Novel Name : Anything For Her

Anything For Her Chapter 250

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&#lt;p&#gt;Chapter 250 Smacking Jack With A Fly Swatter All of them left the train station together. When Danny
noticed that Sophie was about to leave without showing the slightest inclination to have lunch with
them, he promptly rushed over to her. Captain Sheppard indeed has no problems solving cases, but he
totally flopped in pursuing a lady! He’s spent over two hours in her presence, yet he didn’t even
manage to ask her out for a meal. Well, it looks like he needs me to lend him a hand!
&#lt;p&#gt;Sophie eyed the man who was blocking her path, having no idea about his intentions. At once, Danny
flashed her a bright smile. “Sophie, we’re considered friends, right? Look, it’s lunchtime now, so why
don’t you have lunch with us all? Don’t decline! I know you’ve got something important to do, but no
matter how important it is, you’ve still got to eat, no?” Look how glib I am! That aside, I’ve got reason
backing me up. Just as he was certain that she wouldn’t turn him down, Sophie shook her head. “I’m
sorry, but I’ve got a date with someone else, so I’ll pass this time.” Moreover, I’ve only helped them out
a couple of times, so I’m really not that close with them. Danny wanted to convince her further, but
Eustace held him back. “A car is coming to pick us up. Where are you going? We’ll give you a lift,”
Eustace offered. Danny was wholly flabbergasted. Good Lord! It turned out that the long speech I
delivered earlier was of no use at all! Captain Sheppard is too dense!
&#lt;p&#gt;“It’s okay. I’ll be leaving first.” Hailing a taxi, Sophie climbed right in. “She’s pretty cool,” one of the
SWAT team members remarked. Eustace watched as Sophie left blithely with a smile playing on his
lips. “Right? She’s indeed pretty cool and candid.” “Aren’t you the least bit tempted when she’s so cool
and candid, Captain Sheppard?” There are many beautiful women around him, but none of them are as
impressive as Sophie! “Danny, I know you idolize her, but you can’t mix things together. Let’s go. We
should get down to business.” They were there on official duty, not on vacation. “Fine, then.” I’m not the
one pursuing her, so it isn’t going to do any good even if I’m frantic on his behalf. In the meantime,
Sophie had the taxi drop her off at her previous residence. Her lease hadn’t ended yet, so the house
remained in the same condition as before she left, and no one had been there. She took a small bottle
from the house and stuffed it into her backpack.&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;Then, she swept a glance over everything there before whirling around to leave. No sooner had she
stepped out of the house than the ring on her ring finger lit up. The moment she noticed that the ring
had lit up again, she inexorably sneered. “Are you really that eager for me to go back?” Why can’t this
d*mn man stop? Aren’t things pretty good now? “Unfortunately, you’re dumb. Even if you want me to go
back, it still depends on whether you’ve got the capability to make me do so!” Ignoring the ring, Sophie
hailed a taxi and went to an alley, planning to get herself a plate of pasta from a vendor there. Mere
moments after she had taken a seat, Percy’s son, whom she beat to a pulp back then, appeared. He
had a dozen ruffians following behind him, all looking like delinquents who were the scum of society.
“Sophie, you’ve finally returned after I’ve waited for you for so long. I thought you didn’t have the guts to
come back.” Sophie ignored him entirely but continued scrolling through her phone, paying him no
mind. The young man slammed his hand onto the table. She’s showing me blatant disrespect! “Hey!
Our boss is talking to you! Are you deaf or mute?” Even so, Sophie remained calm and unruffled. She
didn’t appear to be angry at all.
&#lt;p&#gt;“D*mn it! Look, she’s still as insolent as ever!” Jack declared crassly. Sophie remained silent. Upon
seeing that someone was kicking up trouble there, the shop owner didn’t tarry after serving the pasta.
Instead, he swiftly retreated to the kitchen. Sophie took a fork from the cutlery container and got ready
to eat. “I’m talking to you, Sophie Tanner! Do you not hear me? Why, weren’t you arrogant in the past?
What’s with the sudden cowardice? Well, that doesn’t matter. I won’t blame you even if you’ve lost your
courage. As long as you crawl between my legs, I’ll forget everything that happened in the past.” Jack
had been resentful ever since she transferred schools. He merely came out that day to have some fun,
but he unexpectedly bumped into her there. “Haha, that’s true! She’s a girl, so how could she have any
courage, Jack?” “Hear, hear! Jack, have her crawl between your legs, and I’ll take a video for you. We’ll
have the whole of Horington know the kind of person she is.” “Don’t you find it irritating that the lot of
you keep yakking here?” Ugh!
&#lt;p&#gt;This group of people are really affecting my appetite badly by being here! Sophie had been missing the
pasta there since she left Horington and especially went there when she returned this time. Alas, she&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;bumped into a group of idiots, ruining her mood for pasta. “What did you just say? Guys, was I hearing
things? What did she say earlier?” Jack wore an incredulous expression. “D*mn it! How impertinent!
Jack showed you mercy, but since you’re ungrateful, we don’t need to be courteous with you anymore.”
One of the ruffians stalked forward. They weren’t acquainted with Sophie and had no idea how
terrifying she was. Finding his hand utterly annoying, Sophie picked up a fork nonchalantly and stabbed
it right into his palm. In a flash, it punctured both his hand and the table. “Ahh!” At the sight of his
bloody hand, the ruffian wailed at the top of his lungs. Jack’s face went as black as thunder. She isn’t
showing me the slightest respect! “Do you really think that Horington is your territory? I—” Before he
had finished speaking, Sophie shoved the table before her. Jack never expected her to do such a thing.
Nevertheless, the others quickly held the table back. That was only to be expected, for they depended
on him for a living. Naturally, they had to protect Jack. However, the few men were no match for
Sophie’s strength. Sophie pushed the table right against the wall, trapping the ruffians and Jack
between the wall and the table.
&#lt;p&#gt;After doing that, she took a new fork and started eating. She had just taken a bite when her brows
inexorably furrowed. As the pasta had been left for too long, it had already turned lumpy and tasted
awful. She shot a glare at Jack and his underlings. Such fear struck them that they all shivered
violently. “What do you want, Sophie? Let me warn you that it’s Horington here. If you hurt me, you
won’t be able to leave this city!”
&#lt;p&#gt;Propping her hands on the table, Sophie got to her feet before snagging a piece of wet tissue and
wiping her hand. “Are you really not afraid of death, Jack?” Her voice was still as airy as ever, but it
caused one to shudder inexplicably. “What are you doing, Sophie? Let me tell you that my father is now
the director! If you dare hurt me—” Sophie snagged a fly swatter from another table and swung it right
at Jack’s face. “What did you just say? I didn’t hear you clearly.”&#lt;/p&#gt;
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