Novel Name : Anything For Her

Anything For Her Chapter 245

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&#lt;p&#gt;Chapter 245 Naughty Things Hearing that, Tristan did not say anything. Instead, his car rolled to a stop
in a quiet alley. The street lamps were broken, rendering the surroundings incredibly dark. Sophie was
clueless. She couldn’t understand the purpose of his actions, for she didn’t think she said anything
wrong. However, Sophie was never a talkative person, so she kept quiet since Tristan remained silent.
All of a sudden, Tristan was filled with frustration and anger. He had done almost everything within his
capabilities for her, but no matter how hard he tried, she still seemed nonchalant. It was as if she didn’t
even care. She kept telling him that he did not have to do anything for her, as if he was an outsider who
had never once walked into her heart. The helplessness that was engulfing him annoyed him to no
&#lt;p&#gt;“Sophie Tanner, what am I to you?” Though he knew he had to be patient and give her more time, he
found himself unable to do so. He desperately wanted her to acknowledge that he, Tristan Lombard,
weighed some weight in her heart. On the other hand, Sophie, too, knew Tristan was special to her as
well, but she was bereft of words upon hearing his question. “Mr. Tristan, I—” Seeing her reaction,
Tristan sighed out loud. He realized that impatience would do him no good, for his beloved woman was
obviously still clueless. With a swift motion, he pulled her into his embrace. “It’s okay. Who can I blame
for falling in love with you?” With that said, he leaned forward and planted a kiss on her forehead.
Forget it. There’s no point in being impatient. She’s still young, and so am I. There’s still time. We can
take it slow, and I’ll make her willingly open her heart to me one day. Meanwhile, Sophie’s mind was a
mess because of Tristan’s confession, even though the latter had just kissed her. His lips felt soft when
he pressed them against her forehead. She could feel heart skipping a beat, pounding hard against her
rib cage. In the face of the man’s charm, she was utterly defenseless. In response, she bit her lower lip.
That seductive move of hers fueled the desire that was burning within Tristan. He pinched his chin,
stopping her from hurting her lip.
&#lt;p&#gt;“Your lips are mine. I won’t allow you to abuse them like that.” Sophie immediately snapped out of it
and stop biting her lip. Her lips were beautifully shaped, and the glossiness of her lips was alluring.&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;Seeing this, Tristan could no longer control himself. He leaned over and planted a kiss on her lips.
When they both arrived at Nocturnal, Ysabelle quickly noticed the odd redness on Sophie’s lips.
Initially, she was a little confused but quickly knew what had happened. When she realized what had
happened, she hurriedly dragged Sophie to the side and whispered, “The trip is less than half an hour!
&#lt;p&#gt;Sophie, did Uncle Tristan bully you on your way here?” Ysabelle pointed at Sophie’s lips. At that
instant, Sophie did not know how to respond to that. I won’t exactly say he bullied me because I kind of
enjoyed that kiss just now, too. “Soph, what was it like? What does it feel to share a kiss with a man?”
As Ysabelle asked that question, she felt rather upset. I’m already nineteen, and my first kiss is still with
me. “I wonder when will I be able to find the man I love?” Hmmm… The feeling of first kiss, huh? “How
should I put it?” Sophie recalled that feeling. When Tristan kissed her, her mind was completely empty.
Her heartbeat accelerated and she couldn’t help panting. It also felt quite comfortable! Moreover, she
didn’t mind Tristan touching her. In the past, she hated it when men touched her, but Tristan was
different. “Come on! Tell me!” Ysabelle had a look of anticipation on her face. She longed to fall in love,
too. Alas, she just couldn’t find the right man. Suddenly, Felix interrupted, “What are you guys talking
about?” “We’re talking about the kiss that Sophie shared with Uncle Tristan.
&#lt;p&#gt;Stop disturbing us! Go away!” Ysabelle reproached. However, as her voice was rather loud, everyone
present could hear her. In the meantime, Sophie feigned a calm look as if she was not the one that
shared a kiss with Tristan. Nevertheless, Tristan noticed that her ears were red from embarrassment
despite her calm expression. That’s how she always is. She’d pretend to be calm, but whenever she’s
shy, her ears would turn red. “I’m sorry, Sophie! I didn’t mean to!” It’s all Felix’s fault! If he hadn’t shown
up all of a sudden, I wouldn’t have said that out loud! At the side, Charles and Sean exchanged a
glance. It was just like what they expected. Judging by how Tristan and Sophie showed up late, they
had done some naughty things on their way here. Right then, Tristan grabbed Sophie’s hand,
seemingly calm and unruffled. I love her, so it’s no big deal that I kissed her. Besides, this is something
between the two of us. So, we don’t need to mind what others think of us.&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;It was also at this moment when Winter showed up. She was there with her friends that day. Given that
she would often visit the bar with Tristan and the others back then, the manager greeted her
enthusiastically and informed her that Tristan and the others were also around. Winter immediately
ditched her friends and went to Tristan and the lot. Charles’ expression changed drastically the moment
he saw her sister’s appearance. Didn’t I tell her not to show herself around Tristan anymore? Can’t she
just heed my advice? “Winter, aren’t you here with your friends? Now that you’ve greeted Mr. Tristan,
you should return to your friends!” Charles grabbed Winter by her arm and dragged her away without
giving her a chance to speak. Mr. Tristan is already angry. He will never accept Winter’s love for him,
and nor is he willing to. So, she has to give up no matter what! “Hey! Charles, what are you doing? I
used to visit the bar with everyone. Besides, I’ve known Mr. Tristan way longer than Sophie does.”
Winter was indignant. She didn’t know why everyone treated her like that. I’m closer to Mr. Tristan
because I’ve been acquainted with him for a long time! “Winter, you should know what you should and
shouldn’t say!” Sean warned. Why can’t she tell how much Mr. Tristan adores Sophie? Why can’t she
see that? Either way, they had watched Winter grow up. To Sean, Winter was just like his sister. “Sean,
I—” Winter tried to say something, but she swallowed her words upon catching a glimpse of Tristan’s
gaze. “Enough.
&#lt;p&#gt;Since she’s here, I’ll make things clear right now. Winter, the young man from the Seymour family is a
decent man. I think you’re quite compatible with him, so you should find a suitable time to meet him.”
Tristan figured that since she had nothing else to do, he would find something to keep her busy. That
way, she wouldn’t have time to annoy him. Winter was at a loss for words when one of her arms was
still grabbed by her brother. She couldn’t believe Tristan was so cruel toward her. He knows how much
I loved him! How could he try to matchmake me with someone? “Mr. Tristan, do you have any idea how
much I’m in love with you?” Winter couldn’t be bothered to watch her mouth anymore. She had to say
what was on her mind, and she refused to accept her defeat. “How could you do this to me just
because of Sophie Tanner? She’s not good enough for you! I, Winter Quigley, am the only woman in&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;this world who is qualified to be your significant other! Do you know how much I’ve sacrificed just so I
could be worthy of you?”&#lt;/p&#gt;
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