Novel Name : Anything For Her

Anything For Her Chapter 251

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&#lt;p&#gt;Chapter 251 My Figure Is Impeccable “D*mn—” Before Jack could finish his utterance, Sophie
smacked him with the fly swatter again. “How dare you?” Cradling his face, Jack gaped at the girl
before him incredulously. “Remember to stay far away when you see me next time. Otherwise, I won’t
show you any more mercy.” I’m already very merciful today. “Sir!” Sophie called out to the shop owner.
Immediately, the shop owner came out tremblingly. I thought she would end up in a wretched state
today, but unexpectedly, these ruffians were the ones who suffered. “I’m sorry for ruining your table.
&#lt;p&#gt;How much did it cost? I’ll compensate you.” Clocking the stunned look on his face, Sophie didn’t bother
repeating the question but transferred him two hundred right away. This kind of table probably isn’t that
expensive, so two hundred is enough. After paying, she walked out blithely. “Ahh! Hurry up and push
the table away! How dare that d*mn Sophie put me through such great humiliation? I’ll definitely rip her
to pieces!” It had only been a few months since they last saw each other, but Jack was once again so
livid that steam was coming out of his ears. The weather in Horington that day was exceedingly good,
with the sun shining brightly overhead. After exiting the restaurant, Sophie strolled along the familiar
street. Only when it was almost time did she head to the designated meeting place.
&#lt;p&#gt;Right on the dot, a boy in a black sweater, blue jeans, and a black baseball cap headed in her direction.
When he had ascertained that it was Sophie in the flesh, he handed her a bag. Having done all that, he
turned around and left without a single word. Sophie placed the bag on the chair beside her. She didn’t
leave immediately but took out her earphones and plugged them in. Her initial plan was to listen to a
song there, but no sooner had she tapped on the music player than a call came in. Therefore, she
could only answer the call first. “Have you arrived?” The call was from Tristan. The moment the call
was connected, his melodious voice drifted out of the earphones. “Yup. I’ve arrived long ago.” “Have
you had lunch?” Her appetite isn’t that great, so she’s all the likelier to starve herself while out there.
Recalling the plate of pasta earlier, Sophie answered with a chuckle, “Yup! What about you?&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;Don’t worry about me. I was in Horington for five years, after all.” Here, I’m considered a local, with
home advantage. Who would dare provoke me? “Okay.” Tristan really wanted to go with her.
Regretfully, he was indeed wrapped up in work these two days. “Remember to call me if you need
anything.” He was still worried as he wasn’t by her side, no matter how capable she was. “Okay, I will.
I’ll be hanging up if there’s nothing else.” Verily, Sophie had something else to do. “When are you
coming back?” This is the most important of all! While she has only left for less than a day now, I can’t
take this separation anymore. Sophie was rendered speechless. “We’ll see.” She couldn’t give him a
specific time right then since she hadn’t even resolved her matters there. “Oh well.” Tristan couldn’t
help heaving a sigh. Oh God, am I acting too clingy? Hearing his sigh, Sophie burst into laughter.
&#lt;p&#gt;“It’s only been less than six hours since I left, Mr. Tristan!” “Yeah.” I know that, but I just worry when
she’s alone. After hanging up the phone, Sophie picked up the bag at the side and hailed a taxi to the
most notorious street in Horington. Someone was already waiting for her there. “You’re finally back?”
The person who spoke was a breathtakingly stunning girl. She appeared to be in her twenties and wore
an exquisite gown. Sophie tossed the backpack slung over her shoulder at the girl. “Why? Did
something happen during my absence?” Her return this time was mainly because of Nalliance. Hugging
the backpack she tossed at her, Muriel pouted. “I thought you were never coming back,” she whined.
How could she have the brazenness to leave Nalliance to a weak and fragile girl like me?
&#lt;p&#gt;“That’s enough. I’m back, so spit it out! What exactly is the matter?” Nalliance was an underground
organization Sophie took over, specializing in cases even the SWAT team couldn’t solve. It was
founded by a retired member of the special forces. Back then, that special forces member expended
tremendous effort before he succeeded in convincing Sophie to take over Nalliance. However, the
outside world had no idea about it. “Oh yes, you know Eustace, right? He came to Horington. Lend him
a hand if he needs any help.” The two of them arrived at Nalliance’s underground base. It was an
underground dungeon, for it was unbelievably vast. But then, the average person could never possibly
step foot in there in his lifetime. “Eustace? Who’s that?” Muriel drawled indifferently. Upon arriving at&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;her base in Nalliance, Sophie turned on the black computer within and started dealing with Nalliance’s
matters. Her movements were exceedingly swift.
&#lt;p&#gt;Even Muriel, who had been working under her for a long time, was floored. In no time, a lot of
information that wasn’t there previously was added to Nalliance’s internal system. All of it played a
crucial role in the development of Nalliance. Admiration was written all over Muriel’s face. “How could
you be such a genius, Sophie?” She’s truly terrifying! Sophie pushed Muriel, who draped herself all
over her, away. Honestly, she had no interest in the latter’s curvy figure. “Okay, the matter has been
resolved.” Clapping her hands once, she restarted the system and checked everything over. “Don’t go
back to Jipsdale, Sophie. Isn’t it great to stay at Nalliance?” Why does she still want to leave when this
organization of ours is so interesting? “I’ll come back and visit you when I’m free.” Nalliance couldn’t be
moved to Jipsdale. Although everything done by the organization was justifiably righteous, it couldn’t
exist in a place like Jipsdale. Muriel went silent, dumbstruck. “You were gone for four or five months,
yet you’re claiming that you’d come back and visit me? We had a deal, Sophie! I was only to manage
Nalliance on your behalf temporarily!” This time, Sophie was rendered speechless. Back then, who was
the one who insisted on coming to Nalliance? But now, she’s disdaining it. Subsequently, the two of
them left Nalliance and took a taxi to Muriel’s residence. “Go and shower, Sophie. Then, wait for me in
bed, okay?” Muriel wore a salacious expression on her face. Despite her indecorous expression, she
still looked alluring since she was a beauty. “Buzz off.” Sophie, on the other hand, was accustomed to
her improper ways. She slammed the door right in Muriel’s face. Verily, she didn’t want to see the latter
waiting for her in bed in her birthday suit when she stepped out of the bathroom after taking a shower
&#lt;p&#gt;Although Muriel was a beautiful lady, such a scene was too raunchy for her. Truly, she couldn’t quite
accept it. “Sophie, my figure is impeccable. Do you really not want to have a look?” Muriel giggled as
she spoke. In response, Sophie rolled her eyes, not in the mood to entertain her. Just as she had
turned on her laptop, she received a video call from Arius. “You went overboard, Sophie! I only advised&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;you out of consideration for your safety! How dare you block my number? Here’s a word of warning
from me—come back quickly! Otherwise… Never mind, let’s talk business. Nicholas has gone to
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