Novel Name : Anything For Her

Anything For Her Chapter 206

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&#lt;p&#gt;Chapter 206 Her Heart MeltsWithout uttering a single word, Willow stared at her mother with a
stubborn look.“You’ve rarely been ill-treated since you were a child. Sophie did go a little overboard
today,” Charmaine comforted.It broke her heart to see Willow fall sick and lost her voice after staying in
the bathroom for the entire night.“You should eat something before sleeping. I’ve already called the
doctor, so just stay at home for these couple of days.”Josiah was already pretty unhappy with Willow
when she didn’t attend the final exam. If she went out of the house under the current circumstances, it
would only piss the old man off even more. Willow nodded. That was the only thing she could do for the
moment. Once I recover, I will start anew. I refuse to believe that I can’t beat Sophie!It wasn’t until
Charmaine saw her daughter eating breakfast that she headed downstairs.When she saw that Sophie
was about to leave with her bag, she called her out.Hearing her mother’s voice, Sophie stopped and
glanced at the woman. What does she want? Is she trying to stand up for Willow? It would make sense
since both of them had been on the same side.“Soph—” There were a lot of things Charmaine wanted
to say, but the moment her eyes met her daughter’s cold gaze, she swallowed all her words.That was
how her daughter was like.Logically, she should’ve been the closest to her youngest daughter, yet
Sophie always looked at her with that cold gaze, making it difficult for her to love her daughter.“Soph,
you see, your sister simply lost her rationality for a moment there! Please don’t take it to heart, okay?
She got terribly sick after staying in that cold, damp bathroom all night! That’s enough of a punishment,
don’t you think? Please just let her go!” Knowing that Sophie had always been a ruthless person,
Charmaine couldn’t help but worry for Willow.
&#lt;p&#gt;Sophie raised her eyebrow. “Don’t worry. Since Grandpa said that the chapter is closed, I’ll stick to
that!”That was a promise she was still willing to fulfill.Even though we’re mother and daughter, we’ve
reached a point where there’s nothing much for us to talk about anymore. With no other choice,
Charmaine said, “All right. Go and do your things then.”It was the only way she could think of to hide
the awkwardness hanging in the air.Sophie didn’t pay attention to her mother’s attitude and left the
Tanner residence.Upon watching that scene, a housekeeper couldn’t help but say, “Ms. Sophie is
crossing the line here. No matter what, you’re still her mother! How can she treat you with an attitude&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;like that?”She just couldn’t watch it any longer. “In the end, Ms. Willow is still better. Daughters should
act more like her. Even after Ms. Sophie becomes successful, she still won’t treat you well, Mrs.
Tanner. That’s not just my opinion. That’s a fact. In the end, Ms. Willow will be the one who’ll take good
care of you!”Hearing that assessment, Charmaine agreed in her mind. Yeah! So what if Sophie is
capable? We’re not on the same side. Even if she becomes successful in the future, she won’t care
much about me and my interest!“Take good care of Ms. Willow and let the doctor check up on her later!
I heard there’s a really good scar removal medicine in Anglandur, so I’ll ask people to find it!” She
wasn’t willing to let Willow’s hand stay ruined and would do her best to get the best scar removal
medicine.“All right, Mrs. Tanner. I’ll check and see if the doctor has arrived!” The housekeeper preferred
Willow. At that point, she treated Willow as her own daughter, which was why she cared greatly about
Willow’s matters.
&#lt;p&#gt;When Sophie exited the Tanner residence, Tristan was already waiting outside. Even on a snowy day,
his silver car was still dazzling.She approached the vehicle, opened the door, and fastened her seatbelt
after going in. It was then she noticed he had been staring at her.“What are you looking at? Is there
something on my face?” she asked. Even if there is, he shouldn’t be staring at me like this! I can feel
my cheeks getting hotter…“It’s nothing. I’m just feeling very grateful that the world has blessed me with
a woman that I really like,” Tristan flirted.That rendered her speechless. Where did he learn such a
corny line? I’m really surprised.“All right, let’s go!” Sophie requested. It’s about time for me to head
to Transfix Cosmetics! These few days will be our final sprint to the finish line.Staring at her reddened
ears, he couldn’t help but chuckle.The line he used was something he came across when he was
scrolling his phone earlier. There was no way he could’ve said something like that in the past. For some
reason, he wanted to try it in the morning, so he did.
&#lt;p&#gt;To his surprise, it gave him an opportunity to see Sophie’s ears getting red.Throughout the ride, Tristan
was in an extremely good mood until he reached Transfix Cosmetics. It was then he felt slightly sullen
because he wished they could’ve stayed together a little longer. However, it couldn’t be helped because&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;even Lombard Group would get very busy at the end of the year. Otherwise, he would’ve insisted they
stayed together longer.“I’ll be leaving now!” In the end, Sophie spoke up when she saw the longing look
on his face. They were both busy people, after all, so they couldn’t stay together all the time.“Don’t you
want to go to Lombard Group with me, Sophie?”“No!” she rejected. Why would I want to go to Lombard
Group? I have things to do! Tanner Group may not be comparable to Lombard group right now, but
that’ll change in the future.“Alright then!” Tristan was at a loss for words. Why did I ask her that
question? I’m just humiliating myself! “In any case, don’t wear yourself down too much since your
holidays have just started. Remember to call me if you have time!” It made his heart ache to see her, a
senior who had yet to graduate, taking care of so many complicated things.“Okay. I’ll be going up now!”
Sophie was going to be late if she dragged on.“Mhm, go ahead! I’ll watch you go up from here.” He still
didn’t want to leave.“Come on, Mr. Tristan. Stop acting this way or I’ll feel burdened!” As she spoke,
she couldn’t help but smile faintly.That faint smile was enough for him to do anything she
wanted.“Come over here!” Tristan gestured for her to come closer with his finger.It was as if she was
guided by something, she actually listened to him and stood in front of him. He hugged her waist and
kissed her on the forehead. “If you come across anything that you can’t handle, you must remember
that you always have my support, okay? I’ll always be here waiting for you twenty-four-seven no matter
what happens.”“It’s not like Transfix Cosmetics is a hell where no mortals ever return after stepping in
there, Mr. Tristan. Please don’t exaggerate. Anyway, I really need to go now! Time’s ticking!”“Mhm!”
Tristan finally let go of Sophie’s waist, which was pleasant to the touch.It felt so nice that he didn’t want
to let her go.When she turned around, she saw Wilma leading a couple of hotties from Transfix
Cosmetics.They all greeted her when they saw her turning around.“You’re here, Ms. Sophie!” Wilma
spoke with a smile.Indeed, they were standing there watching the romantic scene unfold earlier. Hence,
when they were noticed by Sophie, they felt slightly awkward.“Mr. Tristan is so handsome, Ms. Sophie!
Staring at him makes me feel like my heart is melting!”“Ms. Sophie is good-looking too, okay? The two
of them look like they are the main characters from a tv show!”“Even the main characters in those
shows are incomparable to Ms. Sophie in terms of appearance! Our Ms. Sophie is so beautiful that
she’s probably better looking than everyone in the entertainment industry!”&#lt;/p&#gt;

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