Novel Name : Anything For Her

Anything For Her Chapter 253

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&#lt;p&#gt;Chapter 253 Stunning “Mr. Tristan, you’re simply replying to a WhatsApp message. Do you really need
to hide from us?” Felix teased. Tristan ignored him and simply left the conference room. Felix couldn’t
resist commenting, “I would never have imagined that this is how the great Mr. Tristan will be when he’s
in love.” Charles said, “All right, stop messing with him. You’re only asking for a beating. It’s only natural
that he cares about an incredible woman like Sophie.” Sean continued working. He had nothing to add
to that conversation. Tristan made his way to the floor-to-ceiling window and fished his phone out of his
&#lt;p&#gt;He stared at the photo for a while before giving Sophie a video call. He had always known that Sophie
was especially stunning, but he didn’t expect her to be that attractive in a gown. Sophie was about to
eat when she received Tristan’s call. She glared at Muriel, who didn’t even know what was going on.
“What’s up with you, Sophie? You finally came back, and you’re already glaring at me. Did I do
something wrong?” I’ve been working my butt off for you, so can you stop being so mean? Sophie
simply couldn’t be nice when she thought about what Muriel had done. This is all her fault, and I can’t
believe she doesn’t even know her mistakes. “I have to use the restroom,” Sophie said, then got up and
left. Muriel left her fork in her mouth. Her eyes shone with sadness as she watched Sophie leave. Did I
really do something unforgivable? Is it really that bad? Sophie walked out before she picked up
Tristan’s call. Indeed, she could be seen in a stunning gown.
&#lt;p&#gt;“Sophie, do you realize you are tempting people to commit crimes?” Sophie was speechless. What kind
of logic is that? “But you look great in that gown,” complimented Tristan. My Sophie is stunning no
matter what she wears. “Uh, I accidentally sent you that photo, Mr. Tristan. Just ignore it and pretend
you saw nothing.” Something was about to take place in the restaurant, and she couldn’t leave Muriel
alone to deal with it. “Okay, but you must wear that gown for me when you’re back.” Tristan wanted to
see her looking that stunning in person. Sophie was at a loss for words. I didn’t put this gown on out of
my own free will, you know? Despite those thoughts, Sophie couldn’t bring herself to turn him down
when she saw the expectant look in his eyes. “All right. I have to go now, so I’m hanging up.” “Be&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;careful out there, okay?” “I will.” Sophie understood that Tristan was worried about her, so she nodded
obediently to put his mind at ease. After hanging up, she calmly made her way back. Muriel breathed a
sigh of relief when she saw her return. “It’s just a photo.
&#lt;p&#gt;Do you really have to be that mad?” Muriel felt aggrieved. She honestly didn’t know what was so
infuriating about that. “Let’s just eat.” Oh, forget it. It’s not a big deal. There’s no need to stay mad at
her. As expected, a man showed up with a briefcase while they were eating. Muriel switched on her
phone and showed Sophie the photo of the man. “See that? This is the drug lord who is wanted
globally. He doesn’t look like a criminal, right?” The drug lord in question was so good that even the
SWAT team failed to capture him. The authorities in Anglandur couldn’t apprehend him either.
&#lt;p&#gt;Sophie frowned. I knew this was not a simple matter. I bet Eustace and the others are actually here to
capture this drug lord. Now that they’re here, should Nalliance fall back? “Get this, Sophie. The reward
for apprehending this man is one hundred million. Words have been released internationally that
whoever catches this man will be rewarded with one hundred million!” “So?” Sophie didn’t understand
her point of saying all that. “Well, I’m quite short of money. How about we go get him together? That
way, we can split the hundred million between us.” The mere thought of having all that money to spend
made Muriel feel excited. She had her eyes on so many gowns, and she was determined to bring all of
them home with her. Realization dawned on Sophie when she saw the smile on Muriel’s face. “There I
was wondering why you’ve been asking me to come back.
&#lt;p&#gt;Turns out it’s all for that money.” That international criminal is someone even Eustace has a problem
dealing with. Does she really think the two of us can accomplish what Eustace and his team couldn’t?
Muriel reached out and held Sophie’s hand. “Sophie, this guy is an international sensation. If you can
catch him, your reputation will soar to greater heights. By then, many people will come and butter us
up. Man, I can already imagine how amazing that feeling would be.” “Sorry, but I am not interested,”
replied Sophie. I have no use for a great reputation, anyway. “Don’t you want to be like Phantom and&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;have everyone worship you?” “Not at all.” Fame was a lifetime burden for many, and Sophie didn’t want
to be one of them. The drug lord left the restaurant after having his meal.
&#lt;p&#gt;As he walked out the entrance, Sophie shot a look at him. To be honest, he doesn’t look like a drug lord
at all. Muriel wasn’t worried. She had spent the last few days spying on that drug lord and learning his
routines. “Seriously, Sophie, how are you uninterested in everything? I mean, is there anything out
there that can get your heart pumping with excitement?” As far as Muriel was concerned, Sophie was a
mystery. Right then, Eustace and his team showed up. Sophie did not expect to run into them here. I
guess they’re only here to catch that drug lord. When Eustace entered the restaurant and saw Sophie,
his eyes widened in surprise. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing. Upon taking a closer look, he
confirmed it was the cool young woman. However, the young woman who was always in a hoodie or T-
shirt was wearing a gown that day, and he didn’t expect her to look that stunning in it.
&#lt;p&#gt;Danny was dumbfounded as well. “D*mn! Captain Sheppard, are my eyes playing tricks on me, or is
that really Sophie Tanner?” Danny had read countless poems describing incredibly beautiful women.
One of them even claimed that time stopped when a gorgeous woman entered the room. Danny had
always thought that the poem was corny and exaggerated because there was no way a woman that
beautiful even existed. Until that day, he finally understood what the poet meant. “Yeah, that’s her,”
replied Eustace. He was certain of it because Sophie was the kind of woman who left a lasting
impression on others’ minds. The aura she exuded was simply too unique.
&#lt;p&#gt;That was why she was always the center of attention no matter where she went. “Captain Sheppard,
how can a woman be that attractive? I bet there are countless men out there courting her. Looks like
you have your work cut out for you,” Danny said. If Captain Sheppard gets together with Sophie, then
there’s a chance she will join our team. With Captain Sheppard and Sophie on our side, the team’s
future will be ever so bright. “Okay, that’s enough. You guys head over there. Be careful not to expose
yourselves. I’ll go over and take a look.” Sophie knew them. Since they were there on a mission, they
couldn’t risk exposing themselves.&#lt;/p&#gt;

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