Novel Name : Anything For Her

Anything For Her Chapter 249

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&#lt;p&#gt;Chapter 249 The Secret Of Sophie As soon as the call was connected, Arius’ anxious voice drifted out
of the phone. “I heard that you’re going to Horington?” Argh! Why is she just so disobedient? Why is
she going to Horington out of the blue? That man is already investigating Horington, yet she wants to
go there? Isn’t she just offering herself up on a silver platter? “Yeah. What about it? Is there a
problem?” I’m just making a trip to Horington. Does he need to make such a huge fuss out of it? “Let
me tell you this solemnly, Sophie—that man never gave up looking for you.
&#lt;p&#gt;You’d better behave. It’s pretty safe to remain by Mr. Tristan’s side,” Arius warned in exasperation. I
know she’s fearless because she’s highly capable, but this matter really isn’t that simple! “All right.
Don’t bother about this matter anymore. Why are you always concerning yourself with such trivial
matters when you’re a good-looking young man?” Sophie grew impatient. This is nothing, so why is he
all frantic? “What? I’m serious, Sophie! Anything that has to do with your safety is no trivial matter.
Listen to me!” Gah! She never changes, forever carefree and nonchalant! This simply won’t do! “That’s
enough. I’m going to enter the train station, so we’ll talk another time. Just worry about yourself.” Not in
the mood to yak with him further, Sophie hung up directly. In fact, she outright turned off her phone to
avoid having him continue hounding her.
&#lt;p&#gt;Arius, on the other hand, phoned Sophie again. When he heard the familiar female mechanical voice
telling him that the number he had dialed was temporarily unavailable, the urge to seize Sophie and
skin her alive gripped him. Why is she just so worrisome? Does she not know the gravity of this matter?
Meanwhile, the man who had been looking for Sophie immediately set out from Anglandur after
receiving news that she was in Horington. “Are you really going personally, Boss?” his assistant
inquired hesitantly before he departed. “Yes.” How could I possibly not go when I’ve finally gotten news
of Sophie? “This time, I’ll definitely capture her myself!” After I’ve done so, she can never leave again!
I’ll never give her the chance to do so! “But Boss, it’s too dangerous for you to go to Chanaea right
now.” Many people in Chanaea wanted to take his life, so it was undoubtedly irrational for him to go
back. “I can’t be bothered about that anymore.”&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;As long as it was something to do with Sophie, he could never remain calm. “Boss!” “Okay, that’s
enough. There’s no use trying to dissuade me further. The plane is taking off soon!” Since the man was
secretly returning to the country, he didn’t make a grand affair of things by using his private jet. Instead,
he took a commercial plane like everyone else. At the same time, Sophie had already boarded the
train. She bought a premier-class seat, so it was exceedingly spacious. After getting onto the train, she
took out her phone and started handling some of Wings of Light’s matters without noticing that the
person sitting beside her was a man she hadn’t seen for some time—Eustace. Only when she had
finally snapped out of her thoughts did she realize that it was Eustace beside her. Behind them sat
Danny and a few SWAT team members. Seeing that she had finally finished her work, Danny
exclaimed excitedly,
&#lt;p&#gt;“I didn’t expect to meet you here, Sophie!” They were pretty close as Danny sought Sophie’s help the
instant the SWAT team encountered any problems. For that reason, Danny was particularly
enthusiastic to see Sophie. Faced with that bright smile on his juvenile face, Sophie merely replied
curtly, “Indeed, it’s quite the coincidence.” “All right, sit down,” Eustace said to Danny, who was
standing up. Danny sat back down, but he still wanted to talk to Sophie. “Where are you going, Sophie?
Horington?” They were heading to Horington as well, and he had heard that she used to study there.
“Yeah.” “In that case, let’s have lunch together after we arrive in Horington!” Danny suggested
earnestly. “I’m going there on business, so I might not be able to have lunch with you all.” “Zip it,
Danny! Captain Sheppard is upset!” Can’t he be more tactful when Captain Sheppard has finally gotten
to meet her? How could Captain Sheppard have an opportunity if he’s yapping away here? Finally,
Danny realized that his captain was looking rather grim. He instantly made a zipping motion across his
mouth and went silent. At the sight of that, the middle-aged man beside him couldn’t help
chortling. Young people nowadays are really something else. But Captain Sheppard is almost thirty
years old now, so it’s time he gets himself a girlfriend when he’s such an outstanding young
man. Sophie is indeed pretty good. Besides, they’re somewhat bound by fate since they boarded the
same train and bought adjacent seats. Isn’t this destiny?&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;In truth, Sophie and Eustace overheard every single word of the conversation behind them.
Nonetheless, neither of them were perturbed by it. Eustace stole a peek at Sophie beside him. By then,
she had already turned off her laptop. She didn’t seem as though she was inclined to start a
conversation either, acting even more aloof than him. In the end, he was still the one to break the
silence. “Is something the matter that you’re going to Horington? Just say the word if you need any
help. We’re also going to Horington this time.” Although we’re going in an official capacity this time, she
has helped me several times, so I’ll certainly help her without hesitation if she really needed it. “It’s
okay. I don’t have anything that requires your help when I’m only a high schooler, Captain Sheppard.”
Words eluded Eustace. That’s true. I generally deal with major cases involving murder and smuggling,
so it’s indeed inauspicious to require my help. “That wasn’t what I meant.” For the very first time, he felt
embarrassed. “Captain Sheppard, you’re meant for great things, so go ahead with your work.
&#lt;p&#gt;There’s no need to bother about me.” Sophie wore a faint smile on her face. In response, Eustace
nodded. He had always had the golden touch, never once failing at anything he did. However, he had
one weakness—he really didn’t know how to interact with girls. It was a two-hour train ride. Throughout
it all, neither of them said anything. Sophie was busy on her laptop while Eustace alternated his gaze
out the window and at her. She seems to have a lot of secrets, but I couldn’t find anything about her.
When someone existed, there must be some information on the person. However, Sophie’s
background was too easily available. As such, it appears rather fake. Her computer skills were better
than his technicians, and she could even defuse bombs. Thus, he couldn’t help being curious about
her. When the train pulled into the station, Sophie put her ultra-thin laptop into her backpack.
Shouldering it, she walked out with everyone else. While alighting from the train, Eustace followed
closely behind her and didn’t allow anyone to jostle her. On the whole, he was really gentlemanly.&#lt;/p&#gt;
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