Novel Name : Anything For Her

Anything For Her Chapter 190

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&#lt;p&#gt;Chapter 190 Exposed At his words, Willow’s expression darkened even more. As I suspected, he likes
Sophie for real. “Haven’t you heard about her, Clay? She might be my sister, but I must say she doesn’t
deserve you and isn’t a match for you. She’s nothing but a sl*t.” Clayton’s expression changed when he
heard that as he stared at Willow in disbelief. Thinking he was convinced, Willow breathed a sigh of
relief. “I know I shouldn’t have said that, but I was telling the truth. I really like you, Clay, and I don’t
want you to be deceived by people like her. Hence, I had to tell you this even though she’s my sister.”
&#lt;p&#gt;“Watch your words, Willow. You shouldn’t go around spewing nonsense like that. One more bad word
about Sophie, and I’ll get mad.” Clayton’s eyes narrowed dangerously. Initially, he did not have that
much of a bad impression of Willow, but after hearing her say that, he found her disgusting. “I didn’t
take you as an envious person because I thought you were a simple girl. Well, that did it. From now on,
even if you need help, don’t bother to come to me.” I hate people who pretend to be innocent the most.
With that, he turned around, wanting to leave, but Willow grabbed his hand.
&#lt;p&#gt;“Don’t be like this, Clay. I really like you, and everything I told you is the truth. You have to believe me,”
she uttered, sounding immensely upset. Pulling his hand back, Clayton roughly pushed her aside,
causing her to land on the ground. “Disgusting.” Willow’s expression became extremely gloomy. I’ve
always had the upper hand. How did it end up like this? What should I do now? Watching Clayton’s car
driving away, Willow directed her anger toward Sophie. Sophie. It must be her. She must’ve seduced
Clayton. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have treated me in this way. In the meantime, Ysabelle and Sophie
were having their lunch near the school entrance. Sophie liked the spaghetti from this particular
restaurant. It was just that there were too many customers, so they had to wait for a long time. When
the spaghetti was finally served, Ysabelle handed a fork to Sophie.
&#lt;p&#gt;“Dig in! It’s yummy!” Taking the fork, Sophie was about to eat when Willow suddenly appeared and
grabbed the former’s hair, planning to slam her head in the spaghetti. It must be because of this face! It
must be because she’s too pretty that everyone’s spellbound by her! Everything will change if I ruin her&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;face! “Soph…” Witnessing the scene, Ysabelle was anxious. She wanted to help, but she found herself
completely powerless. Willow’s action caused a bloodthirsty glint to flash across Sophie’s eyes. “Let
go!” she roared. Like a madwoman, Willow continued to press Sophie’s head down. Furious, Sophie
grabbed Willow’s hand and immediately stuffed it into the spaghetti. As the food had just been cooked,
it was scorching hot. “Ah!” Willow did not expect Sophie would still gain the upper hand even in this
situation. Her hand was in so much pain that tears rolled down Willow’s cheeks.
&#lt;p&#gt;Every student in the restaurant was shocked by the scene. At first, they did not think Willow had this
crazy side. Then they were frightened when Sophie took action. At this moment, she seemed like a
demon straight from hell. Her murderous aura was so strong that no one dared say a word, so the
entire restaurant fell deathly silent. Even when the owner of the store snapped out of his shock and
approached them, he still did not dare to say anything upon noticing the look on Sophie’s face. “Haven’t
I given you a chance? You thought I didn’t have the guts to do anything to you, huh, Willow?” Who
does she think she is to lay a hand on me? No one else would dare lay even a finger! Ysabelle was
also taken aback by this side of Sophie. After all, Sophie had always remained calm, regardless of the
situation. Willow’s ear-piercing shriek echoed throughout the store, but nobody dared say a word other
than Ysabelle. “Soph, you need to let go!”
&#lt;p&#gt;If she doesn’t relent, Willow’s hand will be ruined. Hearing Ysabelle’s voice, Sophie released Willow’s
hand, revealing how red and swollen it was. Her skin was even peeling back. “Sophie, I’m your sister,”
cried Willow bitterly. “How could you be this ruthless toward me? You—” “Weren’t you the one who
made the first move? You’re lucky I only did it to your hand. You, on the other hand, planned to ruin my
face! What? Can you not stand my face that much?” “Hey, she has to go to the hospital now. Or else,
her condition will only worsen,” uttered the owner of the store, finally having enough courage to speak.
“Don’t worry. It’s only a hand. As I know how she is, money can easily resolve this issue, as always,
and I can afford that.” That’s how she always handles things, anyway—with money. At this time,
Willow’s face lost all color. “You’re slandering me, Sophie.” “Am I? You were the one who sent Angie&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;those photos on the forum, were you not? Angie must be suffering now. Don’t you want to help her?”
“What? Willow’s the one who sent the photos?
&#lt;p&#gt;My god, how could someone hate their sister this much?” “Yet she’s always pretending as if she cares
about her sister when she’s actually envious of Sophie!” “No wonder. There’s also that issue with
Mason. She used to claim she loved him, but the moment he was crippled, she went and pursued
Clayton. She’s such a bad person.” “Yeah, she’s a hypocrite.” Faced with everyone’s comments, Willow
felt as if she was choking and running out of breath. “Why don’t you just faint? If you do, you won’t have
to listen to them anymore,” uttered Sophie, agonizing Willow even more. “She’s such a fake.” “That
poor Angie. It’s such a pity she was used by someone like Willow.” “Had Angie not gotten involved,
things would’ve been fine for her. Now that she’s at that school, she’s totally ruined.” “Mister, can I have
another plate? I won’t eat this one.” Putting the dirty spaghetti away, Sophie sat down calmly. “Take a
seat, Ysabelle.” Looking at Willow, who was in pain, Ysabelle asked, “What about her?” “Don’t mind
her. She has her own phone and can call whoever she wants because two can play this game. Many
people witnessed how she tried to ruin my face, anyway.
&#lt;p&#gt;Also, mister, I believe there are surveillance cameras here, right?” Willow was about to call the police,
but upon hearing Sophie’s words, she thought about what had happened to Queenie. In the end, she
had no choice but to give Charmaine a call instead. “Mom, I’m hurt. I…” Not ending her sentence,
Willow burst into tears upon hearing Charmaine’s voice. She could not hold her emotions back any
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