Novel Name : Anything For Her

Anything For Her Chapter 185

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&#lt;p&#gt;Chapter 185 Lonely Nights“All right.” Charles had nothing else to say, for it seemed like he was really
the only one who was wasting his life fooling around.“Ysabelle, what do you think of Charles?”Ysabelle
blinked.“Charles? Isn’t he a little too old?” Has he forgotten Charles’ age, or has he forgotten my
age?“Okay, Sophie has started performing now, so quiet down.” Why are they being so loud instead of
watching the wonderful performance!Charles, Felix, and Sean all fell silent at that.The three of them
could only rub their noses awkwardly while looking at Tristan’s solemn expression.The concert began
at eight and ended at half-past eleven. Even after the last song, the fans were still glued to their seats,
not wanting to leave.“Thank you, everyone,” said Mark, who had always been someone cool and
aloof.The Wheelers then bowed and thanked the audience.By then, the fans below the stage had
started crying.“That’s insane. Are fans that scary nowadays?”“How is that insane? Every single
member in The Wheelers is amazing. They’re worth going crazy for!” Ysabelle instantly
defended.“Okay, you guys head back first. I’ll wait here for Sophie.”Tristan did not have the patience to
keep hearing them talk nonsense.“Let’s go. It looks like we’re doing nothing but wasting time here,”
Sean blinked at the others.Huh, someone doesn’t want us here.“Uncle Tristan, can I wait with you for
Sophie?” Ysabelle was still reeling in from the thrill of the concert. She had tons of things to talk to
Sophie about, and she really did not want to head back before meeting her.“It’s late, and the concert
was four and a half hours long. Do you think that Sophie still has the energy to talk to you?”Being
involved in the concert was a tiring job. Moreover, she had not even had the chance to practice the
songs before going on stage. There was no way she would not be exhausted by then.“Oh, you’re right.
I’ll go back first then. Uncle Tristan, you have to take good care of Sophie.”Ysabelle could only force
the words down her throat and leave with Felix.When Felix saw how reluctant Ysabelle was, he
grabbed her hand and pulled her into his arms so that no one could crash into her.Ysabelle’s face
turned bright red at his gesture.“Felix, I can walk by myself.”However, Felix still did not let go of
her.“There are too many people here, and the fans are truly fanatics. I’ll let go of you once we get
outside.”Since he had said that, she did not insist. If she did, things would become awkward.Thus,
Ysabelle had no choice but to let Felix shield her in his arms and walk out of the venue with difficulty&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;amidst the crowd.Meanwhile, after Sophie changed out of her clothes and removed her makeup before
she went out, about to look for Tristan.To her surprise, Mark and the others were waiting
outside.Sunny’s hands had yet to be treated.“Sophie, your performance was amazing today!” Sunny
cried out. Indeed, no matter how much time had passed, Sophie was still the same person as ever—
she could perform wonderfully at any time and any place.However, Sophie frowned when she looked at
his swollen hand.“Why aren’t you at the hospital?”Didn’t I ask him to look for Arius at the hospital? Why
is he so heedless about his condition? Is he planning to never use his hand ever again?“It’s fine. I can
go to the hospital tomorrow to get it checked out.” Sunny then scratched his head with his other hand.It
had been too long since he caught a glimpse of her performance, so he was reluctant to leave. He
wanted to watch her for a little longer, but he ended up watching until the concert ended.“Don’t worry,
Sophie. I’ll take him to the hospital tomorrow.” Most doctors are done with their shifts by now. Even if
we are popular, we can’t possibly drag the doctors out of their beds, right?“How can you leave this
matter until the next day? Don’t you know how important his hand is?” Sophie uttered, her volume was
getting louder without her noticing it. Who did this? I have to find out who the culprit is. I’ll never let this
matter go.Sunny could not help but feel touched by how she reacted.He had been around Sophie for a
year, so, naturally, he knew that underneath her cold exterior was a caring soul.“It’s okay, Sophie. It
doesn’t hurt that much. If I go tomorrow, I’ll be able to see a specialist instead.”“We’re going right now!
The rest of you should go back. I’ll take Sunny there.”“Sophie!” Sunny cried out, tears welled up in his
eyes as he was really touched.“That’s enough. Stop looking at me in that way. Let’s go.” Sunny had
already removed his makeup, and once he put on a mask, she was sure that they would not attract
unnecessary attention even if they were to go to the hospital.“I’ll come with you.” No matter what,
Sophie was still a girl, and it was unsafe for her to be out this late at night. The others were certain that
she would not be able to find a specialist at the hospital to give Sunny a checkup. However, Sunny
could only give in at her insistence.“It’s fine. My friend is waiting for me outside. I’ll go with him. Sunny,
come on!”“Mark, I’ll be leaving now then. Head back and rest earlier. All of you must be tired from the
performance. Don’t worry about me. My hand is really fine.”With that said, Sunny went out with Sophie
through the back door.Mark was still worried, and he tried to go after them, but his teammates stopped&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;him.“Forget it, Mark. You know how Sophie is. No one can change her mind about the decisions she
has made. It’s good that she didn’t let you go. You’re the representative of The Wheelers, and many
people know you. If fans recognize you at the hospital, it’ll be a big problem.”Mark knew that the
members were right, but he just could not be at ease.After Tristan received Sophie’s call, he drove out.
As Sophie and Sunny came out through the VIP lane, not many fans were there to see them.Tristan did
not say anything when he saw her exiting with a young man.“This is Sunny—The Wheelers’ drummer.
His hand is injured, so we’re taking him to the hospital,” Sophie explained to Tristan before calling
Arius.Just as the call went through, Arius’ voice traveled out of the speakers.“Sophie, you’re calling me
so late at night. Are you feeling lonely? Do you want me to go and warm your bed?” teased
Arius.“Arius, do you still want to go home?” came Tristan’s icy voice.Immediately, Arius hugged
himself.This man is so boring! It’s not as if I’ve said anything!“Mr. Tristan, what are you doing? I dare
you to lay a finger on me. Let’s see if Sophie’s going to let you off. Sophie and I are really close. She’ll
definitely decimate anyone who dares to hurt me!”There’s no way you can threaten me!“Is that so?
Then you should ask her who’s the more important person to her—you, or me.” Tristan was very
upset. Does everyone I come across have to make a comparison with me? They’re really getting on my
nerves.“Sophie, look, he’s bullying me again! Say, who’s more important to you—me or him?” At that
moment, Arius looked as if he was going to end both Sophie and his own life if she were to tell him that
he was not important to her.“That’s enough. Can you stop with the nonsense? Where are you right
now? Are you at the hospital?” Sophie was done entertaining the two childish men.“What’s wrong? Are
you hurt, or is it that arrogant Mr. Tristan? I really hope he’s the one who’s hurt.” He’s always trying to
steal her away from me! I hope he’s injured in a way that he can’t be treated!&#lt;/p&#gt;
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