Novel Name : Anything For Her

Anything For Her Chapter 222

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&#lt;p&#gt;Chapter 222 Wrong Move Felix was rendered speechless. “If that’s the case, Mr. Tristan, what’s the
point of continuing this conversation?” Sophie asked. Sophie’s words made sense to Felix. Why am I
bringing this upon myself? Wouldn’t it be nice if I stayed in the office and enjoyed the air conditioning?
Why did I have to come here to torture myself? Sophie got to her feet and was about to pick up the tray
to return it when Tristan stopped her. He was never going to let her do that. “Just leave it to Felix. He’ll
handle it. There’s no need for you to do it.” With that, Tristan handed Felix both their trays.
&#lt;p&#gt;Felix was befuddled. Did I say yes? Did I say I’d return their trays? He keeps getting on my nerves!
How dare he keep bullying me? “What’s wrong? Do you have a problem with it? Don’t worry. I’ll
definitely listen to you if you tell me about it.” “Really?” Felix was even more doubtful of Tristan. He was
never going to believe the latter’s words. “Let’s hear it.” Tristan smirked. Noting his expression, Felix
shot to his feet. Forget it. Why should I? I’m nothing in the presence of Sophie. What’s the point of
talking about rights? I don’t have them. I don’t have them at all. Silently, Felix picked up the trays and
returned them. Oh, well. I should say nothing and just do my tasks. “Mr. Tristan, don’t you think you’re
bullying him too much?” Sophie asked. Felix looks quite pitiful. “You think so, too? I’ll go easier on him
next time, then.” Nathan was thoroughly speechless. He quietly returned the trays to their designated
spot. What on earth? This is ridiculous.
&#lt;p&#gt;How could they do this to me? Alas, he could only seethe in silence. When he had returned from
putting back the trays, he said immediately, “All right. I’ll get going since I’ve still got some work to do.”
“Are you sure you’re going to leave just like that?” “Why not? Do I look like a masochist? Why would I
make myself suffer by watching you two publicly displaying your affection for one another?” “All right. If
you want to leave so much, then I shall not stop you. I wonder if Ysabelle will be bored when she
comes later in the afternoon.” “What? Really? Are you pulling my leg?” The cafeteria’s floor was a little
slippery. Before the employee could even start cleaning, Tristan grabbed Sophie’s waist to prevent her
from falling. “I’m fine, Mr. Tristan. Besides, I don’t think this is appropriate when there are so many&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;employees from your company in this cafeteria.” “There’s nothing inappropriate about this,” Tristan
said. He did not think it was a big deal when he was finally showing his affection for her.
&#lt;p&#gt;“Mr. Tristan, I know you’re really nice to me. Anyway, I’m going to Quadfield for a business trip in a few
days. Can I bring Ysabelle along with me?” Felix asked. Tristan raised his brow. This man is starting to
forget his place just because I’m treating him a little nicer. “Felix, Ysabelle is still very young. Don’t you
think you’re going a little too far?” “But Sophie’s younger than Ysabelle,” Felix could not help but
mumble. Sophie feigned ignorance at those words. In all seriousness, Tristan was a gentlemanly
person. Even if she was alone with him, the most he would do were giving her hugs and kisses.
“Excuse me. I’m not the same as you. I’ve gotten her parent’s approval. What about you? Have you
done the same?” Tristan refuted. He was someone approved by Josiah. “Fine. You win!” Felix snapped.
It was not going to be easy for Felix to date Ysabelle. After all, they had a huge age gap between them.
Felix felt a little depressed. Suddenly, Sophie, who had been silent the entire time, spoke.
&#lt;p&#gt;“Felix, I believe you’ll succeed.” Her encouragement cheered Felix up. “That’s right. I’ll definitely make
it,” said Felix. How could I give up when I haven’t started pursuing her? Soon, the trio returned to
Tristan’s office. When Felix saw Sophie playing a game on her phone, he quickly hurried over. “You
play this game, too?” asked Felix. He occasionally played the game when he was feeling bored. In fact,
his rank was quite high. “Let’s have a match,” Felix suggested, taking a seat in front of her. “Sure.”
Hearing her agreement, Felix instantly formed a group, added her as a friend, and also added her into
the group. “I’ve got to warn you. I won’t go easy on you. Don’t cry when you lose, okay?” Felix said,
chuckling. Sophie was utterly baffled by his words. Where on earth did he get that confidence from? I
play this game seriously, too. “Don’t worry. I won’t cry. Just make sure you don’t.” Felix took a deep
breath and pulled himself together. I’m going to win one round today, no matter what. She’s going to
lose! Right then, Tristan walked over to Sophie. “Trash him however you want,” he said. He knew
Sophie was quite skilled since he had watched her playing games before. “Don’t cross the line, Mr.
Tristan. Haven’t you seen my ranking? I’ve been playing this game for some time. Tsk. I wanted to go&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;easy on Sophie. Now that you two have said so, I guess I’ll be letting you down if I don’t bully Sophie.”
“So you want to bully her, eh?
&#lt;p&#gt;That really depends on if you have what it takes. What’s the use of just building castles in the air?”
Tristan said disdainfully. “Very well. You are very brave. Since you’ve said so, I won’t be going easy,
then. Otherwise, I’ll be letting your expectations down.” “Cut the cr*ap. Just start already,” said Sophie,
pressing the start button. Felix was on full alert, waiting with bated breath. However, the game had just
started, but he looked as though he was already losing. “Pfft. How ambitious of you to want to bully
Sophie with that skill of yours.” Tristan could not be bothered to continue watching. After all, it was clear
who was going to win. There was nothing fun about watching it. Sure enough, Felix lost terribly in the
first match, while Sophie won it easily. “Sophie, you must’ve purchased game credits, right? I’ve never
bought any with my account. There’s nothing to be proud of about winning this round if you’ve bought
game credits,” Felix commented. That must be the only reason she won. Otherwise, how could Sophie
play so well without purchasing game credits?
&#lt;p&#gt;“Purchasing game credits? Do you think I have the money to do that?” Felix refused to accept her
answer. “Are you even human, Sophie? You must be an alien, aren’t you?” Felix asked seriously.
Hearing that, Sophie stared at him as if he was a lunatic. What’s wrong with him? Tristan, on the other
hand, could not help but laugh out loud. “Oh, please forgive him. He’s never encountered such a strong
opponent. In fact, it’s his first time losing so terribly. It’s only normal for him to go a little crazy.” Felix
was utterly upset. This couple is too united. I am not a match against them. Urgh, I can’t even win
against them in arguments. Oh, this is so sad. “Is Ysabelle really coming?” he asked.
&#lt;p&#gt;Truth was, he was waiting there just to meet Ysabelle. “I’m not sure. Why don’t you give her a call and
ask her about it? You can leave if you have matters to deal with. I don’t think there’ll be anyone asking
you to stay.” Those words left Felix speechless. Forget it. I’ll bear with this for the sake of Ysabelle.
“Let’s have another match. I must’ve played the wrong move just now.” “Are you sure?” Sophie asked.&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;She had already exited the game and put down her phone. Both of them were on totally different levels.
“I’m sure. Come on. I don’t believe I can’t win. I’m going to make you lose terribly this time.”&#lt;/p&#gt;
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