Novel Name : Anything For Her

Anything For Her Chapter 247

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&#lt;p&#gt;Chapter 247 You Smell So Good “What’s the matter? Did I say something wrong?” To be honest,
because of the place Sophie held in Tristan’s heart, all of them tended to tread very cautiously around
her, even with the words they spoke. “No. You’re overthinking,” Sophie replied calmly. What is this
disappointment that I am feeling? Shouldn’t it be a good thing that he likes me because I am special?
Charles refrained from saying anything more when he saw how she reacted and walked over to sit
down beside Sean instead. “What exactly is love, Sean? How could it bring about such a dramatic
change in a person?” Mr. Tristan must have reached the state where he is completely infatuated with
Sophie, hasn’t he? “If a man who surrounds himself with women all day long could not understand it,
then how would someone like me who is only capable of tackling court cases know any better?” If he
was honest with himself, he found love to be something that was quite intimidating.
&#lt;p&#gt;That got him wondering what would become of him should he one day encounter a woman who could
bring him onto his knees. “Honestly, I quite envy Mr. Tristan. He’s just so outstanding in every respect.”
To him, that sort of man was simply the stuff of envy. “Yeah, you got that right!” For someone who is as
busy as Mr. Tristan is to meet a girl that he could fall instantly in love with within such a turbulent
society, doesn’t that make him enviable? Charles raised his glass to clink it against Sean’s. “To us then.
A toast to the single dudes!” Sean did not respond to that as he did not really consider that to be
anything worth celebrating. Every time he arrived alone at home after a long day at work, Sean had
very much wished to be in the company of someone who understood him. “What’s wrong?” Ysabelle
immediately felt something amiss the moment she saw Sophie drinking. If Winter wasn’t even able to
affect her, what could it be this time? “Have one.” Sophie passed a glass along to Ysabelle as well.
“Why? Are you in a bad mood? Seriously, Sophie, you shouldn’t care what Winter says because I like
you very much.” Ysabelle received the alcohol Sophie passed along and took a sip from it. Finding the
taste to her liking, she went on to take in another mouthful. “No. I wasn’t bothered by Winter.” An
awkward silence ensued. “Great!” Our Soph is simply that unflappable, but Winter might probably throw
a fit if she heard her say that.&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;Though Winter was aching to kill Sophie, Sophie herself could not care less about her. “What’s
troubling you then?” Having known Sophie for so long, she was naturally able to sense when the
former was out of sorts. “It’s nothing.” She merely felt a little restless inside. “Well then! Since you don’t
really want to talk about it, let’s just drink away. I’m already old enough to do that anyway.” Sophie
clinked glasses with her. Truth be told, drinking was not something that she particularly enjoyed, but on
the odd occasion, she did feel that a little drop could help take the edge off. “What’s up with Sophie?
Hasn’t Mr. Tristan forbidden her from drinking?” Felix got a bit of a shock when he saw Sophie and
Ysabelle knocking it back. Mr. Tristan had just gone to the restroom, and Sophie is already drinking. He
thus wondered whether they would receive the blame for not keeping an eye on her when he returned.
“She’s already a grown person, so what harm can a bit of booze possibly do to her? Stop overreacting.”
Charles clinked glasses with Felix once more. By the time Tristan returned, Sophie and Ysabelle had
already finished half a bottle of whiskey. He glared at the three grown men at the side in reproach for
their inaction toward the two girls who were guzzling away in front of them. “It’s not that I didn’t care to
do anything, Mr. Tristan! You know Sophie yourself.
&#lt;p&#gt;Even though she’s such a pretty little thing, she could be rather scary sometimes when she starts
shooting those icy daggers with her eyes.” Fine! Felix had to admit that he deliberately allowed Sophie
to drink some alcohol. Seeing how composed Sophie usually was, he was curious to see how her
behavior might change when under the influence of alcohol. Wouldn’t that be beneficial to their
relationship as well? I’m doing this completely out of consideration for Mr. Tristan! “That’d better be the
case.” When Tristan went over to Sophie and saw that she showed no inclination to stop, he could only
pour a glass of whiskey for himself. “Why the sudden urge to drink? Did someone tick you off?” “Nope!”
Sophie clinked his glass. “Chill out! I can hold my liquor quite well.” Tristan was stumped. Is that even
the point? What he really wanted to know was why she was drinking in the first place. Nevertheless,
since he was around, he thought that it would be fine for her to imbibe. Albeit just a little. Initially, it was
just the three of them, but when Felix and company saw Tristan joining in, they too, shifted themselves
over to partake in it. Ysabelle, who was less seasoned than the rest of them, hit her limit after only a&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;few glasses. The drunken Ysabelle was relatively sedate. Seeing how sweet and docile she looked,
Felix could not help but prod at her cheeks with his fingertip.
&#lt;p&#gt;“Her dimple is huge! Why is she drunk just like that?” D*mn this girl! Since she is so eager to fall in
love, why is it that she doesn’t notice me at all? Many socialites and ladies within Jipsdale did clamor
for Felix’s attention, but it was a pity for them that he had only eyes for that girl before him. Sophie
knocked back another glass. In spite of drinking as much as she did, there was nary a flush on her
cheeks. “We should be heading back!” seeing that Ysabelle was already drunk, Sophie whispered
softly into Tristan’s ears. “Yeah.” Owing to the amount of drinking he and Sophie did, Tristan opted to
leave the chauffeuring to the driver. The others, too, called the drivers from their own families. “Take
care of Ysabelle.” Tristan entrusted her to Felix. “Don’t you worry, Mr. Tristan! She’s always the one
who picks on me, and not the other way around.” Felix was somewhat exasperated at how things
played out, as he had initially wanted to take Ysabelle out to catch a movie. He never expected her to
become intoxicated. When the driver brought the car over, Tristan opened the door for Sophie to get in
first before he followed after her. “Where to, Mr. Tristan?” The driver was unsure where Tristan wanted
to go. “To Wisteria Apartments.” Tristan leaned his head onto Sophie’s shoulder the minute he got in,
causing Sophie to glare at him. “What’s up with you?” “Got a bit of a headache.” Sophie was stumped
because she knew Tristan to be someone who could hold his liquor well.
&#lt;p&#gt;He didn’t even drink that much tonight, so how could he have gotten drunk? “Let me rest for a while,
and wake me when we arrive.” When he was done speaking, Tristan adjusted himself to find a more
comfortable position on her body. “Okay.” Sophie did not want to press him with regard to whether he
was actually inebriated, but she was not averse to lending him a shoulder if he was tired either. “You
smell so good, Sophie,” whispered Tristan suddenly into her ear. That caught Sophie off guard a little,
and the warm breath that tickled against her sensitive earlobes caused her to squirm. Is he doing this
on purpose? Tristan was extremely alluring that way, and as such, could somehow lead one’s
imagination to run amok. When Sophie blushed, Tristan could not resist nibbling at her earlobe. “Mr.&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;Tristan—” Sophie cast an eye at the driver in front, but it would seem that the driver had already raised
the screen that separated them. This driver is almost too self-aware. “Huh?” Tristan lifted his head to
cast at her an irresistible gaze. “What’s the matter?” he asked the obvious. “It’s nothing. Go ahead and
sleep for a bit!” “But I’m not tired anymore. What should I do then?”&#lt;/p&#gt;
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