Novel Name : Anything For Her

Anything For Her Chapter 260

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&#lt;p&#gt;Chapter 260 Sleeping Both of them stood at the entrance with Tristan hugging Sophie tightly. It was
then she realized she did miss him a little. “What’s the matter? You don’t want me to come in?” Tristan
bit her ear. He could not control his emotions anymore. Sophie’s face blushed as her heart raced. Is it
really okay for him to flirt with me all the time? “Come on in!” Sophie had wanted to escape his
embrace to let him in. But to her surprise, Tristan refused to let her go and instead carried her into the
room. One of his hands was on her waist while the other closed the door. With a whirl, he pressed her
on the door.
&#lt;p&#gt;“Tell me, did you miss me?” As she was being pressed against the door, she took in his masculine
scent. Without saying a word, she stood on her toes and kiss his lips. She was using her actions to
answer his question. Even though it was supposed to be only a peck, that kiss ignited the fire within
Tristan. Just as Sophie was about to leave, he deepened the kiss. Although it had only been two days,
he felt as if it had been centuries. It was a very passionate kiss, completely unlike the vanilla kisses in
the past. Just as she thought she was going to suffocate from his kiss, he let her go and gently rubbed
his finger on her lips. “I miss you, Sophie!” He looked serious when he said that. Seeing that, Sophie
panicked a little. She wasn’t sure how to respond to his affection. A chuckle escaped Tristan’s mouth
when he saw that she was at a loss.
&#lt;p&#gt;He gently pressed her chin. “All right, I only wanted to tell you that I really miss you!” She was still
young, so even if he wanted to do more, he wouldn’t. Sophie hugged his waist instead of answering
him. At that moment, Tristan could feel that there was something different about her. It would appear
that his decision to leave temporarily was correct, for their feelings for each other had deepened.
Because of the passionate kiss earlier, Sophie’s robe became a little loose. Her alluring collarbone was
very pleasing to the eye. Tristan couldn’t help but plant a hickey on her collarbone. “Ouch!” Sophie
didn’t expect him to act like a vampire who had finally found food after being hungry for ages. “Does it
hurt? I’m sorry!” It was getting harder for him to control his emotions. “It’s fine.” It was the only thing she
could really say. To be honest, it doesn’t really hurt. It just feels as if I’ve been electrocuted. When she&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;was around him, she found it more and more difficult to control herself. Tristan didn’t want to let her go,
so Sophie had to push him away gently. She was afraid she would suffocate if they kept that up. “Did
you have enough sleep?” he asked. Sophie shook her head.
&#lt;p&#gt;I didn’t sleep for that long. How could I? Still, I can’t tell him what I was doing last night. “I want to sleep
for a little longer, so if you have anything you want to take care of, go ahead. We’ll have lunch together,
all right?” she suggested, knowing that he, too, probably didn’t sleep well. After all, with how eager he
was to capture S, she was certain he had conducted an interrogation right after. Additionally, S didn’t
seem like the kind of person who was easy to deal with. “There’s nothing much happening on my side.
Since I didn’t sleep well last night too, how about we sleep together now?” Tristan was afraid he would
disturb her rest, so he had been keeping his desires in check last night. However, that caused him to
miss her so much that he didn’t sleep a wink. “This is a hotel, Mr. Tristan. There are rooms everywhere.
If you don’t have the money, I can help you get one,” Sophie offered.
&#lt;p&#gt;“There’s really no need for us to sleep together.” Tristan shook his head. “But I want to stay with you.
Without you, I can’t sleep!” There he goes again. Sophie had no defense against his cheekiness. “Don’t
worry. I promise you I won’t do anything. We’ve known each other for quite a while now. You should
understand me by now, right?” While he had never forced her to do something she didn’t want to do, he
still carried her to the bed regardless of her answer. Then, as he lay on the bed, he hugged her and
closed his eyes. “Mr. Tristan…” With him lying next to her, she couldn’t fall asleep. “What’s wrong?”
Hugging someone he liked on the bed made Tristan feel very satisfied, even if he couldn’t do anything
more. “Never mind. Just go to sleep.” Oh, forget it. It’s useless to say anything more. I might as well
keep my mouth shut. “Mm, sleep it is!” Perhaps it was because he didn’t sleep at all last night. He fell
into slumber pretty quickly as he lay next to her. Usually, he was pretty vigilant. If someone else were in
the room, he wouldn’t be able to sleep. Sophie was the exception. With her around, he could fall asleep
even faster. As Sophie watched Tristan sleep next to her defenselessly, her heart began to race. Why
can’t I sleep when we’re lying next to each other?&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;I seriously can’t sleep! Should I count his eyelashes? How can he look so handsome? Not only is he
good-looking, but he’s delicate-looking, too. His eyelashes are so pretty. Seeing that he didn’t move,
Sophie became bolder. At first, she only counted Tristan’s eyelashes. But later on, she stretched her
hand out and touched his face. Muriel’s words surfaced in her mind. She said Eustace’s not the type of
guy I’ll like. I wonder what she’ll say if she meets Tristan. As she stared at him, her eyelids got heavier
and heavier and she soon fell asleep. Both of them fell into a peaceful slumber while hugging each
other. Nothing exciting or outrageous happened. Tristan was satisfied with hugging her like that. By the
time they woke up, it was already one in the afternoon. If Felix hadn’t come looking for them, they
would have slept longer. Upon hearing the knock on the door, Tristan went to answer it. “Everything
has been taken care of, Mr. Tristan. Don’t worry about it. Have you two eaten?
&#lt;p&#gt;We can dine together if you like.” Felix had been very busy since last night, so he didn’t get to eat
anything. Without uttering a word, Tristan shut the door. He couldn’t let anyone else in when Sophie
was only wearing a robe. Felix should feel lucky. If he sees her in the robe, I will definitely gouge his
eyes out!
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