Novel Name : Anything For Her

Anything For Her Chapter 225

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&#lt;p&#gt;Chapter 225 Make Him Pay “Everything’s okay with the contract.” She had yet to use her last resort. “I
have just completed the song. I’ll email it to you in a short while.” “All right.” She acted swiftly. However,
after listening to the tune, all the members of The Wheelers were astonished. “I know Sophie is a
genius. Just look at this song. I’m sure it will be a hit this time.” Although there were no lyrics in the
song yet, Sophie had never let them down before. Mark nodded in approval. “Sophie is naturally gifted
in music. To be honest, it will be a pity if she doesn’t venture further into this industry.” They could not
understand why she did not want to pursue a career in music given her outstanding talents.
&#lt;p&#gt;Then again, everyone had their own ambitions, and it was still her choice at the end of the day. “Mark,
let’s listen to it one more time.” “Okay.” Meanwhile, both Tristan and Felix had just returned to the office
when Clayton phoned them. “Mr. Tristan, it’s Clayton.” Tristan took the phone. “Mr. Zales, shouldn’t you
be very busy at this hour? How is it you still have the time to call me?” said Tristan nonchalantly.
Clayton was furious when he heard that sarcastic remark. D*mn it! He’s doing it on purpose. This is so
evil of him. “I can never be as busy as you are, Mr. Tristan!” uttered Clayton. Even though he was
hopping mad, Clayton had no choice but to be humble since he needed Tristan’s help. “So, tell me!”
Tristan sounded high and mighty. “Mr. Tristan, I don’t wish to get involved with the investment
anymore.” “Oh, is that what this is about? It’s fine. If you don’t want to join in, you can always make
your exit.” Clayton was so infuriated that he could not respond for a moment.
&#lt;p&#gt;“Mr. Tristan, I will agree to any of your terms and conditions without another word. I only have one
request. Please let me off the hook this time around!” “Mr. Zales, I never expect to hear you beg,” said
Tristan with a snort. Does he really think I’m someone he can mess with? Clayton was very angry, but
he did not utter a single word. “Just let Felix know what you need! I’m busy.” With that, Tristan handed
the phone over to Felix. “Mr. Northley, can you please put in a few good words for me in front of Mr.
Tristan?” pleaded Clayton. At the present moment, he needed his funds to be returned to him as soon
as possible. Otherwise, Zales Corporation might face bankruptcy. Zales Corporation was everything to&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;him. He could not watch his efforts go down the drain. There was no way he could let that happen. “It’s
like this. One of Mr. Tristan’s friends is interested in The Wheelers.
&#lt;p&#gt;He wants you to terminate your contract with them!” Now that The Wheelers was so popular, it would
be difficult for them to get Clayton to terminate the contract with the band. “The Wheelers?” True
enough, Clayton’s heart skipped a beat when he heard Felix’s request. “What’s wrong? Are you not
willing to do so? If that’s the case, there’s nothing we can do about your situation.” Felix was relentless.
“Of course not! Since Mr. Tristan is interested in The Wheelers, I will terminate my contract with them.
I’ll contact them right away.” At that moment, Clayton had no choice but to do as he was told. Felix was
finally satisfied. “Clayton, don’t say I didn’t warn you! In the future, don’t ever touch anything that
belongs to Mr. Tristan.” What! “Yes, yes. I understand. Mr. Northley, you’re right. I will never dare to
touch anything that belongs to Mr. Tristan!” Felix ended the call after that. It was a waste of his time to
spend even one more second talking to that man. “What’s wrong?” Sophie, who had been silent all the
while, finally spoke. “Sophie, do you not know what Mr. Tristan has done for The Wheelers?”
&#lt;p&#gt;Felix felt that there was nothing wrong with Sophie knowing what Tristan had done. However, Tristan’s
thinking was different from that of Felix. Tristan did not do all those things to gain the gratitude of
Tanner Group nor did he wish to impose more burden on Sophie. “Felix!” Tristan shot him a warning
look. Doesn’t he know what to say and what not to say? Felix had no choice but to keep his mouth
shut. To be honest, he could not understand what Tristan was thinking about. Now was the time to let
Sophie know what he had done so as to win her heart. Ysabelle cast a glance at Felix before looking at
her uncle.
&#lt;p&#gt;“Uncle Tristan, let Felix say whatever he wants.” She knew that her uncle had treated Sophie very well.
He had done many things for her dear friend without asking for anything in return. As far as Ysabelle
was concerned, it was all right for Sophie to know about what Tristan had done and felt moved by it.
“Go! I’m feeling a little hungry. Go with Felix and buy some snacks back,” ordered Tristan. “Shouldn’t
the secretary be the one to do this?” Ysabelle did not want to go, but Felix dragged her along with him.&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;Does this girl have a death wish? How dare she defy Mr. Tristan! Once they were out of Tristan’s office,
Ysabelle ask unhappily, “Why did you pull me out of there? You can pick up the food by yourself. Why
do you need me to go too?” “Ysabelle, don’t be ungrateful. I just saved your life. Aren’t you aware of
your uncle’s style?” “I’m not afraid of him. Now that I have Sophie as my backer, there’s nothing Uncle
Tristan can do to me.” She was well aware of the current situation. That’s true! What she said is the
truth. Whatever Sophie says now outweighs anything else. “Then, just keep me accompanied. It’s so
lonely for me to go and buy snacks all alone.” Although Ysabelle was unwilling, she still ended up
following Felix. Only Tristan and Sophie were left in the office.
&#lt;p&#gt;“Now that the contract of The Wheelers has been settled, you should be able to relax. Right?” Since
what happened the last time, he knew how special The Wheelers were to her. Therefore, he was willing
to help her settle issues with The Wheelers’ contract at any cost this time around. She had heard
everything earlier on. That was why she asked, “Mr. Tristan, whatever Clayton has asked you for must
have been difficult for you to agree to!” Now that things had come to this stage, it would be pointless for
her to say anything pretentious. However, she was determined to take back whatever Clayton had
taken from Tristan and more in the future. “It’s nothing. Clayton has no other option. The outcome
would have been the same even if I have agreed to his request.” Right now, Clayton was trying his best
to keep his company afloat. He was no longer a threat to them.
&#lt;p&#gt;“Okay.” Naturally, Sophie knew how powerful Tristan was. However, Sophie did not like the idea of her
people being threatened by anyone. That made her feel very uncomfortable. Therefore, by the time
Clayton managed to catch his breath, his assistant came running to him again. “Mr. Zales, something
just happened at the head office again. We are unable to find out who the culprit is.” His assistant was
trembling all over. Who have we offended recently?&#lt;/p&#gt;
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