Novel Name : Anything For Her

Anything For Her Chapter 244

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&#lt;p&#gt;Chapter 244 Burden “Let’s go then. Since I’m leaving Horington tomorrow, it’s good to meet them one
more time before I take off.” Initially, she didn’t want them to wait for her, but since they hadn’t even had
their meals for the sake of waiting for her, she figured she should go and meet them. When Tristan and
Sophie arrived, it was already half-past eight. Ysabelle ran up to Sophie when she saw her.
&#lt;p&#gt;“Sophie! You’re finally here! I missed you so much! This is the first time I have hated holidays so much
because I couldn’t get the chance to see you.” I think it’s better when we still have school. I get to see
Sophie every day at school. Now that it’s the holidays, it’s hard to meet up with her! “Wow? For the first
time in forever, our dear Ms. Lombard wants to go to school!” Felix couldn’t help teasing her. Hearing
that, Ysabelle shot him a glare. “Shut up, Felix. What’s wrong with me missing the days when we had
to go to school?” Just you all wait. I’m going to leave Jipsdale after the university entrance exam, so by
then, it will be difficult if they want to see me. Sophie went over to Ysabelle and sat down beside her.
“Didn’t we just meet?” “I missed you, okay? How about this? I’ll go to Horington with you tomorrow. It’s
boring to be in Jipsdale alone, anyway.” We should all go together! “I’m not going there for fun. I’ve
some matters that I need to attend to, so it’s a little inconvenient to bring you along. What about next
time? I’ll take you there to have some fun next time.”
&#lt;p&#gt;“What? Are these matters you mentioned dangerous?” Ysabelle was worried because these matters
had to be dangerous for Sophie to say that it was inconvenient to bring her along. Seeing how worried
Ysabelle was, Sophie smiled. “It’s nothing. Besides, there’s no way a high schooler like me could be
involved in some shady and dangerous affairs. Don’t worry.” Ysabelle asked, “But why do I get the
feeling that everything you do is dangerous?” After all, Sophie did not look like an ordinary high
schooler. In the meantime, Felix couldn’t help but sigh. It seems like Ysabelle is finally thinking straight
for once. There’s no way Sophie is as simple as she appears to be! “You’re overthinking things,”
Sophie answered. The food was served as soon as Tristan and Sophie arrived. “Let’s enjoy the food.”
Sophie quickly changed the topic. She was going to Horington to deal with some matters in the past, so
she wasn’t lying when she said it was inconvenient to bring Ysabelle along with her. Ysabelle&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;immediately pouted. “But I really do want to go with you!” “If you’re really that bored, you can ask Felix
to take you somewhere else.” Besides, she’s not done with her courses. Upon being mentioned, Felix
bobbed his head profusely and uttered eagerly,
&#lt;p&#gt;“I could take you out tomorrow if you want to.” The university entrance exam was just around the
corner. He did not know what would happen after the exam. Now that they were still in high school,
there weren’t that many temptations yet. However, he couldn’t be sure the situation would remain the
same after Ysabelle entered university, where there were lots of attractive young men. Ysabelle,
however, bit her lip reluctantly. But I want to go with Sophie… “What’s wrong? You don’t feel like going
anywhere? Forget it then.” Felix was quite upset. I’m considered an attractive young man, right? I
wonder why she isn’t interested in me at all! “That’s not it. I’ll come with you,” Ysabelle replied. She
would do anything to stay away from home and avoid seeing her father. “Mr. Tristan, are you really not
going with Sophie?” Charles dared not believe his ears. He, for one, knew how much Tristan cared for
Sophie, so there was no way Tristan would let Sophie face the dangers alone.
&#lt;p&#gt;“Yes. That’s right.” Tristan was busy putting food on Sophie’s plate. After spending some time with her,
he managed to learn about her preferences when it came to food. Charles was rendered speechless.
He did not believe what Tristan said, but Tristan showed no intention of explaining anything else. “Oh,
right. Clayton has finally stopped messing around. Phantom had him pretty roughed up this time
around!” Felix was excited at the mention of Clayton. “You’re right. He’s pretty messed up now. I
wonder what Clayton did to Phantom that had Phantom toying with him like that.” Sean, too, chimed in,
“That’s right. Phantom is literally toying with him. Clayton is absolutely powerless in the face of
Phantom.” The fact that a quiet man like him broke his silence indicated that he was also interested in
Phantom. Felix added, “Do you guys think Phantom is taking revenge on Clayton because Clayton
discovered Wings of Light’s headquarters last time?” Yet, something didn’t add up. Meanwhile, Sophie
remained silent as if she heard nothing while serving Tristan a bowl of soup. “You should eat as well.
You can’t be serving me all the time.” Tristan had always been like that whenever they were having a
meal. He would always put food on her plate, forgetting the fact that she was not a child and could take&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;care of herself. “Thank you.” Tristan did not turn down her kindness. In fact, he was rather happy.
Meanwhile, Charles and Sean both exchanged a glance. As a matter of fact, Tristan never lacked
women around him. The women would always try to butter him up, but he had always been unfazed by
their efforts. But now, they could sense how happy Tristan was when Sophie merely served him a bowl
of soup.
&#lt;p&#gt;Is this the power of love? So even the almighty Mr. Tristan is defeated by the power of love, huh?
“Charles, I think that young man from the Seymour family is pretty decent. He’s a good match for
Winter in every aspect. You should try bringing this up to Old. Mr. Quigley.” Charles was at a loss for
words. Is Mr. Tristan trying to find a boyfriend for Winter? It wouldn’t matter much if Winter is not in love
with Mr. Tristan, but the problem here is she’s very much in love with him. I can’t imagine how
devastated Winter might be if she knows her crush is trying to find her a boyfriend, and one she
couldn’t say no to at that. “Uncle Tristan, since when are you so kindhearted?” “It doesn’t matter if it’ll
work out between them or not. But Charles, you need to let Winter know that I’m not interested in her.”
Back then, Winter was someone inconsequential in his life. Where she went or what she did didn’t
matter to him. However, things were different now. Sophie was of utmost importance to him, and he
wouldn’t let anybody hurt her. It was that simple. Charles nodded in response. In actuality, he had been
telling Winter things would not work out between her and Tristan, but she just wouldn’t give up. I told
you so, Winter. Meanwhile, Sophie tossed Tristan a look. To be honest, he didn’t have to do that.
Winter is never a threat to me. I can’t even be bothered about her. After the meal, Charles suggested
they have a drink at Nocturnal. Since the finals were over, Tristan voiced no objections to the
suggestion. With that, the group left for Nocturnal. Tristan and Sophie were the only ones in the car
when they departed. “Mr. Tristan, I’m well aware of the relationship between the Lombard family and
the Quigley family. You really don’t have to do this just for my sake.” Sophie, for one, was aware of the
connection between the four prominent families. That was how prominent families worked. They were
always entangled with each other in terms of profits and gains behind the scenes. Aside from that,
Charles was Winter’s brother. Sophie did not want to make things difficult for Charles. “Sophie, as long&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;as you’re still with me, you don’t have to worry so much. If Winter even dares to lay a finger on you, I’ll
see to it that she is punished. I will not let anyone bully my woman!” What right do I have to pursue her
if I can’t even keep her safe? “But I honestly don’t think there’s a need to do that. I could have taken
care of her myself if she even dared to provoke me.”
&#lt;p&#gt;Sophie insisted he did not have to go to such an extent for her. She did not want to be a burden to
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