! They must be warming up for the new album if they are playing it now.”All of the fans had&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;fallen in love with the new member of the band.“This is freaking cool,” Ysabelle also could not help but
mumble.“Mr. Tristan, you have such good taste. I have always thought that you are with her because of
her pretty face. Now, I realized that Sophie is so much more than that!”Sophie is so good with the
drums!Awesome! Fu*king cool! Unbelievable!The song had finally come to an end.Thunderous
applause rang out and screams erupted among the crowd.“Boohoo… What am I supposed to do?
Looks like I will have a new idol now.”“Me too. Sorry, Sunny. But, this time around, I’m in love with
someone else.”On the stage, the other members of the band exchanged glances and smiled.That’s
right. The Sophie we knew is back. That cool and awesome Sophie is finally back.“Tanner, I know you
will never let us down,” said Mark proudly.“All right. Up next, ‘Crazy’ for all of you.”Mark returned to his
position and started strumming his guitar.Naturally, the song “Crazy” was equally explosive, and
everyone in the audience even sang along too.Ysabelle started singing too.When Felix saw her so
happy, a smile appeared on his face too.That was the Ysabelle he knew!Carefree and daring!When
she was with Sophie, she seemed genuinely happy and free of restraints.The concert hit one high after
another.Soon, it was Mark’s solo performance, so the rest of the band went to change their
costumes.The few of them were used to removing their clothes the moment they went backstage. They
had forgotten that Sophie was there until they heard her clear her throat.It was only then they stopped
whatever they were doing.“Sophie, we are sorry! We have forgotten that you are here. Why don’t you
go in there and change your clothes?” Changing rooms were available. However, they changed right
there and then in order to save time.Sophie nodded before taking Sunny’s clothes in with her.Once she
was done and came out, she found that the rest of them were gone.Tristan, on the other hand, had
snuck backstage quietly.“What are you-”Before Sophie could finish her question, Tristan pulled her into
his arms.“I don’t like the smell of other men on your body.”He was aware that she was wearing another
man’s clothes at that moment.Sophie did not attempt to struggle. She allowed him to embrace her as
he wished.“Mr. Tristan, it’s about time I get on to the stage.”Mark’s solo only lasted for around five
minutes. Sophie had spent too much time backstage and could not afford to delay anymore.“Ms.
Tanner, I’m jealous.” If that’s the case, shouldn’t she comfort me a little?Sophie felt helpless.“Mr.
Tristan…”What kind of comfort does he need?There was no way she would abandon The Wheelers.&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;After all, they were there for her during her darkest days.“Just one kiss will do.”Sophie was
speechless.He isn’t jealous. He’s just trying to be cheeky.Knowing that she was running out of time,
she gave him a light peck on his lips and nothing more.“Will this do?” asked Sophie.Tristan held on
tightly to her waist, pulled her into his arms again, and gave her a completely different kind of
kiss.“Remember something. This is how a real kiss should be. Go on! I’ll let you off for now.”Sophie
was dumbfounded.She suspected that he might have eaten up all of her lipstick in that one passionate
kiss.When Sophie went out, the makeup artist was already waiting for her. She immediately touched up
her lipstick the moment she saw it was gone.“Where’s Uncle Tristan?” Ysabelle had been focusing all
her attention on Mark’s performance just now that she had forgotten that her Uncle Tristan had
disappeared.“He must have gone backstage!” There was no way Felix would believe that Tristan had
gone to the washroom.Just then, Tristan returned to his seat, looking nonchalant.Felix teased him, “Mr.
Tristan, you can’t bear to let Sophie go for a few minutes? Come on!”Charles chimed in, “Mr. Tristan,
since when did you become so pathetic? I guess you didn’t get what you want! Shall I arrange for a few
ladies to serve you tonight?”“Even if you kidnap a fairy from Heaven right now and give her to him, she
will never be as good as Ms. Tanner,” teased Sean.Tristan was absolutely enamored with Sophie. He
certainly had no time for other women.“Am I just like all of you? Even in the past, I was nothing like any
of you.” Tristan was a clean freak. Therefore, he never had the habit of sleeping around even before he
met Sophie.Charles was at a loss for words.&#lt;/p&#gt;
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