Novel Name : Anything For Her

Anything For Her Chapter 252

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&#lt;p&#gt;Chapter 252 How Breathtakingly Stunning “I see.” Ugh! Nicholas really doesn’t know the meaning of
giving up! Nicholas Sable was a man who was extreme to the core. He was entirely obsessed with
capturing Sophie and keeping her by his side without giving a whit about her willingness to do so. In all
honesty, Sophie didn’t want to see him ever again. “Well? You’re shocked, aren’t you? You thought that
Nicholas didn’t dare go to Chanaea, but you totally underestimated his possessiveness toward you.”
Helplessness inundated Arius. I’ve told her countless times, but she simply wouldn’t listen. Look what
has happened now! What is she going to do now that he has gone to Horington?
&#lt;p&#gt;“You think too much. Do you think I’ll be afraid of him?” So what if he’s ruthless? I’m no easy prey
either. He’d best not appear before me. Otherwise, I’d make him regret it for the rest of his life! “Don’t
do anything rash, Sophie. Even internationally speaking, his capabilities are unquestionably top-notch.
If you really piss him off, things won’t end up well for you. How about this? Take a flight to Anglandur
right away. You’re on vacation anyway, so it doesn’t matter.” “No, thanks.” “Why? Arius exclaimed.
Even Barney has to show Nicholas a measure of respect. Therefore, is she not aware of how terrifying
the man is?
&#lt;p&#gt;Finally, he lamented, “How stubborn!” “All right, I’m going to take a shower, so we’ll talk another time.”
After saying that, Sophie ended the video call directly. Then, she went to the bathroom for a shower.
“Do you think I’m just like you? Fleeing in the face of problems is not my style. He might have arrived in
Horington, but it all hinges on whether he can find me.” Is Wings of Light a mere adornment if I don’t
even have that much confidence? As Sophie didn’t bring any clothes with her, Muriel prepared some
clothes for her. The instant she laid eyes on the ultra-short gown, regret swamped her. She’s a fanatic
about gowns, wearing them all four seasons of the year. Why was I hoping for some ordinary clothes
from her?
&#lt;p&#gt;She really didn’t want to wear it, but there was nothing else to wear. Thus, she had no choice but to
change into the silver gown. When she opened the door, Muriel was already waiting on the other side.&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;At the sight of Sophie coming out, she couldn’t help whistling. “What a great figure, Sophie! Have you
ever considered being a model?” Sophie pushed the beauty in front of her away. At the moment, she
had already changed into a gown and restyled her hair. On the whole, she looked just like a beautiful
princess who had stepped out of a movie. “Truthfully speaking, I felt that this gown would suit you
perfectly when I spotted it. After seeing you in it now, I know my taste is indeed impeccable.” “Stop that.
What are we having for dinner?” “We naturally have to go out to eat when you’re dressed so stunningly.
Let’s go! I’ve already prepared high heels for you.” Muriel took out a shoebox.
&#lt;p&#gt;Sophie’s head started throbbing when she caught sight of the high heels in it. “Don’t be so stubborn,
okay? Don’t tell me, you want to wear sneakers with a gown. I’m really adamant when it comes to
dressing. Listen to me. I’ll bring you out in search of handsome men.” Failing to convince Muriel
otherwise, Sophie could only put on the pair of high heels and resign herself to her fate. “Smile. Don’t
be so stern, won’t you?” Muriel left with Sophie, arm in arm. She then drove and brought Sophie to a
restaurant that recently enjoyed much acclaim. They both wore gorgeous gowns, each beautiful in their
own rights. As soon as they stepped into the restaurant, they snagged everyone’s attention. Muriel was
exceedingly gratified at everyone’s reaction. This is exactly the reaction I wanted. Sure enough,
Sophie’s beauty is unparalleled! “Are we really just here for dinner today, Muriel?”
&#lt;p&#gt;Just as they arrived, Sophie sensed that the atmosphere there was off. While everyone was eating, the
air simply didn’t feel right. Muriel threw her a complimentary gaze. “Yup! Anyway, let’s eat first. It’s no
big deal.” In return, Sophie cast her a disbelieving look. Muriel took her arm, acting all intimate with her.
“Don’t worry, for I won’t sabotage you!” Dragging her over to an empty table, she then summoned the
server. In line with her beauty, even her action of summoning the server was enthralling. “Hey, pretties.
We haven’t eaten either. How about eating together?” While the server was still there, a few rich heirs
sauntered over. Muriel still had some plans, so she naturally couldn’t afford to get into a fight. Left with
no other choice, she could only reply with a smile, “I’m sorry, gentlemen, but we’ve got dates already.”
“Don’t turn us down, pretties. We…” Alas, the few rich heirs weren’t willing to give up the opportunity to
dine with the two beauties. Sophie grew impatient.&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;Glimpsing her expression, Muriel knew that she had gotten irritated. If I don’t deal with these few men
quickly, my plan tonight will be ruined when she makes a move later. She threw someone at the side a
look. At once, some men came over and escorted the rich heirs away. “You haven’t changed at all.”
She’s still as impatient at everything. Sophie drew a stalk of rose out of the vase and studied it. This
flower is beautiful. When a lady held a flower in her hands, it made for a riveting sight. Even a beauty
like Muriel couldn’t help feeling envious upon seeing such a scene. Taking out her phone, she snapped
a picture of it. After noticing Muriel’s action, Sophie rolled her eyes at her in exasperation.
&#lt;p&#gt;“Look, aren’t my photography skills superb?” Muriel sent the photo to Sophie. For some inexplicable
reason, Sophie forwarded it to Tristan. By the time she realized what she had done and wanted to
recall it, it was already too late. Words eluded her, and her face darkened frightfully. Great, just great. I
wonder what Mr. Tristan will think. Why on earth did I send the photo to him? “What’s wrong?” When
Muriel saw that Sophie looked as though she wanted to skin her alive, her arrogant expression turned
much more subdued. Meanwhile, Tristan was having a meeting when he received the photo from
&#lt;p&#gt;He already had several meetings that day. Without warning, he was greeted by the photo of her in a
gown while holding an exquisite rose. Right then, only three words remained in his mind—how
breathtakingly stunning! That mere photo had him staring at it for several minutes. Noticing that he was
spacing out while gazing at his phone, Felix leaned over, curious to know what held his attention. And
so, he ended up glimpsing the arresting photo of Sophie. “Oh my God, I didn’t expect this of Sophie!
She’s skinny, yet when she’s in a gown, she tempts—” Before he had finished speaking, a sharp glance
from Tristan had him shutting up immediately. Okay, then. Sophie belongs to him, and no one else can
even take a look at her. “Seriously, what’s Sophie doing in Horington?
&#lt;p&#gt;Is she joining a beauty pageant? She looks ravishing!” The instant Charles and Sean heard Felix’s
comment, they likewise leaned over for a look. Unfortunately, Tristan had already put his phone away.&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;However, that only made them all the more curious. “Let’s take a break. Excuse me while I reply to a
WhatsApp message.” That promptly had everyone at a loss for words.&#lt;/p&#gt;
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