Novel Name : Anything For Her

Anything For Her Chapter 256

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&#lt;p&#gt;Chapter 256
&#lt;p&#gt;Wild And Cold “You think he’s not? Don’t think lesser of other people’s looks just because you’re
beautiful, Sophie. Honestly, S is considered a handsome guy. What a pity he’s a drug lord.” Truth be
told, looks are the new justice. S is still pretty handsome. “I must remind you he’s a model who kills
without batting an eye.” S finally arrived on a chopper, clad in a black leather jacket and a helmet. The
roar of his chopper heralded his arrival in a most outlandish fashion. Sure enough, he is rather flashy.
The chopper ground against the asphalt, producing a screech during a stunning U-turn before stopping
between the two parties. The crowd was in high spirit at S’ arrival. Boss is so cool! S removed his
helmet. “Pay up.” He spoke briskly. Payment in exchange for the goods. Those were the rules.
&#lt;p&#gt;The other party immediately took out several briefcases and opened them for S to inspect. Satisfied by
the sight of the money, S then produced a briefcase from the back of his chopper and opened it for
their inspection. “Rest assured when I conduct business.” His reputation on the international scene was
his brand. “We trust you!” Just when both parties were about to make the trade, the police, with
Eustace in the lead, dashed over and surrounded them. S looked at the dense wall of policemen with a
bloodthirsty smile, looking like the devil from hell. “I’ve only just gone on a killing spree in Anglandur.
This looks fun! We’ll make the trade another time,” S said to the other party before turning away. It’s not
safe to hold on to so much cash with so many cops around today. “Let’s make the trade, S!” The other
party needed the goods urgently, and there was no telling how long they would have to wait. “Do you
think it’s not burdensome for me to carry so much cash?” S ignored them, then took the goods and
hopped back on his chopper. “We must capture S this time!”
&#lt;p&#gt;Eustace declared to his subordinates from the special forces. “Don’t worry, Captain Sheppard! We will
not miss this opportunity!” Many of their comrades had fallen because of S. They were determined to
capture him this time and avenge their fallen brothers. Only a few people were at the pier in the dead of
night, making it practical for a gunfight to ensue. Eustace led his men over, but the forces on both sides&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;were not easy to deal with. S was cunning. Amid the chaos, he took the goods with him on his chopper
and escaped. Muriel flung her binoculars aside at the sight. “D*mn it. He’s getting away!” Muriel was
about to go after him, but Sophie stopped her. “Put on your mask!” Although what they were doing was
not anything wrong, it would not do them any good if they exposed their identity. “Good thinking!” Muriel
immediately put on her mask. It was an exquisite one, identical to Sophie’s, and pleasant to look at.
Sophie then put on hers and got into the car with Muriel.
&#lt;p&#gt;“Let me drive.” Time was of the essence in such situations. “Okay.” Sophie’s driving skills are many
times better than mine. We need to catch up to S to capture him. At the same time, Felix said to
Tristan, “By the looks of it, Mr. Tristan, I don’t think this Eustace can handle it.” Tristan, too, had a pair
of binoculars in his hands and had also seen the escape route taken by S. “Let’s go!” S has provoked
us by wreaking havoc on our territory. We will not let S return in one piece. Otherwise, how else will I
command respect? “All right.” Felix handed Tristan his custom-made pistol, which was special for its
feature of storing additional bullets. Just when S thought he had secured his escape, a car swerved
beautifully and blocked his path. S snorted after peering into the car and finding two masked women. I
must be so attractive that even women are after me. Do I look like a pushover? He beckoned the two
young women in the car with his finger provocatively. “F*ck you, S! There I was saying he was
handsome,” Muriel fumed, wanting nothing more than to cut him into a million pieces. However, Sophie
was much more direct. She drove the car straight toward S and his chopper. S did not expect the
woman to be that vicious. Her eyes, especially, looked wild and cold.
&#lt;p&#gt;Seeing that the sports car was about to knock into him, S leaped from his chopper, pulled out a pistol
from his waistband, and shot their vehicle. Without hesitation, Sophie held the steering wheel with one
hand while lifting her pistol in the other and opened fire. At that sight, Muriel quickly took aim as well. S
took a bullet and immediately began charting his escape. Noticing a warehouse at the side, he
immediately hid inside. He had assumed that Sophie was a woman who didn’t know better. Yet little did
he expect her to be skilled at shooting. Not only did she shoot me, but she also managed to avoid my

&#lt;p&#gt;Who is this woman? Is she someone from Interpol? I’ve never heard of anybody in Interpol being that
good! What the hell is going on? Sophie and Muriel exchanged a look upon seeing S enter the
warehouse. “Be careful,” Sophie reminded Muriel. In circumstances like these, Muriel had to look after
herself, as Sophie could not afford to watch her the entire time. Muriel flashed an okay sign and said
confidently, “Don’t worry. I’m not the same Muriel as I used to be.” Now, I am wholly capable of
protecting myself! I will never put myself in those situations ever again. Sophie was pleased to see how
the other woman could still face everything that had happened with such stoicism. Muriel has matured.
However, I’m not sure whether such maturity is good or bad. “D*mn. Aside from Eustace and his men,
there’s a third party!
&#lt;p&#gt;Who the hell are they?” Tristan and Felix had arrived in their car in time to witness the scene earlier.
“They look like two women, Mr. Tristan!” Women these days are formidable. The way she drove was
reckless but cool. D*mn! “Let’s go and take a look!” I don’t care who they are! Since we’re here, we
must capture S no matter the cost. He won’t get away this time. Felix had no objections. At that
moment, he was intrigued by the two women and was wondering if they were interested in joining him
and Tristan.&#lt;/p&#gt;
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