Novel Name : Anything For Her

Anything For Her Chapter 223

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&#lt;p&#gt;Chapter 223 Password “Felix, who do you wanna beat, huh? You’re really daring. How dare you lay
your hands on our Sophie!” Ysabelle heard Felix’s voice the moment she reached the door and rushed
in at once. When Felix saw his beloved, he quickly said with a pitiful expression, “Ysabelle, you’re
finally here! Before you came, the two of them kept bullying me. It was really bad that there was no one
on my side.
&#lt;p&#gt;Do you know how helpless I felt?” “Oh,” Ysabelle replied as she put down her bag and walked toward
Sophie. Standing behind the woman, she continued, “Sophie, feel free to torture him. Don’t hold back
yeah!” Felix was speechless when he heard that. She had blatantly ignored his plea for sympathy. It
was as if she had not heard anything he had just said. The man sighed and said, “Why is my life so
miserable? No one listens to me, and no one wants to help me.” Felix was wallowing in self-pity and
started feeling more and more miserable as he spoke. “You…” Ysabelle was completely speechless
after hearing the man’s words and did not know what to say to him. “Let’s start now!” Since Felix was
so keen on playing, Sophie decided to grant his wish and make him lose everything he had. Felix had
the upper hand at the start of the game. Feeling pleased, he said smugly, “Ysabelle, you’re my lucky
star indeed! My luck has started to pick up ever since you got here.” Ysabelle could not help but glare
at him. It’s just a game. What has his luck got to do with me! “Sophie, you can do it!
&#lt;p&#gt;Look at how smug he is. You need to show him your prowess and make him beg for mercy.” What’s
there to be smug about? Sophie replied with an okay sign and said, “Don’t worry. He won’t be laughing
for long.” Ysabelle was utterly mesmerized by the look in Sophie’s eyes when she said that. “Sophie,
you’re so cool! You’re totally my fantasy!” Felix was slightly infuriated when he saw that Ysabelle was
behaving just like a teenage girl who was talking to her idol. “Ysabelle, she’s a woman.” Felix could not
help but remind Ysabelle. He had no doubts that if he had not spoken up, Ysabelle would really end up
falling in love with Sophie. Although the man could not deny that Sophie was indeed very charming, he
was not pleased that the woman he liked was also falling for her charm.&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;“So what? Are you discriminating against homosexuals?” Ysabelle asked without worrying that she
would be judged. “No. Why would I?” Felix was at an utter loss for words. Since anything he said
seemed to be wrong, he decided to keep quiet. Felix ended up losing the game miserably after being
distracted. There was simply nothing he could do to turn the situation around. With that, he tossed his
phone aside. His beloved had finally arrived, but she ended up becoming Sophie’s ally instead.
Previously, it was two against one, and it ended up becoming three against one. Is this really my fate?
Why is it so miserable! “Are you willing to admit defeat now? If not, we can always go for another
round.” Sophie was confident that she would be able to crush Felix no matter how many games they
played. Felix fell on the couch and pretended to faint. He did not feel like speaking as he needed to
reflect on his life and find out why he was such a failure! Ysabelle could not help but laugh in
amusement at the man’s reaction. She grabbed a toothpick and took a piece of fruit for Felix. “Here,
have some fruits. Don’t be too disheartened. Losing a few games to Sophie isn’t that embarrassing.”
“All right then!” Felix sat up and had some fruits with Ysabelle. Seeing that the man had perked up,
Ysabelle returned to sit next to Sophie. “Sophie, how can you be so amazing!
&#lt;p&#gt;You’re as good as those professional players!” Although Ysabelle was not a gamer, her deskmate
enjoyed playing games and would watch gaming streams whenever she had free time. As such
Ysabelle knew a bit about games. “I’m just average!” Sophie replied humbly. She did not think that
playing games well was a big deal. “You should have some fruits too!” Ysabelle passed Sophie a piece
of fruit. Instead of taking it over from Ysabelle, Sophie ate it from the woman’s hand directly. Seeing
that, Felix was no longer able to remain calm. What was that??? “I want you to feed me too,” Felix said
to Ysabelle. Ysabelle was speechless. “Well, it’s up to you whether you want to eat it or not!” Ysabelle
chose to ignore the man’s request. There was no way she was going to feed him. “Ysabelle, I didn’t
know you’re someone who would show favoritism!” Felix continued eating the fruits. I need to be
strong. I can take care of myself! After hanging out for a while, Tristan and Felix went to attend a
meeting, leaving Sophie and Ysabelle in the office. Ysabelle started watching the videos on singing
tutorials that Sophie had sent her, while Sophie turned on Tristan’s computer.&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;However, Tristan’s computer was password-protected. “What’s wrong?” Noticing Sophie’s inaction,
Ysabelle walked toward the woman and saw the login screen. “Oh, it’s password-protected! Try Uncle
Tristan’s birthday? 1XXXXX,” Ysabelle guessed. “Never mind! I don’t have to use the computer. Or I
can borrow one from the secretaries instead.” Since Tristan added a password to his laptop, it was
probably because he did not want others to use it. As such, Sophie decided to forget about it. “What
are you afraid of? It’s just a computer. If you ask for it, Uncle Tristan would gladly give you his life!”
Seeing that Sophie did not reply, Ysabelle continued, “I’m serious. Trust me!” Ysabelle proceeded to
type in Tristan’s birthday in the password box. However, it was not the correct password. As Ysabelle’s
password was her birthday, she had assumed that it would be the same for everyone else! How is this
possible! “Let’s try my birthday instead!” Ysabelle suggested, thinking that it was possible, given that
Tristan used to treat her pretty well. However, it was still the wrong password. “Could his password be
your birthday instead? That would be so romantic!” “Soph, let’s try your birthday!” Ysabelle said
expectantly, feeling pretty sure that they would finally get it right! “Let’s just forget it! I can just use my
phone.” Sophie had promised The Wheelers that she would write them a song. As she was feeling
rather bored and happened to have some inspiration, she thought of penning something down.
However, since she did not have access to a computer, she decided to write it another day instead as it
wasn’t urgent.
&#lt;p&#gt;“It wouldn’t hurt for us to try!” Ysabelle entered Sophie’s password, but it was still incorrect. Ysabelle
was overwhelmed with awkwardness when she saw that, and she even had the urge to chop her hands
off that instant. That was such a stupid idea! It’s so awkward now! “Ummm… Soph, Uncle Tristan is
someone who doesn’t think like us! So, it doesn’t matter if his password isn’t your birthday.”
&#lt;p&#gt;“It’s fine. I’m not that narcissistic!” Initially, Sophie wasn’t curious but she was really interested to know
what Tristan’s password was at that moment. However, she couldn’t hack into Tristan’s computer when
Ysabelle was still around as that would seem too insolent!&#lt;/p&#gt;
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