Novel Name : Anything For Her

Anything For Her Chapter 261

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&#lt;p&#gt;Chapter 261 Did You Sleep Well Sophie got up from the bed and stretched her body. When she did,
her robe became even looser, making her look very sexy. However, she wasn’t aware of how seductive
she appeared at the moment. Some people were just that oblivious to their own charm. “Who was it?”
she asked while glancing at the clock. It’s one in the afternoon already? No wonder I feel hungry. “It’s
Felix. I’ve asked him to wait outside. Dress up. We’re heading out for a meal!” Tristan wasn’t a big fan
of hotel food even though the food in the five-star hotel they were staying at was pretty good.
&#lt;p&#gt;Since they were in Horington, he thought they should try out the seafood. Besides, Sophie had lived in
Horington for many years, so he was pretty sure she knew well about the local cuisines. “Okay.” As she
thought about how Felix had fought last night, her perception of him had completely changed. After
changing into a new set of clothing, she saw Tristan waiting for her outside. He frowned when he saw
her. “The gown you wore last time looks really good on you! Why didn’t you wear that?” He was slightly
upset that she was wearing casual clothes when she was around him. “Do you really think it’s a good
idea for me to wear a gown in this weather?” If not for Muriel, she wouldn’t have worn that gown. It was
only two or three degrees Celsius outside at the moment, so wearing a gown would only lead to her
freezing to death. Tristan approached her and hugged her waist.
&#lt;p&#gt;“Let’s go!” Felix had been waiting outside. When he saw the two of them exiting the room, he saw the
affectionate look in their eyes. With a chuckle, he asked, “Did you sleep well, Sophie?” “I did! What’s
the matter? You didn’t sleep well?” He probably didn’t get to sleep the whole night. “I’m not that
blessed! A person like me doesn’t have the right to sleep.” After Tristan captured S and handed the
latter to him, he had to deal with the subsequent matter. “Oh, poor you,” Sophie uttered emotionlessly.
“Have you concluded your matters in Horington, Sophie? We’re going back today. Do you want to
return with us?” It was almost Christmas. They were already pretty busy, and since S had been
apprehended, it was time for them to return. “Oh, it’s nothing much. It’s just a small matter.” Sophie
could never tell them why she was there. “What’s nice in Horington?&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;The last time I came here, I was in a hurry, so I didn’t get to taste the local cuisine,” Tristan piped up.
“There is a lot of tasty food here! Let’s go! I’ll take you two there.” Instead of driving, they called for a
cab and headed to the seafood restaurant Sophie said was famous for its delicious food. Truth be told,
Tristan and Felix had eaten all sorts of delicacies before. However, when they arrived at the restaurant,
they were shocked by the number of people waiting in line. “Are you sure you want to eat this, Sophie?
I don’t think we can get a seat even after the sky turns dark!” There were so many people there that by
the time it was their turn, it would be dinner they were eating, not lunch. “No way!” Sophie brought the
two men into the restaurant. When the waiter saw her, he immediately smiled. “It’s been a while, Ms.
Tanner! We thought we wouldn’t see you again.” The waiter brought the three of them to a special,
high-class private room. Upon witnessing the treatment Sophie was receiving in the restaurant, Felix
raised his eyebrow. She’s quite popular outside. “You know the owner of the restaurant?” He was pretty
certain his assumption was correct.
&#lt;p&#gt;Otherwise, the waiter wouldn’t have brought them to a private room. “I do!” Sophie answered. Tristan
pulled a chair out for Sophie to sit on before sitting next to her. Felix, on the other hand, sat a distance
away from the two of them. “If I’d known, I would’ve brought Ysabelle with me! She loves eating
seafood, too.” Whenever he came across something tasty, he would think about Ysabelle. It was
obvious that he cared much about her. “We’ll come back again if there’s another chance.” The reason
Sophie didn’t bring Ysabelle along was that the matters she had to deal with were inappropriate for
Ysabelle to join in. After the waiter handed them their menus, he began taking their orders. Tristan
wasn’t interested in ordering food, so he let Sophie do it instead. Felix also trusted Sophie’s choice of
dishes completely. After all, she was the one who recommended they visit the restaurant.
&#lt;p&#gt;Soon, Sophie finished ordering the dishes. “Oh yeah, why did you two come to Horington this time?
Aren’t you two busy in Jipsdale?” “It’s just a small matter, and it’s better if you don’t know,” Felix
answered. It’s not like it was something good. I mustn’t tell her about it. Hearing that, Sophie didn’t
question him further. Fair enough. Why would he tell me what the two of them were up to in Horington?
Then again, I already knew some of what they were doing and that Tristan had handed S to Eustace. In&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;that case, I don’t think it’s anything bad. Before their food was served, Sophie’s phone rang. She
frowned when she saw that it was a call from Eustace. Why is he calling me at this hour? He has
already caught S. He should be very busy right now. When Tristan saw her furrowed eyebrows, he
thought something bad had happened. “Who is it?” “It’s nothing. Excuse me while I take the call
outside.” Sophie stood up and exited the room with her phone. As he watched her leave the room to
take the call, Felix couldn’t help but comment, “Who’s calling her, Mr. Tristan? Can’t she just answer it
in front of us? Does she have a secret that she doesn’t want us to know about?
&#lt;p&#gt;Why did she need to leave the room?” Tristan ignored him. While Sophie had many secrets, he didn’t
want to use his power to figure out what those were. He liked her, so he wished she would tell him
about them herself instead of him investigating them. He wouldn’t probe into her matters even though
he was curious. If he did, he might ruin the good thing they had going. “It must be hard falling in love
with a woman who’s full of mysteries, Mr. Tristan,” Felix commented. If I’m already having a hard time
liking Ysabelle, I bet it’s harder for Mr. Tristan to deal with the mysterious Sophie! “It’s not that bad.”
Tristan was very confident in himself. He believed that he and Sophie would be together. After exiting
the room, Sophie arrived at the stairwell and answered the call. “Hello? Is something the matter?” She
knew who he was, which was why she went straight to the point. “We’ve dealt with everything on our
side, Sophie. We’re leaving soon. Before we do, I was wondering if we could meet up one last time. Do
you have time for that right now?” “Right now?” “Yes. Is there a problem? I have something important I
want to discuss with you.”
&#lt;p&#gt;“How about this? I’ll send you a location, and you come over here.” “Sounds good to me. Send it to me,
and I’ll be there in a jiffy!” There wasn’t much he needed to do at the moment, as S’ interrogation was
going pretty smoothly. Sophie sent the location of the restaurant to him. Since Tristan and Felix know
him as well, I don’t think there’s any problem if we have a meal together.&#lt;/p&#gt;
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