Novel Name : Anything For Her

Anything For Her Chapter 263

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&#lt;p&#gt;Chapter 263 If Only Seeing his employer like that made the assistant tighten his fists. The woman who
can affect Boss significantly has shown up again! What’s going to happen this time around? Whenever
Boss encounters things related to Sophie, he’ll become really irrational! Sophie brought Tristan to the
main entrance of Horington High School. It was the school Tristan knew she had attended in the past. It
was also a place he thought wouldn’t make her happy to revisit. “Why aren’t we entering through the
front entrance?” He couldn’t help but ask when she brought him to the wall.
&#lt;p&#gt;She looked as though she was going to climb over it. “They won’t let us in. Besides, I was pretty
famous in this school.” Sophie brought him to the spot where she used to climb over the wall. It was the
best spot because there wasn’t any high-voltage electricity there. “What’s the matter? Do you want me
to give you a boost?” Given Tristan’s abilities, he could climb up pretty easily. With one hand on the top
of the wall, he climbed up effortlessly. Then he stretched his hand toward Sophie. Sophie grabbed his
hand and climbed up the wall. Both of them then jumped down and landed on the ground steadily.
&#lt;p&#gt;As it was still the holidays, not many people were in school. After they went in, they strolled around
casually. It was a place where Sophie had lived for two years. Hence, when she returned there,
memories of the past flooded her mind. “It must be difficult for you to stay here all by yourself.” When
Tristan thought about how she had spent five years in Horington alone, his heart ached. However,
when Sophie thought about her five years in the city, she smiled. “Actually, it’s not that bad. If not for
the five years I spent in Horington, I wouldn’t be who I am today. It’s a matter of perspective.” Tristan
held her hand, and they both took a stroll on the football field. If I had met her one year earlier, all those
awful things wouldn’t have happened. I could’ve protected her and ensured she wouldn’t feel aggrieved
if I had known her just a little earlier. If only a time machine exists in this world. But, sadly, it doesn’t.
After walking around the football field twice, Sophie got a little tired and sat on the ground, while Tristan
just lay on it. The weather was pretty nice that day since the sun was finally out.&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;They felt pretty warm and comfortable when the sunlight shone on them. Tristan didn’t expect her to
bring him to her school. Still, he was pretty pleased with the place. He only felt sad that he couldn’t
attend high school and university with her. That thought prompted him to think if he was too old for her.
More than an hour had passed since they arrived at Horington High School. If not for Muriel’s call,
Sophie would’ve fallen asleep. Seeing that it was a call from Muriel, she stood up and went to the side
to answer the phone. Tristan was disappointed that she didn’t want to answer the call next to him.
Despite that, his gaze was still fixed on her. I wonder why she’s in Horington this time. When the call
connected, Muriel said excitedly, “Good news, Sophie! We’ve received the one hundred million!”
&#lt;p&#gt;Looks like he kept his promise. “That’s good to hear. Don’t do this again, okay?” Muriel is still not
powerful enough to deal with people like him. Muriel rubbed her nose. “All right, I get it. Don’t worry. I’ll
train lots and lots in the future!” She was a pretty excellent markswoman, but her close-quarter combat
skills were still lacking. “Oh yeah! Where are you right now? How about we hang out tonight if you
haven’t left Horington? I heard the fanciest nightclub here had hired a few people from Thymion
recently. They’re pretty popular.” “I’ll take a rain check on that. I’m probably going back to Jipsdale
today.” Christmas was right around the corner, so Sophie had to go back. In fact, Josiah had called her
a couple of times. “You’re going back so soon?” Muriel was saddened to hear the news. “It’s not often
you come back! Can’t you keep me company for a couple more days? I’m lonely here!” “My grandpa is
asking me to return.” In reality, Sophie was a pretty obedient child.
&#lt;p&#gt;That was especially the case when it came to Josiah’s orders. “All right. I guess I’ll visit you in Jipsdale
when I miss you,” Muriel said. After all, she was just a rebellious young woman in everyone’s eyes.
Even if she went to Jipsdale, no one would care. “Okay!” Upon hanging up the phone, Sophie returned
to Tristan’s side and stretched her hand toward him. “Let’s go! Don’t you want to go back to Jipsdale?”
She thought they should return early since he still had many things to take care of in Jipsdale. If they
returned late, he would get even busier. “Have you taken care of your business here? It’s all right. I can
wait for you.” He wasn’t in a rush to return. “It’s done. Besides, it wasn’t anything serious. There really
is no need for you to come.” Even though Sophie knew he didn’t come to Horington for her, she still&#lt;/p&#gt;

&#lt;p&#gt;wanted to say that. Grabbing her hand, Tristan pulled her into his embrace instead of standing up. “You
don’t need to think too much! I came to Horington to attend to other matters.
&#lt;p&#gt;I’m not here specifically for you.” “Mm.” Sophie had thought he would take the initiative to tell her why
he was in the city. But contrary to her expectations, he didn’t say anything afterward. Tristan had
already told her what he could tell her. If he revealed more than that to her, he feared it would endanger
her. That kind of stuff was something he would never do. “Let me go!” Sophie tried to get up. However,
both of his hands were pressed on the back of her waist, preventing her from leaving. “Don’t overthink
it!” The only reason he didn’t want to tell her was that he didn’t want her to get hurt. His world was filled
with danger and uncertainty, but he only wanted to give her happiness. Sophie snorted. Am I the type
of person to overthink things? Seeing how cute she was, Tristan couldn’t resist holding her head and
kissing her lips.
&#lt;p&#gt;“Who’s there?” Suddenly, a security guard who was on patrol noticed them. “Sh*t!” Tristan couldn’t help
cursing. Swiftly, he stood up, grabbed Sophie’s hand, and started running. As she sprinted with him,
the corners of her mouth curved upward. She didn’t need to think of anything as she was being pulled
by him and followed his pace. That kind of wild and reckless experience made her feel happy. As she
stared at him, there was a moment when she thought that perhaps it wouldn’t be a bad idea to keep
running with him as he pulled her hand. That was because she enjoyed the feeling of being pulled and
protected by him.&#lt;/p&#gt;
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