Novel Name : Anything For Her

Anything For Her Chapter 228

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&#lt;p&#gt;Chapter 228 Release Her “Your company needs a network security engineer, right? I know a friend
who is good at this. Why don’t you give him a chance?” “You know someone who is in this field?” Felix
blurted out. “Yes, I do. You can interview him. If he isn’t suitable, then you don’t have to hire him for my
sake.” She was confident that the person she recommended would be perfect for the job. “Okay. You
can ask him to come for an interview.” Despite agreeing to her suggestion, Tristan wasn’t really
interested in that candidate. For the past few years, he found many experts who ended up
disappointing him. Phantom was the only one who had roused his interest. Sophie knew Tristan only
agreed to give the person a chance on her account. Obviously, he didn’t trust her when she claimed the
candidate was capable enough. Never mind. He’ll soon know how capable the person is.
&#lt;p&#gt;All my friends are competent and can handle difficult situations on their own. “If that’s the case, cancel
the meeting with the engineers.” After all, they did their best, but they just weren’t good enough. Thus,
they didn’t live up to his expectations. “Sure, Mr. Tristan. Can we go have lunch now?” Charles and
Sean were still waiting for them. “Let’s go. By the way, can you pick Sarah up, Felix?” Tristan asked.
Sarah had called him a while ago. When she learned that Sophie was with him, she insisted on having
lunch together with them. “All right. Ysabelle, come with me!” Felix whispered in Ysabelle’s ear, “You
need to come with me. I don’t really have any common topics with Sarah, so it will be boring if I were to
go alone.” “Felix, how dare you say it’s boring to be with Aunt Sarah? She’d definitely teach you a
lesson!” Ysabelle retorted. Sarah was an incredible woman. “Hey, Ysabelle. How could you do this to
me? Are you bullying me just like them?” Felix protested. Did I do anything wrong? I like Ysabelle, but
that’s not a crime. Why are they all bullying me? “Fine, I shall come with you.
&#lt;p&#gt;Uncle Tristan, Felix and I shall go pick Aunt Sarah up!” After Felix and Ysabelle left, Tristan asked, “You
don’t mind having lunch with them, right?” Sophie shook her head. “It’s fine. I don’t mind.” It just so
happened that she had something to hand to Sarah and could do so during today’s meeting. After all,
she would be busy starting tomorrow. “Let’s go. We shall head to Blossom Garden first. Charles and
Sean are already waiting for us there.” Tristan took her down jacket and helped her to put it on. He&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;even pulled out her hair that got stuck beneath the down jacket and put her hat on for her. They had to
put on proper clothing that was warm enough for the weather. After that, Tristan put on his own jacket
and led her out. When Daphne saw that they were leaving, she bade them goodbye politely, “Goodbye,
Mr. Tristan. Ms. Tanner, please visit again some other time!” Mr. Tristan becomes gentle when Ms.
Tanner is here. He isn’t that scary at work anymore.
&#lt;p&#gt;“Everyone can get off work on time today. Get some rest back at home,” Tristan told Daphne. “Got it.
Thanks for your concern, Mr. Tristan!” Daphne responded happily. Ah, finally I have time to go on blind
dates! Daphne was a great woman, but work kept her busy. Therefore, she didn’t have time to get
herself a boyfriend. “Ms. Castillo, find yourself a boyfriend in your free time. Don’t just focus on your
work.” Daphne was hired by Lombard Group right after she graduated from university. Later, she was
assigned to work for Tristan and poured all her efforts into work. She was a great secretary. It was an
awkward moment for Daphne. “Mr. Tristan…” she trailed off in embarrassment as her employer had
just mentioned her personal life. “I hope you find your partner in life soon. When you get married, I’ll
give you a month off!” Tristan was of the opinion that women would still need a family no matter how
capable they could be. Daphne nodded. “Thank you for your concern, Mr. Tristan. I’ll do my very best!”
Daphne knew she was no longer young. Many of her peers’ kids were already toddlers. Alas, she had
yet to find the right man. Tristan put an arm around Sophie’s shoulders and led her into the elevator.
“Oh, dear. Look how gentle Mr. Tristan was! I never knew he would act this way when he’s in love!”
“Yes! I entered his office to get him to sign a document just now, and I saw him helping Ms. Tanner put
on her jacket and hat! Oh, I can’t believe such a man exists.
&#lt;p&#gt;He’s rich and thoughtful!” “Right! That’s new to me!” Daphne chuckled when she heard the other
secretaries chatting about how Tristan treated his girlfriend. He’s right. It’s time for me to date a man. I
can’t stay single this long. “Ms. Castillo, you’ve worked for Mr. Tristan the longest. This should be his
first girlfriend, right?” one secretary asked curiously. “All right, we should stop gossiping. Pack up your
stuff and get off work. You used to complain about working overtime, right? Mr. Tristan said we can get
off work early today!” Instead of joining in their discussion, Daphne started packing her stuff to leave.&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;Just like the others, perhaps I will go on blind dates to find a suitable man. We’ll then get married one
day. Tristan drove Sophie to Blossom Garden. On the way there, Sophie suddenly asked him to stop
the car. “What’s wrong?” Tristan cast her a confused look. Sophie pointed at Angie, who was
surrounded by a few young men. “Who is that?” Tristan didn’t know who Angie was, so he couldn’t be
bothered about her plight. “A classmate of mine.
&#lt;p&#gt;Wait for me. I’ll go find out what happened!” The post on the forum was Willow’s idea, and Angie was
just a scapegoat. Sophie got out of the car and went over to them. The young men weren’t afraid when
they saw a pretty woman coming toward them. In an arrogant tone, they asked, “Gorgeous, want to
have fun with us? It’s fun to beat someone else up!” A slap landed on Angie’s cheek following their
words. At once, blood trickled down the corner of Angie’s lips. She stared at Sophie and wondered why
the latter was here. It was Sophie and Willow’s fault that I ended up in this state. I’d still be in Jipsdale
Premier High if it weren’t for them. I’d be able to get into a prestigious university. However, my life
changed completely, no thanks to them. “Let her go!” Sophie commanded icily.
&#lt;p&#gt;The young men shared a look in silence. Even Angie shot her an incredulous look. Is she here to help
me instead of watching me make a fool of myself? “Why? Don’t you understand me?” Sophie added
impatiently. She didn’t want to repeat herself. “Oh, young lady. If we let her go, are you going to join
us?” The young men glanced at her lecherously when they realized how curvy her body was.&#lt;/p&#gt;
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