Novel Name : Anything For Her

Anything For Her Chapter 248

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&#lt;p&#gt;Chapter 248 Cannot Wait Much Longer When confronted with Tristan’s frivolous overtures, Sophie
pretended to be calm. “Then don’t sleep.” Shouldn’t women be the ones who typically get drunk first?
Probably nobody would believe Mr. Tristan if he told anyone that he got himself drunk today. Seeing her
that way, Tristan could not resist a chuckle. “All right. I won’t mess with you anymore.” That was
because it was usually him who could no longer take any more of it after such attempts.
&#lt;p&#gt;The car eventually rolled to a halt outside Wisteria Apartments’ parking lot. Sophie opted not to wake
Tristan when she saw him leaning against her shoulder with his eyes closed, for she quite enjoyed that
moment of serenity. It was the sort of tranquility that one would want to lose themselves in, forever and
ever. Tristan, however, chose an opportune time to open his eyes. “We’ve arrived, I see.” “Yeah.”
Tristan opened the door to alight, as did Sophie. “Rest early.” Since it was late after sending her there,
she thought he might as well head straight back and get some rest. “You don’t have to come and see
me off at the train station tomorrow.” This time, Sophie had chosen to travel to Horington by rail. Due to
the punctuality of the train schedules, she found that to be preferable over air travel as the latter was
very much dependent on the weather. “All right then. You should rest early, too.” Tristan did not ask to
go up because he no longer trusted himself to keep his own impulses in check. Considering the
inebriated state he was in, it only made it harder for him to keep his own yearnings under control.
“Sophie…” Just as Sophie was about to leave, Tristan called out after her. “Yes?” When Sophie turned
around, she did not even have time to finish her question before Tristan caught her by the hand and
pulled her into his arms. “Would you grow up faster?
&#lt;p&#gt;I think I won’t be able to wait much longer.” The voice in her ear was filled with such a seductive quality
that it caused one’s heart to start racing. Tristan left a peck on her forehead before he let her go. “All
right, go on up! I’ll watch you enter the elevator before I go.” “Okay.” Sophie turned to leave, still
seeming as nonchalant as ever. Only she herself knew how furiously her own heart was thumping
against her chest. Immediately after Tristan reached home, he made a video call to Sophie who, fresh
out of the shower, looked extremely delectable to him when she answered. The sight of that gorgeous&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;face displayed on the phone’s screen led Tristan to swallow hard. “Hurry up and go get washed up!”
Sophie’s placid voice conversely sounded rather appealing to him. “Okay, but don’t hang up.” With that,
Tristan left the phone on the table and went off to take a shower. Sophie was dumbstruck. What was he
trying to do making me stare at the ceiling while he is away? She wondered. Though Sophie thought
about hanging up, she kept what he last said in mind and pliantly left her own phone at the side. Then,
she went on to boot up her laptop to attend to her own affairs.
&#lt;p&#gt;After Tristan exited the showers, he toweled off his hair while he went to check on his phone. He smiled
when he saw that the video call was still connected. Hmm. My little Sophie is surprisingly obedient.
Tristan was quite satisfied with how obediently she behaved. Back and forth, her fingers danced rapidly
over the keyboard while she busied away on her laptop. All the while, she did so with extreme focus.
Having nothing better to do after he had dried his hair, Tristan simply sat there silently to keep Sophie
company. Sophie only realized that the video call was still active when she finally closed her laptop.
Picking up her phone, she immediately saw Tristan’s ridiculously handsome face on it. “I’m sorry. I
forgot that we are still on the line.” She had always been very cautious about handling her business
with Wings of Light. “Nah. It’s fine. What were you busy with?” She should have wrapped up whatever
was on her hands, so what’s she so preoccupied with? Having eaten and drunk outside with everyone
else today, shouldn’t she be taking the time to get properly rested? “It’s nothing. I’m just helping out a
friend with a small favor.” “I see!” She seems to have quite a number of friends. “I guess that’s that. It’s
about time I turned in.” She still had a train to catch at around nine the following day. “Okay.” In spite of
that, neither one of them hung up.
&#lt;p&#gt;“I think I’m missing you already.” Over those past couple of days, Tristan was almost like a prince
charming, uttering passionate sweet nothings every so often. Is this what it feels like to be in love?
“Can I ask you something, Mr. Tristan?” Sophie finally said. “What is it? I will answer your question if I
am able to, no matter what they might be about.” Between them, there wasn’t anything they couldn’t
discuss. After some consideration, Sophie asked, “You’re obviously surrounded by an assortment of
beautiful women, so how did you come to fancy me?” It was not a lack of self-confidence that prompted&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;her to ask that sort of a question, but a genuine inquisitiveness to find out the answer to it. Tristan had
not seen such a curve ball coming, and it got him thinking hard about how he might be able to best
answer it. It then occurred to him that that could be the nature of love. No one really planned for it to
happen, and there was no particular reason why one would be attracted to another. “That’s a tough
one, Sophie. There aren’t many questions that I can’t answer before today, but I really don’t know how
to address that. I guess that it’s just a feeling. You meet one person and want to be her, and you
instinctively want to protect and care for her.” At least that was exactly how he felt. Although aware that
Sophie was very capable of fending for herself, he still could not refrain from worrying about her.
Sophie fell silent.
&#lt;p&#gt;Even though she was the one who started that conversation, she had no idea how to continue it. “Are
you satisfied with such an answer? If not, I’ll go back and think it over. Maybe I can write you a
dissertation about love or something.” In spite of not having extensive experience in romances, he
supposed that he could give that a shot if that was what she wanted. Sophie did not know how to
respond to that. “All right. You should just go and rest up now!” What use would I have for a dissertation
like that? “Good night.” Such a simple greeting, but it sounded so seductive and tantalizing when it
came off his lips. Sophie could not help but shake her head. What’s gotten into me? She could not
understand why every word that Tristan uttered would bring about such wild imaginations in her. “Good
night.” His sensual voice still echoed inside Sophie’s head after she ended the video call, and it took
her a fair bit of tossing and turning to get herself to sleep. Sophie roused around eight the next day.
Even though it was just a trip to Horington, she had chosen to travel light.
&#lt;p&#gt;All she had with her was a black backpack on her shoulders and a matching baseball cap over her
head. Though the clothing on her was not fanciful in any way, it still looked fantastic on her, proving
once more that she was a walking mannequin. Sophie hailed a ride to the station, but before she even
stepped inside, she received a call from Arius.&#lt;/p&#gt;
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