Novel Name : Anything For Her

Anything For Her Chapter 189

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&#lt;p&#gt;Chapter 189 Not Our Last Encounter
&#lt;p&#gt;Once the students left the examination hall, they started complaining and swearing.“D*mn it! Who the
hell came up with those questions! There was this one question that I couldn’t understand at all!”“Yeah,
and that essay as well. I didn’t know what I was answering.”“Darn it! It’s over. I’m going to fail.”“My
mom is going to force me to study during our already short period of holiday. Ugh, why is my life so
hard!”“What did you think of the exam, Willow?”Since Willow was an excellent student, her friends were
curious about her opinion.Upon hearing their conversation, Willow, who was initially worried, was
relieved.Since they found the exam hard, I’m sure Sophie didn’t do well, too. As long as she also fails,
my reputation won’t be tarnished.“Yeah, the questions were hard this time,” she stated with a faint
smile.Just then, Sophie and Ysabelle walked over to them, and the group immediately stopped
talking.Noticing that, Ysabelle let out a snort.“Were you guys gossiping about Soph? Well, it doesn’t
matter because she’ll defeat all of you in this examination,” said Ysabelle, not afraid she would cause
trouble at all.“Hah! You think she’s a genius or something? The exam was difficult for everyone, but it’s
easy for Sophie?” one of the girls refuted, enraged.“Yeah, it wasn’t difficult,” responded Sophie
nonchalantly, successfully rendering everyone speechless.What the… Can’t she at least fake
modesty?“Let’s go. We have a math exam next. Let’s go back and take a nap.” This round of
examination was the same as the university entrance exam—they had a few hours gap between each
paper.“The questions were hard, Sophie,” Willow remarked, as she could not bring herself to believe
that Sophie found the exam easy.“Maybe for you, but not for me. Even so, we can’t do anything about
it, can we? Different people have different levels of intellect, so you don’t have to brood over
it.”Ysabelle was stumped by Sophie’s words.Hahaha! Soph is too vicious!Willow clenched her fists
when she heard that.“Why are you so proud, Sophie? Don’t you think we’d know if the questions were
easy? Now I seriously doubt where you got your answers in the last exam. How did someone who can’t
even distinguish between hard and easy exams get good grades? I think you just didn’t understand the
questions!”“Something’s wrong with you,” uttered Sophie.Not wanting to entertain Willow further,
Sophie pulled Ysabelle away.Hearing what Sophie said about her, Willow wanted to make a fuss, but&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;upon recalling what had happened to Angie, she decided against it.“That Sophie is way too
audacious.”Why does such an arrogant person exist!“Don’t mind her, Willow. You’ve been studying
hard recently, so you’ll surely surpass a failure like her.”At that, Willow’s expression darkened.Since her
full attention had been on Clayton recently, she had had no time to study.“I’ll go first.”Exiting the school
and entering the car, Willow fished out her phone and looked at it.Hmm, Clayton still hasn’t called. Is he
not interested in me anymore?When the driver was about to drive away, he spotted Clayton and
Sophie conversing. “Ms. Tanner, isn’t that Mr. Zales?”Willow looked over, and upon seeing how Clayton
smiled at Sophie, she felt perturbed.“Why does Sophie always get the things I can’t, even when I do it
by all means?”She had done everything she could to please Clayton, but the latter still remained
indifferent toward her.“Don’t worry, Ms. Willow. You’re better, so you’ll definitely get Mr.
Zales.”Meanwhile, Ysabelle stared at the person in front of her warily. “Who are you? What do you
want?”Of course, she knew the man was Clayton, but she could not figure out why he had approached
them.“I mean no harm. I just find Ms. Tanner here interesting, and I’m here to be friends with her.”Even
when Ysabelle was wary of him, Clayton did not take it to heart. Instead, he stared at Sophie
smilingly.“I’m not interested in being your friend,” responded Sophie with a shrug. She did not mind her
manners when it came to the people she disliked. “Also, your girlfriend’s watching.”Sophie glanced in
Willow’s direction. Of course, Clayton noticed the latter as well.“She’s not my girlfriend,” he clarified.At
this time, Willow had already exited the car and was nearing them. Upon hearing Clayton say such a
sentence, she felt her heart shatter into pieces.She had been worried about the man not liking her, and
he had just confirmed it for her.However, upon thinking Clayton might take a liking to Sophie, she knew
she could not let that happen.Hence, she straightened her back and walked toward Clayton, stopping
in front of him. Putting on a smile, she stated, “Didn’t you say you’d wait for me? This is my younger
sister, Sophie. Sophie, this is Mr. Clayton Zales.”Upon hearing that, Ysabelle could not help but
sneer. What is she doing?“What are you doing, Willow? Introducing your boyfriend to your sister? Such
a shame, though, because Mr. Zales just admitted you’re not his girlfriend,” Ysabelle mocked.Although
I don’t like Clayton, I love to see Willow being put in her place. She was so smug about it earlier, only to
end up like this. Serves her right! She’s always wanting to brag in front of Sophie, but she has nothing&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;to brag about in the end. How pathetic she is.“Clay, I—” She had never addressed him in that way
before, but now, all she could do was look at him pitifully in the hopes that he would notice the other
two girls were her bullies.However, she was blatantly ignored when Clayton turned to Sophie instead.
“You sisters look so different!”Sophie had no intention of wasting any more time with him, so she held
Ysabelle’s shoulder and started walking away, planning to go have lunch.“Excuse us.”Seeing Sophie’s
proud behavior, Clayton felt drawn to her. It had been a long time since he had last met such a
character.Everything about her attracted him, be it her looks, figure, or personality.Whether Sophie was
playing hard to get or not did not matter to him—he liked her.“Sophie, this will not be our last encounter.
Remember my name. I am Clayton Zales!” he yelled.When Willow heard that, her expression turned
ugly. How could he say that right in front of me? What about me? Why did he approach me first?“Clay,
have you seriously taken a liking to Sophie? She—”“Don’t, Willow,” the man interrupted. “Seeing as
you’re Sophie’s sister, you can come to me if you need any help, but I’ll be honest. I have no feelings
for you.” Clayton could see Sophie had no affection toward Willow, so there was no way he could get to
Sophie through Willow.&#lt;/p&#gt;
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