Novel Name : Anything For Her

Anything For Her Chapter 221

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&#lt;p&#gt;Chapter 221 It Is Good To Be My Girlfriend “All right. I’ll meet you at Lombard Group later in the
afternoon. Remember to come down and get me, okay?” Ysabelle had not forgotten how she was not
allowed to go up to the office. Her status as Tristan’s niece was not as good as being Tristan’s
girlfriend. “Okay. I’m going to hang up if there’s nothing else. Your uncle is waiting for me to have
lunch.” Ysabelle was speechless. Okay, then. I don’t feel too bad if she’s eating with Uncle Tristan.
“Was that Ysabelle?” “Yep.
&#lt;p&#gt;She says she’s coming over in the afternoon to keep me company. Since we haven’t met for a couple
of days, I said yes. You don’t mind it, do you?” “I don’t…” “Really?” Sophia asked quizzically. Why does
he look like he’s bothered about it? Tristan placed his arm around her shoulders and brought her over
to get their food. After that, they found a table by the window and sat down. “I really don’t mind it. It
must be boring being around me, right? Am I a boring person?” Sophie had totally forgotten all about
the conversation from earlier. What’s Mr. Tristan talking about? Is he a boring person? Does he have
some wrong understanding of himself? “Nope. You’re not a boring person at all. In fact, you’re very
interesting!” she answered. How can an outstanding man like Tristan have such a major
misunderstanding about himself? “That’s great. I was worried you’d be bored being around me,” Tristan
&#lt;p&#gt;The food served in Lombard Group’s cafeteria was the best, unlike most companies. In those
companies, employees would order takeaway or head out during lunchtime. To solve the employees’
meal problem, Lombard Group had specially hired a few five-star chefs who were well adept at cooking
all kinds of cuisines. Thus, Sophie was quite satisfied with the dishes she was served. They looked
good and smelled amazing. “It must be nice working for you,” Sophie said as she took a bite of her
food. As expected, it was on par with the food sold in restaurants out there. “It’s always good to be my
girlfriend,” Tristan said with a smile. His words left Sophie stumped. Fine. It must be nice to be
associated with Mr. Tristan, no matter what the relationship is. Before Tristan and Sophie finished their
food, Felix, who heard the news about Tristan eating at the cafeteria, immediately hurried over.&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;The moment Felix spotted Sophie, he could not help but say, “Mr. Tristan, this isn’t nice of you. It’s Ms.
Tanner’s first visit to our company, and you’re letting her eat in our cafeteria?” “What’s the problem? Is
the food in our cafeteria inedible?” Tristan did not welcome Felix, for the latter was intruding on his
alone time with Sophie. Why on earth did he come here for? “I’m a man. What I eat doesn’t matter.” Of
course, Felix was relatively satisfied with the food served in Lombard Group’s cafeteria. In fact, he had
gotten himself some food too. “Sophie, it must be nice having your holidays now, right?” he asked. She
can go anywhere and do whatever she wants the entire day. Gosh, I miss those days. It’s so sad that I
can’t return to those days anymore. “I suppose so.” Though it was the holidays, she had been keeping
herself busy. “It’s nicer if someone gets lost. Why don’t you just get lost?” Tristan snapped coldly.
Felix’s feelings were rather hurt by those words. “Mr. Tristan, you hurt my feelings. You never treated
me like this in the past. Didn’t you always like me?
&#lt;p&#gt;Things are really different now that you have Sophie.” Felix pretended to wipe his tears with his
handkerchief. Sophie was rendered speechless by his act. “Get lost! You’re not important to me, so you
can get lost now,” Tristan said impolitely. “No. I haven’t met Sophie for many days. You might not miss
me, but I bet Sophie does. Don’t you, Sophie?” Felix asked. Surely girls won’t be that savage? “Sorry to
disappoint you, but I don’t,” replied Sophie. She did not bother sparing his dignity. Felix glared at the
duo. “Can you two not be so heartless?” he reprimanded. This is too much. I came over to eat with
them because I find it boring to eat alone. Do they really have to dislike me so much? Alas, Sophie
ignored him and lowered her head to continue eating. At the same time, Tristan realized she was
already too full to eat. However, she was still forcing herself to finish the food because she did not want
to waste it. “You don’t have to force yourself if you can’t eat anymore.”
&#lt;p&#gt;Though he hoped Sophie could eat more, she was already at the limit of her appetite. She would feel
unwell if he forced her to finish her food. “Okay.” Sophie did not force herself to eat either. There was
still a lot of food left, even though she had asked the employee to reduce her portion. I think my
appetite has gotten worse recently. “Exactly. Don’t worry about it. Mr. Tristan won’t mind finishing it if
there are leftovers,” Felix said. Isn’t it normal for couples to do that? “It’s fine,” Sophie said. I can just&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;throw my leftovers. We’re at Lombard Group, after all. I don’t think it’s a good idea to let Tristan eat my
leftovers in front of his employees. Regardless, Tristan still took her tray of food after finishing his. “It’s
okay. I’m not full, anyway.” “You don’t have to do this, Mr. Tristan. You’re already full,” Sophie said. It
was not their first time having a meal together. Naturally, she knew how big his appetite was. “She’s
right, Mr. Tristan. If you keep this up, I’m afraid you’ll go out of shape. What are you going to do if
Sophie is disgusted by your figure?” Felix asked. Tristan was speechless. “Don’t worry, Fatty Felix. I’m
not the kind of person who’ll get fat from eating,” he teased.
&#lt;p&#gt;“Mr. Tristan, you’re going overboard. How could you call me that? I’m not fat, okay?” In truth, Felix was
once quite fat for a period when he was about eight years old. However, he refused to think of that
chapter in his life for it was his dark past. After all, Felix was someone who was exceptionally particular
about his image. “You used to be a fatty?” Sophie could not picture Felix being a fat kid. Though he
was not as good-looking as Tristan, Felix was quite a dashing person. “Don’t you dare call me that,
Sophie. Otherwise, I’m going to get mad at you.” “So what if you do?” Sophie asked seriously. Felix
glanced at Tristan. In the end, he had no choice but to continue eating. She was right. I won’t dare to
do anything to Mr. Tristan’s woman—nothing at all. I can only seethe in silence. Can there be anyone in
this world who feels more miserable than me? “Sophie, stop bullying him already,”
&#lt;p&#gt;Tristan said, chuckling. Felix shot him a grateful glance. “I knew I have a special place in your heart,
Mr. Tristan. What you said earlier really touched me.” “You’re overthinking it. I just figured I won’t have
anyone to work like a slave for me if you die being bullied.” Felix was stumped. Sophie could not help
but chuckle at those words. The way he put it makes Felix look really pitiful. Suddenly, Felix got to his
feet. “I give up talking to both of you. You’re too much. This is basically a fight of two against one. How
can I possibly defeat you guys?” “You’ll never win, even if Sophie was alone.”&#lt;/p&#gt;
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