Novel Name : Anything For Her

Anything For Her Chapter 187

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&#lt;p&#gt;Chapter 187 Exposed
&#lt;p&#gt;“Hey, Butterfly. What’s the matter?”It was late, and something must have happened for Butterfly to look
for her at a time like that.”“Bad news, Phantom. Someone found our headquarters.”“What?”Their
headquarters was located in a remote spot, and no one would be able to find it.“I’m contacting the
others right now. There are only a few middle-aged people at the headquarters right now.”“Who did
that?”So what if they find out the location of Wings of Light’s headquarters? What is most precious in
that place are not the computers but the members.The Diamond members were all away from the
headquarters, so they did not have to panic that much.“Clayton Zales. You’ve heard of him, right? He is
from the Zales family in Jipsdale.”“Okay, I understand.” Sophie knew what was going on upon hearing
that name.“Do we need to change our location?”“It’s fine. I’d like to see what Clayton’s trying to
do.”“Phantom, regardless of everything, these people aren’t people we should mess with. I’d say it’s
best for you to not go online for the next few days.”Clayton was clearly trying to nab Phantom by
creating such a ruckus.After all, there were an infinite number of people like Clayton, who wanted to
find out who Phantom was.Clayton had caught them off guard, and that was why things had turned
chaotic.“It’s all right. It’s quite late now. You should rest earlier. This isn’t anything important.”It’s just
Clayton. I don’t even need to dwell much on him.In the meantime, Clayton was standing in the
courtyard of a dilapidated house.“Are you sure that Phantom is in a rundown place like this? I’ve been
passing by this place so many times, but I never thought that the famous hacker Phantom would be
here.” Even then, Clayton did not believe that the headquarters of Wings of Light was located
there.“Clayton, their main base is really here. I’ve only found out about this by chance.”If not for the
reliability of his information source, he would not have believed the news too. After all, the net worth of
each member in Wings of Light was tens of millions, let alone the Diamond members. All of them were
people that major corporations around the world wanted to hire.Right then, Felix arrived with his
men.When he saw Clayton, he could not stop himself from mocking, “Clayton, why are you here
instead of sleeping? It’s midnight.”Clayton looked at him warily.He had only just arrived after receiving
the news. In fact, he had yet to enter the place, but Felix was already there. Could it be that he found&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;out about the base too? Clayton knew all along that Lombard Group had been searching for
Phantom.“Mr. Northley, I’m only here for a stroll because I’m bored. However, I would like to know why
you’re here,” Clayton replied.Felix had evidently brought more men to the location than him.Thus,
confronting Felix head-on would be a bad idea.“Sorry, Clayton, but this is the spot that Mr. Tristan is
interested in, so go home and don’t come here again. You should know that Mr. Tristan doesn’t like to
see you around.”“You—”Clayton’s subordinates could not bear it anymore, so they dashed toward
Felix.“Mr. Northley, we were the ones who found this place, so stop trying to lord over us!”Felix did not
even bother sparing them a glance.“So it’s yours just because you found it first? Why don’t you ask Mr.
Zales if he dares to say this in front of Mr. Tristan?”Felix was Phantom’s big fan, so when his
subordinates found out about the place, he rushed over immediately.He was glad that he had come in
time. Otherwise, Clayton would have taken his favorite hacker away.By then, Clayton’s facial
expression looked pretty awful.Disregarding everything, Clayton was a man of power and status in
Jipsdale. Thus, Felix’s words embarrassed him.On the other hand, Felix was delighted to see the
infuriating scowl on Clayton’s face.“What’s the matter? Am I not speaking the truth?”“What’s there for
you to be gleeful about, Felix? Did you think that you’d be anyone if not for Tristan?” If the Northley
family had not relied on the Lombard family, they would not have achieved anything. Who gave you the
courage to act high and mighty despite having the need to rely on someone else in life?”“Do you all see
that? That’s jealousy! You want to butter the Lombard family up too, but Mr. Tristan didn’t give you the
chance to do that.” Felix did not think that it was anything embarrassing to be closely connected to the
Lombard family at all.He still felt that Tristan was the top banana in Jipsdale, and Tristan was more
capable than anyone of them.Clayton only became even more irked at Felix’s expression.“What’s the
matter? Are you still not going to leave? Are you still trying to go head-on against Mr. Tristan?” Felix
taunted with a grin.“You—” Clayton was livid, and he wanted to give it to Felix. Unfortunately, the power
he had did not allow him to do so.“We’re leaving.” Clayton still could not challenge Tristan, but that was
all right. One day, he would certainly get Tristan to go on his knees before him.“Ha!” Felix was thrilled to
see Clayton and his men leave. He immediately called Tristan, “Mr. Tristan, are you really not going to
come here? If you’re not, I’m going to go in and meet Phantom.”Tristan was just done with his shower&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;when Felix called, and he only had a towel wrapped around his body.He had such a great body. His
Apollo’s belt was simply enticing to anyone who saw it.As Tristan dried his hair, he said, “Do you think
that you’ll be able to meet Phantom if you go in now? You’ve been going after Phantom for such a long
time, but you still don’t know how well Phantom can hide from us?”Felix turned quiet, but he did not
give up yet.He was sure that he would be able to finally meet Phantom.“I’m not going to talk to you
anymore. I’m going in.” With that said, Felix ended the call and headed upstairs. However, upon
entering, he was greeted with the sight of a flawlessly renovated place with not a single soul
around.“F*ck! I’ve deliberately given up on my sleep and come all the way here only to see this?” Felix
roared at his men.“Mr. Northley, we don’t know why things turned out this way too. This is indeed
Wings of Light’s headquarters, but there isn’t anyone around at all.”It’s not as if we’re feeding you the
wrong information!Felix then walked around to scan the surroundings.“No one’s allowed to touch
anything here. These are all Phantom’s possessions.”How can ordinary people like them touch
Phantom’s devices?“Mr. Northley, they’re just computers.”Isn’t he overreacting?“What do you mean by
‘they’re just computers’? Is the computer the main point? The main point is the person who has been
using these computers!”To sum it up, Felix was truly a hard-core fan of Phantom.He worshiped
Phantom’s skills.Thus, his men hastily reassured, “Alright, we won’t touch anything!”It’s no joke! He’s
completely head over heels for Phantom!Felix wanted to turn on the computers to find out what was in
them.However, when he thought about how the computers belonged to Phantom and about how he
had a favor to ask of Phantom, he kept his hands to himself.That night, Sophie fell into a deep
sleep.When she woke up, Butterfly called again.“Phantom, someone else came, and no one dared to
touch all our things after that.”“I see,” Sophie muttered flatly. “Who was it?”“It was Felix Northley, the
CEO of Northley Group.” Everyone who came to our base is a big shot!&#lt;/p&#gt;
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